Wednesday, November 4, 2009

over the top

Look what Lisa Sharp, the Retro Housewife Goes Green gave me! She's too sweet to give me this award--Over the Top indeed! To thank her, I'll play along in kind...

1.) Thank and post URL to the blog that gave the award.

2.) Pass the award along to 6 brilliantly over the top blogs (blogs you love!) Alert them so they know to receive the award.

I’m nominating these 6 blogs:
The craftastic Midwest Moms
The preptacular Mom on the Run at Abnormally Normal
The veddy Briddish (now) Nan at Things I've Found in Pockets
The Treat Girl ('cuz she's just plain FUN)
My fellow cheesehead Kat at Seeking Sanity (seriously Over the Top--3 boys, a baby girl and a new house)
Heidi at Reason for Everything, she's as real as they come

3.) Copy and paste this quiz… Change the answers, ONE word only!!

1-Your cell phone? ancient
2- Your hair? cut
3-Your mother? sad
4-Your father? gutless
5-Your favorite food? cake
6-Your favorite drink? coffee
7-Your dream last night? wasps
8-Your dream/goal? published
9-What room are you in? kitchen
10-Your hobby? karate
11-Your fear? failure
12-Where do you want to be in 6 years? productive
13-Where were you last night? church
14-Something that you aren’t? crafty
15-Muffin? blueberry
16-Wish list item? boots
17-Where did you grow up? everywhere
18-Last thing you did? clicked
19-What are you wearing? sweats
20-Your TV? on
21-Your pets? cat
22-Friends? fantastic
23- Your life? blessed
24-Your mood? eager
25-Missing someone? sometimes
26-Vehicle? Momvan
27-Something you aren’t wearing? socks
28-Your favorite store? closed
29-Favorite color? GREEN!
30-When was the last time you laughed? 9:00
31-Last time you cried? Sunday
32-Your best friend? Sarah
33-One place you go to over and over? grocery
34-One person who emails you regularly? Sarah
35-Favorite place to eat? Flanagan's


  1. What a fun quiz. You give very interesting answers!

  2. I have to ask...what happened in your wasp dream?

  3. Awwww! Thanks! Just the boost I need to write a blog!

  4. Nice quiz! I like hearing about other good blogs to read.

  5. I did that one a while back, and really enjoyed it!

    And yeah, you really need those boots.

  6. Miss!!! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!! This is my VERY FIRST bloggy award!!!! I can't wait to play along!!! Thanks again! ooh...for sure get the boots!! :)

  7. So fun. Thank you (I'm crafty?) :D

    I passed it along today to some worthy friends. (Some of them are quite green... you'd like them.)

    - Julia


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