Thursday, October 29, 2009

in which Green Girl is materialistic

It's early for Christmas wish lists, but Green Girl craves a garden bench like this one for her potager. There are many things in garden catalogs that catch her eye.

And scads of tulip bulbs because you can never have too many tulips. Especially the unique ones.

SO many books on her wish list. This one. All the Maisie Dobbs books. The latest Scotland Street book. Green Girl's book fund has been extinguished for the year and the library is never as satisfying as shopping for books, although she tries. And since her beloved local bookstore went out of business, it pains her to think where she'd now shop for books anyway...

Did she mention she would spend hundreds on tulip bulbs if she could? She would.

She's had her eye on these boots since August. If she felt wildly extravagant she'd get a pair in brown and black, just like Mary Alice would. Green Girl will ask for a pair for Christmas, though.

And what could be more luxurious than a cashmere hoodie? Or two?

Spill it, reader. What material things do you crave these days?


  1. I also crave two pairs of boots, with nice pointy heels and toes.

    I crave an unlimited amount of cash to go shopping for all the adorable fall sweaters and clothes that I see other people wearing, when I'm wearing stuff that's older than some of your kids.

    I crave a Mc D's fishburger and a nap.

    I crave a weekend to go scrapbooking with my girlfriends, to sit in a hot tub, and go out to eat without Farmer or Kitty. (I know, not materialistic in a shopping sense, but it's what I REALLY want right now)

  2. I love garden benches. In fact, redoing the garden is the main thing I've been craving lately. That, and those really soft slippers with the aloe in them.

  3. I'm craving a bunch of new stuff from Russel + Hazel. If you love office supplies, these are great... google the name and their website will come up. I'd love to go to their store in South Minneapolis and come home with a huge bag of stuff.

  4. Love all your choices but that book. The cover freaks me out.

    I'd love a great cooking knife. And some cook books. And a bunch of books for school.

  5. Ooooo. All of them are wonderful! Those tulips are amazing and I LOVE that bench! :)

  6. I'm craving the creature comforts of chilly weather. Jason Tea Tree Oil skincare, steaming cups of Tazo Zen tea, and chenille socks sound like the greatest sorts of goodies about now.

  7. I wish I was more materialistic... all I'm focusing on is what to get my son, because I have a hard time thinking about more than one thing at a time, and he's asking for some bizarrely obscure dinosaurs (yes, he's only 3 but he's a total nerd about dinos).

    What I would like:

    the renovations on the house (which haven't been touched in the last 2 years) to be finished. (Who starts renos and then stops immediately after demo, so that you feel like you're living in a war zone? Oh yes. My son's father. Enough said.)

    a Swiffer vacuum thingy

    my body pain to go away (but I'm probably being too selfish there)

    a trip to Jamaica, so I can lie on the sand and sip mai-tais all day, and watch surfers, and maybe have someone oil... er, I mean spread sunblock on my back. yeah, that's right.

    Happy craving! =)

  8. Compost for my garden, because I never have enough.

  9. hmmm. those boots would not be bad....maybe we should share. you know, like the traveling pants.

  10. A cashmere hoodie? Oh my! Who knew? Now it will be stuck in my head like an earworm. :-)

  11. Loved P&P and Zombies :)

    More fun was Mary Janice Davidson's Undead series.

    I'll have to have my husband build you a bench. He built three for me out of recycled lumber. And I'm always wanting more - call me a GG too only I'm Greedy Girl ;)

  12. Mmmm, lately I have been craving a massage. My belly is growing so fast my back is having troubles keeping up a balance. I'm with you on the tulips (although I'm really a sucker for the old fashioned iris) and books. Oh and diaries, I am shameless, I can buy journals much faster than I can take time to write in them!

  13. Color me fancy - I'm asking for a spading pitchfork to work in the compost bin. I need a life!

  14. We've had good luck with our bench from (drumroll) Fleet Farm. Simple, yet sturdy. As for the books - are you on I get loads of books there. That doesn't keep me out of bookstores, either.
    Craving? Time, and herb seeds. My herbs didn't survive the move indoors. I need to start over. I've hinted to the family that I'd love an Aerogarden for Christmas or birthday. Sigh.

  15. That's a good question. A really nice black purse. I have a blue Coach and a Khaki Dooney and a black bag from Ross.

    I'm not usually that materialistic, but I do have a bit of a bag fetish.


Spill it, reader.