Friday, September 25, 2009

secrets and lies part troix

Congrats to you who guessed correctly that I've never worn a tiara. No Homecoming royalty here--# 1 was complete fabrication.

I did dispense helpful advice in my newspaper column Mr. Melman (a name cleverly disguising my identity by taking the first and last three letters of my name). No lonely hearts stuff, either. I covered hard-hitting topics like explaining that AIDS is NOT spread through kissing (unless your infected partner is bleeding profusely into your mouth--oh did I take flack for that column!).

I did skip my high school graduation to waterski. I'd have skipped it anyway. I also (as Jen recalled) skipped both college graduations because I'm fiercely rebellious that way.

Two Truths and A Lie Round III

1. I had leading roles in two high school musicals.

2. I lettered in Forensics, basketball and band.

3. I was voted "Worst Driver" in my graduating class.

Sarah, you still can't play. Dawn, I know you're out there and you don't get to play either.

Everyone else, I'll have prizes ready for anyone going 3 for 3 in this game!
Meanwhile, spill it--one fabulous fact about YOU in HIGH SCHOOL.

Were you a:

Prom Queen?


Band Geek? (you can share stories about band camp if you feel so inclined, but keep it clean, people.)




  1. I was the Band Geek, who was considered a traitor when she started dating a jock.

    I think #3 is the lie.

  2. I was more of the Prom Queen sort of group..although I never wore the crown.

    And GG I may have to dig up some old Mr. Melman columns for your readers to read. There was some sound advice. It is too bad that most HS around this area do not have a school newspaper anymore.

  3. Worse than a Brain - I was a Debate Nerd. And I vote #1 as the lie.

  4. I was a drama geek, so I fit in none of those categories!

  5. I was a cheerleader and a brain. I had 12 people in my class so I was also in band (alto sax) and a jock (volleyball and track). And yearbook editor. We were very busy in our little town, because if we didn't do it, well then it just didn't get done.

    Sorry, can't remember the other part, so I'll be a copycat and say #3.

  6. I think #2 is the lie.

    I was totally a Band Geek.

  7. This is killing me, let me play! Oh the stories I could tell....and the hints I could give to your readers.

    I cross over too many categories. I choose D all of the above.

  8. I'm voting #1 the lie. And I was the brain.

  9. I'm 0 for 2, so let's see if we can keep the streak going - #3 is the lie.

    I was a chorus/theater geek and proud of it.

  10. Ummm... #3 or #1? Mmmm... I'm going to choose #3. I lettered in Forensics and Journalism, but the idea of cliques made my eyes roll back into my head, so I befriended people from as many different groups as possible without ever truly becoming part of any of them.

  11. Oh, golly.

    High school was sooooo loooooong ago.

    For me.

    Not you.

    Um. I hung out with band geeks.

  12. I was a brain and a band geek. I'm not good at predicting these; I'll wait for the results.

  13. Heeeey, I skipped my graduations too! Heh! I vote, ummmm, number two! Forensics? You can do that?

  14. I'd say #1 is a lie.

    I guess I'd fall under the band-geek category, even though I quit band after Freshman year, most of my friends were still band geeks.

  15. I think #2 is fake????

    I was a quiet brain - way too shy. Kinda boring, but I graduated with honors and got to stand in the front row. Whee.

  16. Is #1 the lie?! THat's my guess!

    AND- I was in band AND a geek, but I didn't really fit in with band either. I joined cuz the theater teacher at the school was a BIATCH and I had to choose something. I told them I wanted to play drums, but they put me on bassoon...yeah...ALL the people I met who played bassoon had a certain looks(quiet/tall/boring)-I was short, loud, and kind of wild. I was always bored out of my mind and wishing I was in something else!!
    But- I did hang out mostly with friends who DID play drums in school and in bands-they were my favs! One of my greatest memories from an actual school event with them was when a drummer I knew went comando under his clothes, and put a collection of the South Park characters in plush all down the legs of his pants so they fell out randomly as he marched around the field-then he took off his top and threatened to take the bottoms off-he was removed, but it was sooo funny!
    I was also in the Creative Writing Club and had friends in many groups.
    If I could go back, I'd make SURE I did drums, and I'd join theater too and just deal with the evil teacher...maybe some dance as well-but I'd have to take classes cuz I've never done it before-except for watching Michael Jackson music videos :)

  17. I think #2 is the lie.

    I was an orchestra geek and played in string quartets and orchestras around the state. The band teacher did try to recruit me for football games as they needed the bodies but I callously spurned her entreaties. (A violin in a marching band, come on!) Music camp was fun, is all I'm saying.

  18. I'm guessing you didn't star in HS musicals.

    I dropped out of HS (big story; I did a post on it last year) and now teach college.

  19. I'm guessing "Worst Driver"???

    And I was a geek cheerleader. Seriously.

    Hope your weekend is good.

  20. I vote #1 is the lie.

    And I guess out of those? I was a brain. Not that my GPA proved it out, but ... y'know, none of the others really fit. ;-)

  21. Little bit of brain/little bit of jock/happy with my own group.

  22. I'd say 2 is a lie 'cause I've never heard of lettering in Forensics.

    I lettered in volleyball and tennis and ran track. I also had the lead in my high school play and sang in the ensemble - even though I'm tone deaf - reality is always stranger than fiction.

  23. I was the deviant smart girl who shocked everyone by dumping my date to hook up with the star soccer player senior prom.

    I think #1 is the lie.

  24. ...Forensics..??

    I don't think you can letter in that. *haha!*

    LIAR! I call bullsh!t on #2!

    * ; p

    Oh, wait..."Holly" said she also lettered in 'Forensics'. hmm.
    No, I stand by my choice. #2 is the fabrication.


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