Friday, November 20, 2009

wanting and some spite

Mr. B wants glasses. He's been wearing the pair from Mr. T's Harry Potter costume and looks pretty darn cute in them.
Mr. T wants to shoot a deer this weekend. He knows he can't actually shoot it, but he has visions of bringing home a freezer full of venison.
Mr. G wants to play on my computer all the time lately.
Mr. D wants it to be Thanksgiving because TURKEY! (and stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, bread and pie.)
I wanted Attila's son to get better and he has. You can read about that here.
I want less clutter in my house and today I took the fourth load to the thrift shop in three months. We've done NO shopping for "stuff"--everything has been consumable or replacement goods, except for Mr. B's birthday. Despite my efforts, I feel like we're drowning in stuff. I think I'd be very happy living in a bare room with a view and a cot lately.
I want our downtown to stop dying. Today I read that my other favorite store is closing. Where will I get my locally made soap and candles? Organic peanut butter and tea? I miss the bookstore that closed this summer. There's little reason for me to go downtown anymore.
I want politicians to quit wasting our time and money and sign a damn health care bill already. I want them to fund all reproductive health procedures. And if they don't, I want them to strip all funding of Viagra and any other treatment of erectile dysfunction because that would seem a little more just.
I want Sarah Palin to go away. Mostly because I find it appalling that she didn't actually write a book that is a best seller and I have actually written five (and revised and rewritten) and can't get anyone to buy them. How is that fair? Plus she annoys me with all her fake folksy talk. I want to scream back at her "I'm a lazy person who hates hocky and I'm still patriotic! Kiss off!" Her book should've been published as an interview or a biography, not as her own work if she were to be truly honest about it. And isn't honesty patriotic?
I want to eat Shepherd's Pie with a pint of Guinness.

Spill it, reader. What do you want? Feel free to leave your spiteful comments behind, I found the last paragraph a little cathartic.


  1. I want my student, who was in a horrible car accident and is still extremely critical three weeks later, to come walking through my classroom door. I want my downstairs bathroom to be clean for more than 2 minutes.
    I want my sister to find someone she is happy with
    Most of all, I am thankful I am overall very happy

  2. I also want Sarah Palin to go away!
    How can these people believe that a person with so little experience run our very big and out of control country. I guess a good "fairy tale" is good for some people. I agree that passing the book off as written by her is NOT right.

  3. Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejan and the idiots who decided that women 40-50 shouldn't worry about breast cancer should all go away -- maybe together.

    I want my dissertation to be DONE, so I don't have to think about it anymore. I want my hubby to do well on his law school finals (x6 semesters), and get a job he finds challenging and that brings in a nice paycheck.

    I am also thankful to have stayed married all this time -- and I wonder how it happened, as we've both changed so much.

  4. LOL. I loved this, especially the last paragraph. I found the part about the downtown really sad actually. I think Walmart should close down. I only go there occasionally because it's replaced other stores and there is actually nowhere else to go nearby. Sure I could drive an hour to the city, but that burns fossil fuels. There's never a good answer.

    Hmmmm. What do I want? I want my son to stop asking for stuff. I want to look forward to more painfree days. I want my family to wake up and smell the crap and cut it out already. I want to visit with my friends who live far away whom I haven't seen in years.

    I also hate hockey -- except live games, that's okay -- so I guess it's televised sports I hate, so I want televised spots to just go away and leave more room for the shows that have real meaning, like House, Bones and Glee.

    I also want the deep Reese peanut butter cups right now.

  5. I want my 3 y/o to not be allergic to almost every damn food on earth and to not try to scratch all of her skin off every day.

    I want my 14 y/o DSS to stop being such a jerk.

    I want to watch something besides Nick Jr.

    I want real eyebrows instead of having to get my white blonde ones dyed every 3 weeks so I don't look like a burn victim.

    I want to spend Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with my family instead of staying "home" in Texas.

    I want my eldest DD to go to college closer than 6 hours away when she goes next year

    And instead of the shepherd's pie and Guiness, gimme a thin crust pepperoni pizza and some whiskey!

  6. I want Mr. Hot to move to Chicago with me. I want Shortman to ace all his classes. I want the ex-Mrs. Hot to go away. I want to be able to eat chocolate and ice cream and not gain an ounce. I want to visit and hug everyone who reads my blog.

    Oh, and I want world peace.

    Can I have my crown now? hahah

  7. TRUE DAT on the Viagra tip! That little bit of information has been sticking in my craw for a while will pay for a man's viagra prescription, but not for a woman's mifepristone. Thank you for saying it.

    And: I want Mr. Right to come along, already!
    * ; p

  8. Downtown? Harmony Cafe. It has the peaceful interior of brick walls and hammered tin ceilings and the coffee is awesome.
    I want my friend who is headed to Mayo Clinic next week to finish her testing and come home for Thanksgiving.

