Thursday, October 15, 2009

healthy planets need diversity (Blog Action Day '09)

Anyone who has spent time hanging out in nature can tell you it's indisputable that ecosystems are highly connected structures. Diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem--for example, too many deer decimate plant life and ground cover, thus reducing the food supply and shelter of other creatures and affecting the plant diversity. After a fashion, too many deer will lead to a weaker herd--not enough food to support their numbers, more disease, more disease spreading.

A healthy ecosystem has balance in its numbers. Few predators controlling the populations from the top (spiders, eagles, wolves). Many prey to support the bottom end of the food chain (ants, worms, mice, minnows). Each species is connected to the species (speci?) living around it--we're all dependent on each other, plants, mammals, fish, insects, birds.

So anyone telling you that climate change isn't happening as a result of human behavior? Clearly doesn't understand nature. And anyone telling you climate change won't affect us? Clearly doesn't understand nature. Imbalance causes chaos--it weakens habitat, food supplies and populations. We're all connected, our behavior matters, for good or for bad.

Enviro Girl is one Eco Warrior over at Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet fighting daily to curb human impact on the planet and reduce the effects of climate change (which is only one result of human behavior--we're also responsible for species extinction, deforestation, pollution, overconsumption and the destruction of habitat, among other crimes against nature).

Not everyone can ditch their car and bike or walk to work, just as not everyone can restore 60 acres to native prairie, wetland and woods. But each person can, in their own way, be part of the fight. Head over to Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet to read a few easy, painless steps you can take to slow climate change and preserve the health and diversity of our habitat. We all have a stake in this because we're all connected--from the bees pollinating 70% of the food we enjoy eating to the bats controlling disease-spreading mosquito populations, from the rainforests and prairies sucking in CO2 to the person choosing NOT to pour pesticides and herbicides on their yard. It's time to acknowledge and respect those connections. Enviro Girl is commanding you to read the list and step up--make the changes to slow climate change.


  1. Ants and bees. The smallest of the creatures on earth have a purpose!

  2. Thanks for this. And, I am with you. If we all do our part to be conscious of small decisions, the effect can be tremendous.

    (And my post today was inspired by yours yesterday... thank you and your welcome.) ;D

    - Julia

  3. Okay, I'll try to love deer even though they make me want to take up bow hunting. :-)

  4. ...can you believe there are still people walking among us who think climate change is not real...?


    Great post!

  5. In England, you can't get bug spray in the grocery... Of course, I don't need it, as there are no scorpions hiding in the bathroom, but it's very strange not having it JUST IN CASE!

    I am loving recycling. Bournemouth recycles well over half their garbage, and are always trying to improve that number.

    Oh, and uncle Pat brought me some great WORMS! They are so happy in my compost! Do worms hibernate when it's cold, do you know?

  6. Heading right over. I have often thought it was so interesting that we, in general, have such a hard time seeing things as related. Ecology is such a given, if you think about it and it related to absolutely everything if you really think about it.

  7. your blog is so cute! love it! mama to all boys?!?!? god bless your soul!!!! im a new follower!!

  8. I like it!!! I JUST got my recyclable shopping bags, so NO more plastic ones!! THey waste those anyway when they put things alone in their own bag!! Seriously-The half and half does NOT need it's OWN BAG!!! :)
    I will go check out her list to learn more about what I can do!!! :)

  9. I'm going to have to check out this site. I agree that if each of us would make some small adjustment toward being more Green, those small changes would add up to something big!

    I recycle and use green bags as often as I can. We've switched to CF lightbulbs in most of the house. But I'm sure there's more we can do!

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