Tuesday, November 17, 2009

holiday lessons

This is Mr. G.
Mr. G loves holidays because they involve his some of his favorite things: sugared sweets, presents and decorations.

The other day Mr. G asked me where I put the Christmas Book.

The Christmas Book?

Ah yes... the sole toy catalog that did not get buried in the depths of the recycling bin.

Mr. G and his two brothers discovered it and had begun circling every item not marketed to girls or babies. As you can see, there are many circles.

They initial their circles so Santa gives gifts accurately.

Mr. G puts Mr. T's initial beside his to increase the odds of his choice toys appearing beneath the tree Christmas morning.

I explained to Mr. G that the toy catalog is not a Christmas book. "Christmas isn't about presents, buddy. It's Jesus's birthday. It's not about getting things and toys and stuff. It's about giving and what God gave to us."

He nodded solemnly and rephrased his request. "Where did you put the toy book, Mom?"


Then last night we drove through town and Mr. G noticed the Christmas decorations lit up along the street. A little voice piped up from the back seat of the Momvan. "Why do people not like Thanksgiving, Mom?"

That moment my faith in Mr. G was restored. A powerful observation indeed. It's not that people don't like Thanksgiving, son. It's that people don't make money off a holiday that isn't about buying and selling stuff. Thanksgiving is just about being thankful, not a lot of capital gain in that, is there? Not much to be earned when we merely sit around enjoying one another's company and counting our blessings. Thanksgiving is a holiday of contentment. And it's our next holiday on the calendar. We should give it the time and attention it deserves.


  1. Such a sweetie.

    I do have one question...is he hanging out in the kitchen with Violet in his super hero underpants?

    gotta love the superhero undies. :)

  2. I love those little observations.

    My daughter noticed a house whose occupants have already put up their Christmas tree and are lighting it every night. Then she turned to me and mentioned that the music teacher taught her preschool class to sing "Jingle Bells". It confused her. (When I think about it, it confuses me, too.)

    Can we just agree to have one holiday at a time?

    (I'm sure if I agree and you agree, the rest of the country will follow... right?)

    Happy Thanksgiving, GG.

    - Julia

  3. *sigh* Middle Child has taken to trying to bring catalogs to the table at meals.
    Love Thanksgiving. Something precious about a whole day set aside to think about all that is good.

  4. My 5 yr old son noticed the Christmas decorations up as we were driving one day and asked, "What comes first Thanksgiving or Christmas?"

    Its like he thought he missed Thanksgiving some how.

  5. Between your post and the comments in response: proof of so much wisdom in the child's perspective.

  6. Oh, I remember circling and initialing the toy catalog. I'm glad that your boys understand that there is more to Christmas but also that you enjoy letting them dream of all those toys.

    *Sheepishly raising hand.*

    I'm a guilty Christmas pusher. Honestly, it's the first Christmas that Linus is aware enough to understand what's happening and I'm super excited because of it.

    Of course, I'm equally as excited for Thanksgiving as we are going to the Blue Ridge mountains for a week with the grandparents. I simply can't wait to have a least one day of sleeping in without having to thumb-wrestle my husband about it.

    So here's to both holidays and all the memories they create!


  7. Even though I wrote a long-winded post today about how I'm all done with my Christmas shopping and whatnot, I swear that Thanksgiving does not get short shrift around here. The Christmas is in my house, yes, but it is hidden until after Thanksgiving.

  8. Sigh. I'm with Charlie Brown and Linus; Christmas is too commercialized.

  9. I am! I am giving it the time and attention it deserves. Because I'm thankful for the time I have with my husband and son, I'm subjecting myself to the stupid Lions game.

  10. Your son and mine are the same child. We currently have about 4 "Christmas books" in circulation, well circled, well initialed.

    Beyond that, you don't want me to comment, as I am cranky about Thanksgiving and Christmas alike.

  11. What in the world are you all talking about? Wasn't Hallowwen just yesterday?.....LOL!

  12. Amen sister! I LOVE Thanksgiving for all of the reason that you mentioned! We are all so lucky in so many ways. Our kids are in sore need of a little gratefulness and appreciation lesson.

  13. Very true. Spot on. I love these insightful smart kids we have before they're corrupted by mass commercialism and materialism.

  14. I'm right there with Ms. Joybeadworks! I do love to get a jumpstart on Christmas so I can enjoy a bit of the month of December.....but Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays...I just try to keep it all in check until December first!

  15. I totally buried the "book" as well. But they just keep putting them in every Sunday paper!?

  16. Boys after my own heart! Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I LOVE Thanksgiving for exactly those reasons!
    And good for your son for noticing. This year more than ever it seems like Thanksgiving isn't getting the attention it deserves.

    On another note, shopping was easier when I could pick from those toy catalogs. 'Toys' get pricer when they get older! :D


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