  9. I want more Michael Palin from Monty Python and less Sarah Palin.

    I want to finish up more of my Christmas shopping before the baby arrives.

    I want my son's K4 teacher to stop emailing me and to pick up the phone if she has concerns about him. He doesn't have a behavior problem. He's four. He's acting like a four year old. Get over it.

  10. Shepherd's Pie and Guinness is exactly what I want! I just didn't know it 'til I read it.

    And five manuscripts - when do you find the time? Thanks for the reminder to persevere. I got a whole clump of rejections this week. Stinkin' timing, too, before the holidays. Bring on the comfort food!

  11. I want Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston to evaporate. I want to scream in Mary Hart's face that they ARE NOT CELEBRITIES OR ENTERTAINING. Most of all, I want to know exactly WHO is interested in these two guys.

    I want to kick one of my coworkers in the teeth and tell her to snap out of it. She is very angry about recent changes and lashing out at me. I had absolutely nothing to do with the changes, in fact they have adversely affected me just as much as they have her.

    I want to find a cure for juvenile diabetes. It would help millions of people but most of all, it would help my beautiful, vibrant, amazing 14-year-old niece.

    I want my BFF to believe that she is wonderful. She has very low self-esteem and it makes me sad that she truly has no idea what a gift she is to the world.

    I want to stuff warm chocolate chip cookies in my mouth until the hurt over Himself goes away. And I want there to be no consequences for doing so!

    I want everyone on the planet to wake up tomorrow morning with smiles on their faces and peace in their hearts. What a day that would be.

    I want a different life. And that's the one I can do something about.

  12. Holy crap, but this post hits my current mood perfectly. I'm fed up with lots, from Palin to bad writing to too much stuff, and I can't agree with anything more than the notion that Guinness can cure some ills.

    I want an uninterrupted night's sleep, as Paco was up for three hours last night, which has had the result of making me tired and frustrated and negative all day today. I want to feel less like screaming at my students, when I read their cruddy papers. Speaking of all that, I want my conservative Christian student (one of way too many)--she who calls Obama "the anti-hope"--not to write her next paper about his health care plan.

  13. I love the paragraph where you wish you had less stuff and then lament the closing of a place you like to buy stuff. That's about how I feel.

  14. I agree, I want Sarah Palin to go away. She disgusts me.

    I also agree about healthcare and the disparity between men's and women's issues. Viagra is covered with no problem, yet I have to jump through hoops to get my birth control (which isn't exactly a dangerous substance to begin with).

    I wish my extra weight were coming off more quickly.

  15. oh i want sarah to go away. i want less clutter in my house. i want to walk in my house and feel the peace and space i feel when i walk into yoga class.

    i want my kids to crave that peace and space instead of more stuff. i want to crawl into bed and take a nice long nap and then have my kids crawl in and wrap their arms around me.

    did i mention i want sarah palin to go away? 'cuz i really really really do.

  16. I also want the reproductive issues covered by insurance. It would sure make our lives easier.

    I want my best friend to move back home. I'm so lonely sometmes.

    I want my family room to be clean for more than 4 minutes straight.

    I want to watch something other than Elmo after supper someday.

    I want a mix master where the bowl goes up and down. :)

    I"m glad that I get to take Kitty and Farmer to see Elmo LIVE today at the Resch Center. :)

    But overall, I'm glad that we're a happy unit up here and I'm glad that I get to spend quality time with my brother and sister very soon.

  17. I want one of the THREE companies that are "looking forward to working with" my husband to SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE already! I hate this economy, and people keeping us hanging while they bid for jobs.

    I want my youngest to not feel homesick at bedtime, poor guy.

    I want a cup of tea and a scone with butter and raspberry jam, so I'll go get one!

  18. And... FIVE manuscripts? I am really impressed. I've been reading "How to write a novel" and I realise that it's a talent I probably don't have. I can write about "stuff", but I have great respect for those who can REALLY write. And you can. Don't let the refusals get to you, I know you have what it takes.

  19. Hey "Green Girl"!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    You're right ... I visited my Mom again a week after posting that fingerprints post, and she hasn't wiped them off =)

  20. It was certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

  21. I want M&Ms to be sugar-free but not taste like it.

  22. I want a break for my children's homework.

  23. After reading what everyone else said my "I Wannas" didn't seem too important or even entertaining.

    So..what they said.

    I think I wrote the same thing at jens blog...GAH!

  24. Sarah Palin... Gag me with a spoon!! I wil join you for the Shepard's Pie and Guiness!!

  25. Oh Girlfriend, I absolutely adore you!!! Can't stand palin either---seriously, She was the best representative of female-dom that they could find!?!?! All I hear lately from the boys is want want want...I have to remind myself that they're kids and I was probably the same during this time of year. One thing that I'd love is to find a McD's with a playland that doesn't reek of nasty feet!!! (Gaging as I'm sitting here wasting time before the next practice!)


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