Friday, October 16, 2009


I've got my ipod shuffle loaded and juiced up for tomorrow's Black Belt Qualification Test--which is better than me getting loaded and juiced up, although there is no steroid testing in martial arts that I'm aware of. I've mentioned how disco makes my 3-mile run easier. I've got The Emotions, Roberta Flack, ABBA, Good Charlotte and Donna Summer singing me through. They're not my favorite-favorite tunes, but they're my favorite-get my body moving tunes.

In the Momvan I'm an NPR gal. But sometimes I tire of chamber music (but I never get sick of baroque) and Simply Folk (especially when we're on our seventh union battle cry
song of the hour). Then it's time to channel surf. I skip through the caustic hate-mongering talk shows. I skip commercials, rap, death metal and hip-hop. I like a local "lounge" music station, alternative and some country on my radio. I always stop on stations playing Neil Diamond, Eddie Money, Barry Manilow, Bruce Springsteen, the Dixie Chicks, Stevie Wonder, Pat Benetar or Talking Heads. But the following acts are guaranteed to make me press the channel-changer button:

Green Girl's Ear-itating List
Shania Twain
Celine Dion
The Beatles (I know! But I do!)
Rod Stewart
The Carpenters
Air Supply
Fleetwood Mac

Spill it, reader, which acts make your Ear-itating List?


  1. Oh, I can tell you're younger than me. I love Boston, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac and some others of that ilk on your list.

    I can listen to country music for about 10 minutes, TOPS, before I have to change the station. And talk radio...never. Hate. it.

  2. The Beatles?!

    My teenagers make sure I'm exposed to a lot of hip-hop and I'll listen to most of it, but I cannot tolerate T-Pain.

  3. Sweet mercy, we could never travel by car together! I'm very eh about Shania, Celine, and Rod, and I don't know enough Creed to voice an opinion, but the others would make a primo playlist for me!

    My number one with a bullet Ear-itating singer?



  4. I hate metal or anything close to metal. Nothing too jarring--hey I'm jarring enough just my own, I listen to music to smooth me and make me happy! Anything else I am pretty open to.

  5. I'm smiling because I like the "lounge" music station, too. When the Breeze goes to Christmas tunes in early November, it's on my dial. I admit it; I like holiday tunes.
    Make me flip the station? Hiphop, hard rock.

  6. That's so funny - I would totally stop the radio for The Carpenters or Air Supply, but only because I love them in a cheesey way. Like the way I love The Captain and Tennille.

    Jimmy Buffet/Kenny Chesney top my list of Ear-itating. I would agree with Celine and add Mariah Carey to that list as well.

  7. I utterly loathe Rush. I'll listen to anything else -- including Britney Spears, opera, and country music -- before I listen to that excrement.

  8. I can testify to grave displeasure at the elevator versions of the music of my youth currently beginning to saturate airwaves in local retailers, commercials, and similar marketing avenues.

  9. oh, good luck!!! and can i reveal my nerdishiness by revealing that my ipod shuffle contains only podcasts from RTE?

  10. I am a country girl. I mainly flip between the 2 country stations.

    I get so upset with myself when I find that I am still listening to the boys nursery rhymes CD after dropping them off at Mothers Morning Out. I can get 15 mins down the road and realize I'm still listening. Yuck! I really need to buy another childrens CD...we've listened the same one for a year.

  11. Michael Bolton
    Richard Marx

    (Not necessarily in that order either)

  12. Can hardly wait to hear how it went.

  13. Styx, Rush and rap. Can't stand the first two, and rap is just to suburban boy trying to be bad for me.

    Oh, and San Diego Mama? I actually know Richard Marx! He's not as sappy mellow in real life. In fact, I've seen him pissed off LOTS of times!

  14. Modern, pop-country makes me twitch. Oddly, though, I do enjoy some of the crossover pioneers - Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Wanda Jackson...and I like bluegrass...

    I prefer our local classical station to NPR most of the time...most operas make my ears bleed, and some of the more modern, avant-garde composers...

    I like hip-hop and rap and electronica as well as most other styles (rock, punk, oldies)

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