Friday, October 9, 2009

chock full of enjoyment

I took a huge sigh of relief last night when I learned Mr. K only has a bad sprain. I also learned that he's twice gone to the ER because of kicks to his tenders--so I'm well past feeling badly about the first sparring round. But I still feel bad enough that I won't bake him cupcakes--hahaha. I'll bake him a batch of cookies. Word in the dojo is he's planning to be at Extreme Day exact revenge. I'm taking no end of crap for the entire incident, but a sprain is better news than a break.

Which leads me to a short list of things I enjoy (besides a huge wave of relief):

* That blogging temptress Jen on the Edge has me hooked on these sweet, crunchy, wonderous chocolates.
* I adore Peyton Manning. I wish he was my neighbor. He comes across as funny, personable and so darn nice and scandal-free. Exactly the kind of sports hero I want my sons to hang posters of in their room. Whenever I see him on TV, I have to stop and watch.
* My weekly writing class--I forgot how much fun it is to dissect a poem, appreciate the layers within it, escort a student through the meaning, form, format and richness of language. Yesterday S asked me how he might improve on his personification poem--it was a pleasure to demonstrate how attention to assonance and alliteration could bring his lines to life. We're working on meter next week.

* Finding poems for class has been lovely, too. I rediscovered this little gem the other day:

The Word Plum by Helen Chasin

The word plum is delicious

pout and push, luxury of
self-love, and savoring murmur

full in the mouth and falling
like fruit

taut skin
pierced, bitten, provoked into
juice, and tart flesh

and reply, lip and tongue
of pleasure.

* Movie lines in everyday conversation. I always enjoy hearing my sons do this, too.

* Penny Lane's blog is full of cupcakes and quirkiness, fabulous fashion and funny insights. Clicking to her always guarantees me a few moments of enjoyment. The images, her enthusiasm for life--her cat, her adoration of Katy Perry, all things with a French twist are plain FUN. She generously gave me this award a month ago, thank you Pen Pen.

Spill it, reader, what's your enjoyment these days?
And I cannot help myself, I must leave you with this:


  1. Oh my gosh, that is the funniest clip!

    Good luck with karate this weekend. KICK SOME BUTT! (But not tenders.)

  2. Currently enjoying some TV and books.
    So You Think You Can Dance-my daughter is a dancer and toying with the idea of trying out next year.
    GLEE- I was a high school chorus geek.

    JANE AUSTEN- I've never read her before and just picked up Emma.

  3. I agree Peyton Manning is a good guy. We named one of our sons Peyton just because we like the name. Now people will say, 'like Peyton Manning.' Well, yes and no. But he isn't a bad guy to be named after either.

  4. What a great poem! I was wondering how your class was going! Hmmmm...Lately, with the weather cooling, I have been enjoying making zucchini muffins for breakfast! They are so good! And a good book, David Park, Painter, to read is a bonus as well!

  5. Hey - great minds think alike! I had a few Peyton mentions in my post too. Funny video. I especially enjoyed the shot of his legs at :53 - boy's got some nice gams.

    Good luck this weekend!

  6. oh i think i need some of that chocolate! Love Payton too..and a writing class? So fun!! I wanna do that ! XOXO jules

  7. I am VERY glad to hear this about Mr. K. I read about the injury and fretted on your behalf! And torture! There is NO Ritter Sport in the house at the moment. I lived in Germany for awhile and became a complete addict. My two favorites are almonds and the biscuit backing. NUM.

  8. funny! that video.......
    not the writing ;) that was beautiful.

  9. You reminded me of when my nephew (who was 10) cost us a playoff game by bunting at the wrong time (ignoring coaches signals to swing away).

    I baked him a bundt cake the next day. It made him cry. I felt mean. Hell, I was mean--but I meant to be funny.

  10. Oh my gosh, good luck this weekend! Go easy on those black belts....

  11. cupcakes! everybody is writing about cupcakes! i must bake soon.

  12. That video makes me *heart* Peyton Manning very, very much!

  13. I'm am currently loving that all of my favorite shows are new again.....Castle, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters and The Mentalist. Good Luck to you!!

  14. I think the Mannings must be a really fun family. My favorite ESPN commercial is the one where he and Eli are with their parents on a tour of the offices and he kicks Eli in the butt, then looks innocently around while his mother gives him the stink eye. Never, ever fails to make me laugh out loud.

  15. Um, his brother Eli is pretty damn cute too!


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