Thursday, October 1, 2009

worse than the farmers up the road spreading manure on their fields

Bad enough to wear socks and long sleeves--but turning on the heat already? These are the times that try people's souls. Thank God for chamomile tea. And whiskey. I'm plowing through that to-do list and my throat is feeling better. Team Testosterone is earning their keep by being incredibly helpful. Mr. D won at poker last night--which doesn't have any significance here other than to tell you how lucky we seem to be. But there is one problem we have to overcome and naturally it comes at a time when we must shut the windows to keep the house warm. I'm betting we'll be taking a trip to the vet in the near future.

What's the worst smell you've encountered lately, reader?


  1. Worst smell - How about my son after football practice? As he is wearing the small practice clothes for 3 days. GROSS--- I have some really stinking 9th grade boys and girls that need to learn the soap and deodorant is their friend.

    And I WILL NOT turn the heat on yet But I am not home all day either.

  2. I think that would involve some forgotten dairy product found in the depths of my refrigerator, that or my dog's breath lately. Both definite contenders.

  3. ...last Sunday in the wee hours of the morning sometime, yes, a SKUNK went a-wandering somewhere close to my (open! ugh!) bedroom window...pepe le pew became startled somehow (probly my ever-vigilant CAT at said window, but who knows) and left his signature scent.
    * : (

  4. Worst smell?



    I just came home from the gym.


  5. I remember Phoebe singing that song!!!! The worst smell for us was when we first moved into our home. It had been a rental and unlived in for a year. It reeked of cat pee and filled with cobwebs (not a smell, but still disgusting).

  6. The worst thing I've encountered recently was the house full of 5th grade girls I had last weekend. It was Eau de Unwashed Armpit here. Within an hour of the girls' arrivals, the stench was so bad that we turned on the air conditioner and set it to to "arctic" in order to keep the fan blowing fresh, cool air through the house.

    By the next morning, the funk was so awful that we turned off the AC and opened the windows, hoping to be able to get through breakfast without too much mouth-breathing.

    And, as certain parents arrived, I took them aside and had a private word about the need for soap during showers and deodorant afterward. I am not kidding. I could see their noses wrinkling when they walked in the house, so I figured I might as well clue them in on their own child's contribution to odor.

    It took most of the day to fully air out the house.

  7. What is making the Cat smell so darn bad???

    Worst.Smell.Ever? The smell of Farmer after either.....

    A: burning the horns off the heifers

    B: stirring the manure pit

    C: working in the silo with the decaying feed.

    Yuk. Ew.

  8. Hmmm worst smell. I'd have to say a public bathroom at a nasty store. But I'm sure I can come up with worse. xoxo

  9. Oh no. So sorry.

    The worst smell? That would be when my son takes off his shoes and socks in the hot minivan after practice and sticks his feet in front of the air conditioner vent. Yuck.

  10. hehe...I love the Smelly Cat song.

    Right now, I keep smelling my office trash can - the cleaning crew only comes every other day - so my previous day's lunch has been sitting in there stinking away. ewww

    Oh yeah - and how Sarah mentioned her son after football practice - that's the same as my husband after a motocross race.

    And, it's kinda weird - but my 19 month old has REALLY stinky feet. hehe

  11. Ohhhhhh. Hmmmmm. Yes. So, we were thinking of getting a kitten? But maybe I might change my mind about that. How is the smell, really? And is it really okay to keep a cat indoors all the time? Won't they go mad? (Though mad cats can be entertaining) And what about kitty litter? How does it work? I am a cold-climate cat-dummy.

    My dog once ROLLLED in a dead cat, and honey THAT was the worst smell ever.

  12. The dumpsters in our apartment complex. Ewwwww.
    That reminds me. We share our work dumpster with the barbeque restaurant next door. Also Ewwwww.

  13. Well, my office building sits across the river from the sewage treatment plant. Enough said?

    But speaking of Smelly Cat... did you see where Lisa Kudrow sang a bit of it at a benefit. Too cute.,,20309164,00.html

  14. Being new to this area of the state I have to say Kaukauna - no offense, but how do people live there? Also the paper mill I pretty much work next to.

  15. The pig farmers have been cleaning out the barns & distributing it in the fields around here. That stuff can get pretty raw smelling if you ask me. As a certain twist of humor they typically do this when people hang clothes outside. Mmmm Mmmm ~ counTRY Smellin' at it's finest!

  16. Road-kill skunk. Without a doubt.


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