Monday, October 5, 2009

briefly--bowling, blaze orange, best run time to date

* Candidate training wasn't totally awful this weekend. I ran my 3 miles in 28.26, another "best time." Only 6 more miles to go until my black belt. Next Saturday is Extreme Day (the entire test with combat sparring) and the following is my Qualification Test (the entire test sans sparring). I have extended versions of Last Dance, Shake Your Groove Thing and Hot Stuff on my Ipod which no doubt improved my run time.

* Because Mr. B is bound and determined to have a Halloween birthday party this month, I've pondered and thought and conceived a "Spooky Graveyard" theme which will be much easier than a "Haunted House." (He had visions of trap doors and zombies chasing his friends around--we're just not that gifted here.)

* I took the children shopping for party props & supplies Saturday night. Hobby Lobby offered up cute scarecrows and plaid pumpkins--not exactly the look we were after. JoAnn's Fabrics offered up more of the same Precious Moments-themed Halloween stuff. So we went to Halloween Express where we encountered the grisly sight of (faux) dismembered limbs. Apparently Halloween is either cute or rated NC-17. The third store was so disturbing that Mr. G burst into tears. We hustled out of there and I spent an hour debriefing the poor child before putting him to bed. Who knew party supply shopping would be so traumatic?

* Every other person at church Sunday was wearing orange. I don't look healthy wearing orange--the only shade that looks okay on me is blaze orange. Not gonna happen. But it's nice to see other people breaking out the fall colors. I opted for gray tights, gray turtleneck and green corduroy skirt.

* Bowling league started and Mr. D and I are making up the Friday night games because of my karate schedule. The first week Jan bowled the top women's series. That fabulous streak ended yesterday afternoon when Jan kept missing her mark and missed a 400 series. If she keeps this up, I'm taking her back to the thrift shop. I didn't pay 50 cents for that kind of poor performance.

* Because we're making up bowling on Sunday afternoons, it's turned into a family affair. We put Team Testosterone on the lane next to us and pull down the bumpers. I have to confess, it's been as much fun as league night bowling with them. Their enthusiasm is pretty infectious.

Mr. T picked up a few spares.

Mr. G had a couple strikes.

Mr. B puts a little spin on his approach.

* Mr. G wants to be a snake for Halloween--if anyone has advice on how to make that costume, I'm all ears.


  1. about a "snake-in-a-basket" costume...? That way he'd only have to really be half snake...the other half basket (or box, or whatever the snake is "in")
    * : )

  2. You're Halloween shopping already?? Oh how I would love to be so organized. ;)

  3. Maybe you should do the rest of party the shopping solo?

    I can make a awesome snake cake, but I'm no help on the costume.

  4. Boy, you're pretty rough on Jan. :-)

    I can't believe how tall your guys have gotten -- they've really shot up.

    As for the snake idea, I like Hope505's idea. Alternately, dress all three in a snake costume -- like a Chinese dragon.

  5. I know what you mean about cutesy versus over the top Halloween. I've slowly collected up Halloween decorations in order to avoid both. Don't forget that jars filled with Halloween candy, candy corn, and mini pumpkins make great decorations as well.

    A few more ideas from a Halloween freak:
    -try Oriental Trading Company and Target.
    -black silhouettes of bats and rats on the walls cut from construction paper.
    -make labels for reused bottles that look like old potion labels (I even think OTC sells some) and add drippy candles.
    -white pumpkins always look creepy.
    -Black silk flowers (or red spray painted w/ black) would give it a graveyard feel.
    -Find sticks (curly willow works best) and spray paint black and places in vases around the room.
    -Lots of dry ice, flickering light bulbs, and spider webbing will creep out any room.


    Hope that helps. It should be a blast.

  6. I hate Halloween. I dispise the color Orange and my oldest daughter has been waking up with nightmares for 2 weeks already due to Halloween. She is afraid of what 'might' be out there for decorations in our new subdivision because this is our first Halloween since the move. Last year we were at Disneyland (definitely rated G) so that didn't count. I can relate to the hour long debriefing EVERY NIGHT. She saw a bat headband at Old Navy and wanted to wear is in her hair. I said no, we are not buying a bat headband for the princess costume you insist on wearing for the 3rd year in a row. That night her nightmare was something about bats! I'm tired of the fear of the unknown and the nonexistant "monsters". I will buy them bags of candy instead. I just want some sleep and less drama. Did I mention I had 2 daughters?!

    How about being the crocodile hunter with a snake around his neck? I hear there is a very realistic looking boa constrictor at the halloween store.

  7. Blaze orange...mmmm...that sounds like such a pretty color actually! I love orange too but it does not precisely look good on me either. Hard color. Snake costume is hard! I am lucky to have a little lady bug, have the wings, now just need a black leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. She's going to start ballet soon and I am sooo practical I cannot help it.

  8. Poor Jan. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the arm controlling her. Nothing at all. ;-)

  9. I just brought an orange sweater today. I must be getting into the Fall spirit.

  10. Love the bowling pics!
    I tried to make a snake costume once and failed miserably. I've made a so-so spider and an awesome jellyfish, but a snake requires some thought (or some convincing to change his mind)...

  11. 28.6 minutes. That is impressive. I consider myself a fast jogger at 11 minute miles. Way to go.

  12. Is there vent tubing big enough to fit around a kid? You know, that metallic bendy stuff that exits your dryer?

    Sounds like you have a great week ahead! Nice going with Jan and the run. I am working up to 5 miles, but since my run is more like a shuffle, it takes me a loooooong time.

  13. I like Heidi's idea...although you would have to have his arms be out and moveable; can you imagine falling down while running down hill in vent tubing? BTW I look like death in orange, so you have emapathy on that count!

  14. Team Testosterone is so handsome! I have a teensy crush on some young bowlers.

    And Jan? Even tho she's sort of a slacker? I love that girl.

  15. In addition to the super-cutesy vs gross-out Halloween effects, when one has girls there is the added fun of assorted tramp costumes. And I most certainly do not mean hobo outfits. We just skip the whole mess and go bowling on 10/31.

  16. I suggest replacing Jan with Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. ;)

  17. The snake in the basket thing could work with a laundry basket. Kinda the same concept as the shower person walking around.
    Uck - bowling. I'm an okay bowler (my Dad's the 400 club person) but just never really found it to be my thing. I think it's becasue it really doesn't go with a glass of fine red wine.


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