Monday, November 30, 2009

even more luck

At 8:10 the plumber called--can they come in 15 minutes and fix the lift pump? If it was possible to kiss a man over the phone, I would have.

Not my actual plumber, but one I'd be sorely tempted to kiss in person.

No flushing or using a drain for this long has taken it's toll on our psyche. I feel unbelievably lucky to get to flush toilets, run my dishwasher, do laundry, drain water through the sink--soon. We've roughed it "camping style" by peeing outside, brushing teeth off the porch, even doing dishes in a bucket and sluicing the water across the yard when finished--but it's cold outside, especially at night. All the toilets in our house stink with marinating unflushed #2. Will I buy a gallon of bleach when these guys leave? You betcha. Will Mr. D and the gang come home to sparkling clean bathrooms, fresh beds and an empty dishwasher? You betcha.

I had every expectation that a 90# piece of metal would NOT get shipped from Kentucky in a timely manner. I even dragged the boys to D's office last night for showers just in case. I'm so damn happy that I'm jumping for joy--Eurolush has nothing on my ability to spring upwards several feet. Karate has honed my hamstrings and calf muscles into a force to be reckoned with. I could almost pass for a cheerleader with all the pep in my step.

Yes, that's really me--Mr. G took the picture and said, "Got it, Mom. You jump really good!"

Reader, what makes you jump for joy today?


  1. I'm jumping for joy for you and your resolved plumbing issues.

  2. Finding an online whatsit that plays Parang: Trini Christmas Music, is making me jump and DANCE for joy!

    Hooray for your plumber!

  3. A big ole live Christmas tree in the middle of the living room waiting to be decorated. That is making me jump for joy. And that I'm headed back to yoga after a week away....

  4. While you look awesome in that jump, I do believe I can actually smell decomposition wafting out of it...from the bathroom down the hall.

    Give that plumber a Hershey's Kiss, if nothing else.

  5. "You jump really good!" - That line reminds me of a line from Guess How Much I Love You. I can guess how much you love flushing...

    I'm jumping for joy over being done wrestling with the turkey carcass, and having a freezer full of food!

  6. On a related note (but less disgusting)....

    The plumbers are FINALLY at our home right now (we've been waiting 9 months) to have part of our sewer line replaced. We've been struggling with sewer rats (and about a 1000 holes in our front yard) for 8 YEARS. Ugh. Gross.

    I can't imagine how you survived it all. I would have been found curled in the fetal position at the first mention of "GO PEE OUTSIDE!?!"
    I guess the closes we came to plumbing problems of a similar magnitude, was on the morning of my sons wedding...when we were suppose to be heading out for photos...there was a back up and flood in our basement!! Needless to say we (hubs and I) didn't get pre-wedded photos with the bride!
    At least my son made it in time to get pictured with his lovely bride!

    Sweet Wishes,

  8. Oh gosh I'm not jumping but when I get a lot done in a day it feels great! xoxo


  9. I got the last two packages of gifts I ordered. Now I can start wrapping!

  10. Lordy I would have been a basket case in your shoes! I'm just glad my washing machine *knock* *knock* is holding up through my post-holiday laundry marathon!

  11. Good for you....I would be jumping too. What makes me jump for joy today......the fact that I didn't eat any bad food........yet. :)

  12. I'm jumping to celebrate with you!! That is great news. Now if you can send Ty Pennington to rebuild my saggy front porch, I'd put out the mistletoe.

  13. Ever see that commercial where the guy is throwing everything doen the toilet to try & clog it so the hot chick can fix it? Yeah, if my plumber looked even remotely close to that picture I'd be breaking things daily but I've got the fat butt crack guy who hasn't shaved or showered in a while {shudder} so I gently use every item around here.

  14. Our neighbor across the street is a plumber. While he is not hot like Mike, he is handy. And convenient. This means my calves and hamstrings do not to be as fit as yours to jump for joy.

  15. The only problem with Mike is that he's with Susan--too much ditz for me.

    I think I'll just jump for joy over your joy jumping today. I'm impressed--with the jumping and the prolonged roughing it.

  16. That's one cute faux plumber!!

    How easy it is to take plumbing for granted... until you don't have it! You were born to be the mother of boys... you do such a good job! My girls would have asked Daddy to find a hotel until it was fixed!! The worst part is... he would have been the first one in the hotel door... trampling his family on the way!! Honest!!

    Happy December 1st!!


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