Wednesday, November 25, 2009

perspective & part III--perks

While I spent a lot of time yesterday wearing rubber gloves and scrubbing with a bucket of bleach and water, my heart burst with gratitude that our lift pump worked pretty faithfully for 8 years. The warranty expired after 7. (We live downhill from the city sewer pipes, so this pump pushes the wastewater up to the road. Without it, all the waste flows to the lowest point and then overflows through the drain in our basement, hence yesterday's debacle.) With a little care and letting very little through our drains, we'll be able to survive without further drama until Monday. D's office has a shower and our neighbors are kind, generous people, so we'll get along okay. There's even a laundromat up the road. Not using our drains until Monday is a hiccup. A blip. Life is so rich even without being able to flush a toilet. And I'm blessed with boy children who are happy to pee in the yard.

(not my actual boy children)

Part III--luxuries I feel grateful to have:

1. time to snuggle with each boy, almost every day
2. enough money to pay for house & car repairs without taking out a loan or tightening our belts much
3. coffee
4. stacks of books waiting to be read
5. sheets with good thread count
6. tulips and daffodils bloom in the spring, lilacs every May & peonies every June
7. a tube of excellent hand cream
8. a strawberry patch and a raspberry patch
9. a prairie
10. dark beer
11. karate lessons
12. wine
13. time to write
14. super soft fleece pullovers
15. good, comfortable shoes
16. a pool
17. a hammock on the front porch
18. dark chocolate
19. baroque music on the radio
20. radiant heat--nothing beats warm floors on a cold day


  1. Today I am grateful for your amazing attitude, as it reminds me that I need to keep things in perspective.

  2. Today I am grateful for health, sump pumps, plumbing, running water and an anal, but awesome husband who takes care of my house and my children. The same sewer backup happened to us last month in our one year old house at 11:30 p.m. - 9 hours before we were to board a plane for our first real vacation w/o the kids in Hawaii. The hubby caught it, why, because he is so anal about checking up on everything (which is usually annoying, but I will remember never to be annoyed again). I soooo sympathize with your story yesterday and the similarities. I had just finished my workout and needed a shower. We sooooo take plumbing and running water for granted. It turned out to be a defective pump and improperly installed alarm a year ago that did not alert us which is when you truly appreciate the anal and overly conscienous hubby. Which reminds me that I need to thank again my wonderful mother who happily dealt with builders and septic people in our absence.

    I'm also thankful for a ~25 year friendship that has stood the test of time and can be revived at any time. Here's to you GG. You have a wonderful attitude and you are inspiring. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Radiant heat is ~ the Best! ~ I had it in my last apartment ever and I was in love with the floor all winter...and: right on for peeing outdoors! *heehee!*
    have a great thanksgiving, Greenie

  4. Your boys must be enjoying this adventure.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm grateful for people like you whose great attitudes make life so sunny.

  6. Radiant heat rocks!!! We got to experience that in Korea and I soooo wish I had it at home!!!

    Wonderful thankful post!

  7. What an exciting and interesting life yoy lead. Honestly. Last time I was over it was all about deer hunting and now, peeing in the yard! My men cannot read your blog.

  8. Your attitude of gratitude is quite contagious! Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. That's awesome!!! We wrote almost exactly the same post, but I forgot Dark beer!!! (Let me tell you...I'd never make it through all og this without a good dark beer!!!). Praying that they'll be there first thing monday to fix it!

  10. The Zen attitude helps a lot. I started my day by spilling coffee on my desk. The good news? I'd just cleaned it. The only thing that got soaked and damaged was my mouse pad.

  11. The sun is shining! And there are some birds nesting in a shelfy-thing in the wall where an air-outlet thingy comes out. Extractor fan? They must like the warmth. They make such a racket, but when I went out to hang the laundry they got very quiet and one of them looked at me as if to say "You didn't see us here. Shoo!"

    So I came back in, and opened the airing cupboard in the kitchen to listen to their racket.

    I am grateful for sunshine and tweeting birds.

    And my Mum, Granny Margo, Husband who is being amazing, marvellous kids.....

  12. ah, holiday weekends. our hot water heater quit working one year on the friday night of memorial day weekend.


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