Friday, October 23, 2009

Muttonchop Therapy

I've got three pinatas in progress, Mr. G decided this morning that he doesn't want to be a snake today for costume day at school...just for Halloween (that muffled screaming you heard earlier was me--locked in a closet while on a self-imposed Time Out), we have a wedding tonight (I've nothing to wear, as usual--don't you hate fall weddings? Too cold and too wet to wear something short or strapless or bright-colored, too odd a time of year to pull out the black standbys that you've worn to countless winter weddings.), Mr. B's birthday party Sunday, flag football Saturday morning and a meal delivery on Sunday.

What's a girl to do? Why, indulge in a little muttonchop therapy, of course. I'm digging back to an old favorite from 1996--a lovely movie that a lot of people missed. If you are one of those people who missed it, put it on your Netflix queue and fix your problem immediately, okay?

Restoration. le sigh.
While not a Regency era film, it presents a hero every bit worthy of Jane Austin's attention. Restoration takes place during the reign of Charles II, opening in 1660. The Age of Restoration was filled with scientific discovery, artistic exploration, natural disaster, religious superstition and changing medical practices as The Plague swept through Europe. It's a saga, it won 2 Oscars and Meg Ryan isn't even that annoying in it. The costumes, landscape, cinematography and longing gazes across ballrooms are all swoonworthy.

Robert Downey Jr. plays our hero, Robert Merivel, a physician whose fortunes rise and fall under the influence of all of the aforementioned forces. Summoned by the king to court, Robert Merivel falls in love with the King's mistress, is placed in a an estate which he restores, is banished, works in a Quaker-run mental assylum, falls in love with a patient, watches his wife die during the Great Plague while his daughter is born,
and survives the Great Fire of London. The breadth of plot and history is impressive (it's an educational film). Robert Merivel is handsome and brilliant, talented and alluring. Restoration is echoed in his character as he evolves from a simple man to a lecherous man in the glamourous world of Court to a fallen man with a true understanding of what is Valuable and Important in Life.

I'll grant you that technically the time period isn't muttonchoppy. It's a bit frilly and fancy. I do prefer the Regency Era, more understated, shorter hair.

But can you honestly look at that face and not feel seduced? Under that gaze a gal's got to loosen her corset a little, remove a few hairpins and let loose a gasp of pleasure.

Don't you feel just an eensy bit restored? If not, what's your restorative pleasure this Friday?


  1. I've never even heard of this movie, much less seen it. Clearly, my education is somewhat deficient.

  2. I haven't heard of this movie either, so I can no longer call myself the biggest Robert Downey Jr fan ever. Sigh.
    But thank YOU for some eye candy to get me through my morning. I looooooove to gaze at him. :)

  3. Hmmmm, I like your style. I too take refuge in a good film to restore myself from time to time. This weekend I am planning on restoring myself by giving myself one clear day off to do fun stuff I don't normally do, like thrift store shopping and devote a good chunk of time to reading! Maybe get a coffee and go for a hike and a picnic. That's my plan! Good luck with the fall wedding ensemble, I don't envy you the decision!

  4. Just wear that black dress to the wedding---there will be alot of others in "the dress" that can be worn anytime and anywhere. You will look great in whatever you wear! Everyone will be looking at the bride and those bridemaids dresses...

  5. " won 2 Oscars and Meg Ryan isn't even that annoying in it..."

    Whelp. That's a good enough endorsement for ME! *heehee!*

    I can't help it though...every time I'm looking at Robert Downey Junior I'm thinking, "...are you high?"

  6. Didn't you get a dress for a wedding or some such fancy-ish affair a while back? Maybe in the spring? If I'm right - and I admit that I could be completely wrong - I'm thinking that dress might do quite nicely for this occasion, too.

    If I had time this weekend, I just might restore with another viewing of Lonesome Dove. I just watched it for the first time a couple weekends ago and fell madly in love with both Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call (how about the characters' names - Roscoe Brown, July Johnson, Jake Spoon, Dish Boggett - I could go on and on, I love them all), and with men in general. How did I miss this miniseries in 1989? Sure, it's a cowboy movie (and I don't usually like cowboy movies), but it's sweet and loving and a very manly way.

    I may have to make time.

  7. Now I need to go clear me out a closet. Self-imposed time out sounds like something I could benefit from every now and then.

    Movies - really tempting. I might put one on my schedule for Sat. night if I accomplish all my needs before then.

    Hang In There.

  8. You could get the black dress in purple ... there is no shortage of all shades of purple for fall. This makes my under the eye bags just glow even standing next to the enitre womens selection of purple. Agh! I've got the dreaded annual family dinner to deal with Saturday night. My motto has always been 'I love my family in small doses' and I'm not sure why I agreed to going this year. We've been able to pass it up for 9 years so far. Should make a good blog post though ... that is if I can ever find time to post. Damned those houswives of Atlanta, OC and NJ!

  9. I was so wondering about that screaming. Today the Flash tells me he doesn't want to be a penguin, but a dragon instead. Since I hadn't made the Penguin costume yet, I was cool with that. But now, where do I find some huge pieces of cardboard to make the dragon head????

  10. I'll be restored as soon as I see Sherlock Holmes--have you seen the trailers? Swoon.

  11. I've never seen Restoration!

    But lo I love Robert Downey Jr., so consider it watched this week.

  12. Don't think I saw that one. But I just watched the Vampyre Diaries - Yum.

  13. You won an award on my blog-

  14. I've never seen that, but it sounds awesome! Do the "plague doctors" wear those bird masks and black robes in the movie?! That costume is the SCARIEST thing EVER to me!
    Tell ur man HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! AND- Sounds as if Mr. G is a discriminating costume wearer! I like it! He'll probably be an artist!!! :)

  15. Through most of your post, I was thinking, "Oh, I read that book. No, I listened to it on tape (remember cassette tapes?). Yes, that's right. I listened to all 16 hours on tape."

    Then, at the end, I finally tweaked to the fact that I'd seen the movie, too.

    None of which sheds any light on anything you wrote here, but I was doing a little "Oh, yeaaaaaaaaa" audience reaction out here.

  16. I've never heard of the movie either. My restoratives are perhaps a bit telling: a nice afternoon nap or a good cup of coffee will usually do wonders.

  17. In Mr. G's defense, it's probably pretty tough to sit down in a snake costume.
    I haven't seen that movie. We just watched Rocky Horror again - always good for a laugh.

  18. How did I totally miss this movie?!?!?!
    Thanks for the tip.


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