Thursday, November 5, 2009

in which green girl expounds on "cool"

Grosgrain ribbon is cool--superior to satin in every which way. Green Girl buys it by the spool for holiday gift wrapping because it classes up everything. Even brown paper packages. Which are always better wrapped up in deep red grosgrain ribbon instead of string.

Well-wrapped gifts are cool. Presentation in presents is everything. Green Girl scoffs at cheap wrapping paper, plastic bows and tacky gift bags (except for children's birthday parties where such efforts are totally unappreciated).

String instruments are cool. Cellos? Are the coolest. The woodwinds and brasses* have nothing on the cool factor oozing out of the string section. But that deep vibrato of a cello? Pure awesomeness.

Black turtlenecks are always cool, no matter how you wear them. This is why Green Girl owns several because her wardrobe? Is not cool. But the weather in Wisconsin is and a black turtleneck resolves both of these issues very nicely.
Exposed brick walls are cool. Green Girl adores brick walls. She'd give up a non vital organ to live in an old building with gorgeous crown molding, tin ceilings and exposed brick walls. Alas, she'd have to give up her marriage for such a fond dream and that sacrifice is too much to ask.

And every treatise on cool has to include this man. Samuel L. Jackson exudes cool the way Green Girl exudes perspiration on a hot muggy day.

Not cool--soul patches, rudeness, buildings without landscaping, bottled water, fake flowers, slasher movies.

Spill it, reader. What's always cool for you?

* Except for saxophones. They can be very sexy.


  1. Oh this is hard! So much is cool to me! I think people who live their lives with gusto is cool to me. Taking time to do every day things with finesse is cool. Putting your individuality into everything you do is cool to me!

    PS I love the idea of the ribbon! I always wrap my presents in old paper bags, but I usually tie them with raffia and add flowers and herbs from my garden. Or holly berries if it is the season! But I love the idea of the ribbon, a good alternative as raffia can get a little messy at times for larger packages!

  2. Presenting food prettily is cool. God allowed someone to invent beautiful serving bowls and platters and dishes. Things taste better when someone cares enough to make the food look pretty. And it doesn't take long to put the mashed potatoes in a pretty silver or glass bowl on Thanksgiving instead of serving them straight from the pot you just mashed them in.

    Footed cake plates are cool.

    Cloth napkins on a cloth table cloth at holidays or weddings is cool.

    Basically, anything in my book that's considered timelessly classy is cool.

  3. I personally think it's cool to have more than one of the same items of clothing if they're a must-have... because lord knows I ruin clothes simply by wearing or washing them. But I'm not very cool, so don't take my word for it. ;)

  4. Johnny Depp is the ultimate of cool. And hot, too. :-)

  5. Goodness. Great cool list.

    Here are a few more.

    A good pair of sunglasses are cool. So are the right boots.

    Recycling is cool. (Our town just canceled their recycling because it was too expensive, which is definitely NOT cool.)

    The Pink Panther is cool, too.

    - Julia

  6. Ooh. P.S. I'm with you about the ribbon. We *love* to use cloth ribbon at our place. Vintage ribbon is even better. :)

  7. I completely agree on the grosgrain ribbon and cellos.

    Jimmy Smits is always cool. Opening a new book for the first time is cool. Knowing how to knit is cool. Shea infused socks that soften your feet are cool.

    My black turtlenecks got retired when I moved out of Freeze-a-chusetts, but they used to be cool.

    I might steal this for a post and give you the credit!

  8. A nice wool scarf wrapped around the neck and tossed jauntily over one shoulder.

    Definitely nice ribbons. But I'm also a gift bag person because they're reusuable. I always add a nice tag and a satin or grosgrain bow to finish things off.


    A great pair of boots. I'm wearing some now and feel like I'm 5'10" and 120 pounds.

  9. Old well worn cowboy boots are cool.

    Reel lawn mowers are cool.

    Climbing roses are cool.

    Homemade pie crusts are cool.

    Being happily married is cool.

    Reading at night instead of watching TV is cool.

    Cloth napkins and napkin rings are cool.

    Listening to the Prairie Home Companion is cool.

  10. Fun post!

    The new self-checkout at our library is cool. It reads a whole stack of books at once. Magic!

    Also Murano glass, bags made from candy wrappers, chocolate ganache, hand-picked bouquets...

  11. Ooh, I SO want hammered tin ceilings for our living room. No brick walls, but the wood floors will do. Every time I go to places downtown that have those ceilings, I want them more and more. (Harmony Cafe; you'll never want to leave)

  12. Cool is this post! I love your cool things-- especially the ribbon and turtlenecks.

    Cool for me is--
    -Hand selected flowers from the florist wrapped as a lovely bouquet
    -Fine chocolates
    -And open piano with the lid propped open, even if no one is playing
    -An unexpected letter delivered snail mail


  13. I was with you right up to the part about the cello being cooler than the woodwinds and brass. I disagree. I married a trombonist, and he's pretty doggone cool!! :)

  14. Black boots, hand written thank you notes and BRETT FAVRE :)

  15. Wow! Looooovve this post, and all of these awesome cool things people are sharing...but for the record I just think blogs are soooo cool. I just can't imagine my life without all of my bloggy friends!

  16. Public radio (especially when they're playing classical music or telling in depth stories).

    A black peacoat and cashmere scarf.

    Mary Alice has a pretty good list going, I'm jumping on her bandwagon.

  17. 501s and a plain white t-shirt are cool--especially on a hot guy.

  18. Adam Lambert is single. That's the coolio of the week for me.

    I gave my husband two week's notice. :-)

  19. Sigh. I wish I could wrap gifts. That would indeed be very cool. My mom is so good at it. Every Christmas we'd have a slew of perfectly wrapped ifts under the tree. Unfortunately I did not inherit this ability.

  20. My gift wrapping ability is so awful that for years I told people the children wrapped all the gifts!

  21. YOU are too cool.

    Also, I love the brown craft paper and grosgrain ribbon look. Hate cheap $1 store paper that rips while wrapping. Also, I disagree about the strings...this coming from a girl who was the only girl in the marching band brass section. I played the trombone.

  22. Can you believe I have a live cello player in my home?? My oldest daughter has endured many years of lessons and is actually now being referred to as a promising young talent. I love it when she plays Bach.

  23. How did I miss this post?!

    I share your brick wall and tin ceiling wishes. Oh to reside in a repurposed urban warehouse or rowhouse.

    Words are cool. They can be crafted, reserved, swallowed, written, twisted... oh, the endless possibilities! The infinite combinations of words that express who people are, what they feel, think, or believe are endlessly cool. And the timelessness of The Word really blows my mind because it is never trite, always deeper than I can fathom, and eternally endures.


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