Monday, November 16, 2009

weekend report

After I stopped laughing at Friday's comments--Midwest Mom and Violet were TOO funny--you must go look if you missed it--I resolved to do what I usually do in the face of TMI: "Well there ya go!" Historygirlie and I are obviously from the same neck of the woods because I often do that.

Now for the report.

The Good:
*I made my entire team and our opponent my bitches in the second game bowling Friday night. I was so tired and didn't even want to bowl, but it ended up being fun--especially when Jan served up such a phenomenal second game.

*Since I had no candidate training or karate graduation, I had all kinds of extra time on my hands--literally hours of it. Things got organized, pages got written, hair got cut, errands got run, piles of paper got sorted/filed/tossed.

*I made apple pie from scratch--yes, the crust too. Delicious.

*The Grossology exhibit at our children's museum--and the fact that it wasn't crowded since we went during the Packer game.

* Our neighbor's son built the deer blind to end all deer blinds for Mr. T and Mr. D to use next weekend. While it doesn't have running water (yet...I'm sure R would've put it in if he'd had time), the men are describing it as a two-story condo in our woods. I'm intrigued but forbidden to check it out until they're done hunting. You know, my scent and all...

The Weird:
Mr. T has it in his head that he needs canned food for deer hunting in our Back Forty this weekend. Like pork and beans. Mr. D's not sure why since he plans to eat in our house. Too many cowboy movies, perhaps?

* Last night I saw an commercial saying that the lady attacked by her chimp will be on a Monday morning news program--which made me think of the woman at the store who randomly shared that newsbit with me. I hadn't thought it was news since NPR didn't cover it. I conclude that an entire venue of "non-news, but fascinating news fodder" must circulate through the "news" venues I avoid--like The Today Show, Dateline, 20/20, actually, anything reported on TV "news shows," come to think of it.

* Which totally supports my theories about Sarah Palin.

* My family can plow through a family pack of cheeseburgers and fries--and D wasn't even eating with us.

*I know all kinds of good body function trivia thanks to the museum exhibit--did you know that your bladder can hold up to 2 cups of fluid comfortably? The tighter your sphincter muscle, the more high-pitched your flatulence. Conversely, looser muscles make lower pitched toots. Your nose smells best at age 10. I've got tons of these now.

The Ugly:

*Some young thing in a sports car illegally swerved around me on the left while I was turning into an intersection me and then cut me off in traffic. I simultaneously laid on my horn and my brakes and barely avoided a fender-crushing accident. Her response was to throw her hands up in the air like she didn't know any better. I should've glided into her passenger side panel. The Momvan needs a little buff-and-shine. Hopefully the next driver she cuts off isn't so defensive and she gets what's coming to her.

* My sons are obsessed with Plants vs. Zombies--and Mr. D brought it home for them to play. Which meant they did NOT want to clean upstairs and much yelling and threatening ensued.

*I played the Zombie game and the Zombies ate my brains. Five times. So then I quit.


  1. Were there any salad forks at the Grossology exhibit?
    (I read Friday's comments - may never look at one the same way again...)

  2. I (accidently) saw the woman attacked by the chimp on the Today Show.I was clicking through the channels while on the phonewith my Mom. This is beyond sad and I don't think I would have wanted to survive.

    Have you told us what you do with the deer? Do you end up with a freezer-full?

  3. It sounds like a great weekend ... well, except for the near-miss with your Mom Van.

  4. I could swear that my bladder holds one entire gallon of liquid. At least that is what I think every morning when I have managed to force myself to stay in bed through the night. Argh.

  5. So I saw the lady on the news this morning (watch while I'm stair stepping). WOW. Talk about totally torn about. It was pretty horrid :( :(:(

    I've been thinking about how the bladder can hold 2 cups for the last 3 hours since reading your post. Except, that I think that mine can only hold about 1/4 of a cup. I constantly need to use the bathroom!

  6. Sarah Palin theory -- or was that Grossology? snort. The young driver better not have been my daughter; I'll ground her for life. Oh, wait, she's away at school. She's safe.

  7. quite the weekend! and those doughnuts are gone btw....... ;)

    and what do you mean Sarah Palin theory? I must have missed that one!

  8. You're older and have more insurance. You totally should have done it.

  9. Will Mr. T have a can opener with him or is he expecting homemade pork & beans? ;-)

  10. I was blissfully watching Good Morning America on Thursday and accidently saw their "news" coverage of the chimp attack lady. Very sad. Not news. Definitely not news I wanted to start my day with. Just sayin'.

  11. Love the plants and zombies song. I have it on my blog from a while ago.

    My son is currently working on his own video game - kinda cute. :)

  12. Love the plants and zombies song. I have it on my blog from a while ago.

    My son is currently working on his own video game - kinda cute. :)

  13. And my bladder holds about a thimble comfortably but then, I've had kids. You know, I blame everything on them;) just ask 'em

  14. Oh, man... Thanks for the shout, GG. I laughed so hard at the responses to my comment.

    And just because I can't resist...

    I want you all to think long and hard next time you're served croutons on your salad.



    - Julia

  15. I told him and he said they're gonna need testers :)


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