Thursday, December 3, 2009

flakes & flurries

The first snow accumulation of the winter is today. The flakes began falling at 8:00. Just a few. Now it's more snow-globe-ish outside our windows.

Our patio table at 9:00.

A big tree dominates our living room and for the first year in Christmas history, I had FIVE boxes of brand new matching lights for Mr. D to hang. Last year our tree had huge gaps of black shadows where the lights didn't work. This year every square inch is illuminated by the magic of electricity. Mr. D had the tree strung in a record 20 minutes and didn't utter a single curse word. No children were screamed at or harmed during the annual stringing of this year's lights, either.

We decorated in slap-dash fashion, which is what happens when Team Testosterone helps. It's a race to protect the breakable ornaments, direct their "creative" sense of interior design, and keep up with three boys laying out holiday decor at breakneck pace. Seventy-eight minutes later our halls were decked.

I'm pleased with this year's greens. We had an abundance. This was simple, using only pine cones (of which I had plenty), boughs, old clothes hangers and ribbon.

I now realize this is not the most flattering angle for a shot of my front porch.

And today I'm a little sad to hear Jim Fleming's final broadcast of Morning Classics on Wisconsin Public Radio. He's got such a quiet voice and sometimes says such dorky things--he's been a presence for over ten years. I can't imagine who will talk me through Mozart and Bach and Strauss and Schubert and Britten and Vivaldi and Schumann and Shostakovich and Faure. I've learned much from him over the years and will miss his calm, precise way of speaking. Endings always make me a little despondant.


  1. Get this - WE may actually have a few flurries on Saturday. Weird ATL weather.

    I love your porch split-screen shot. :-)

  2. Is it wrong to be jealous?!? We have flurries but no accumulation....I guess I should be thankful its only flurries so that all of our friends can keep up their field work.

  3. omg I can totally relate to you losing your DJ...
    Our classical station was bought out by somebody and the best classical DJ in the world was all-of-a-sudden missing from the airwaves...I later found out he left the station with the change in management. The replacement guy sounds like a frat boy, and I cannot stand him. grr.

  4. cool! We aren't going to put up any outside decorations this year :( With husband's new disabilities, he can't go climbing around the shed to find the decorations and then climb a ladder (ha! that would be funny these days) to put them up. And heaven knows that I'm not going to. Who'd have thunk that when we put those decorations away last year, we should have put them in the FRONT of the shed. :(

  5. Earlier today my student worker said 'snow' is the worst four-letter word. I said no, 'work' is worse...but 'snow' is bad enough!

    The sun is actually shining in my window at this very moment. I'm tempted to plaster myself against the glass for the 2-and-a-half minutes it lasts.

  6. Flurries today, full moon yesterday: students were NUTS.

  7. HAHA! I remember those days, but my crew couldn't wait to get started and then 5 minutes later everyone was done and took of to do other things and left me holding the ornament box!

    Now Irv does the lights and I do the the ornaments....the tree is smaller and I use grown up girl ornaments and not the little kid ones anymore.

    The outside decor looks great!

  8. I love your greenery! Very pretty. You did a nice job.

    We still don't have any accumulation. I've been OK with the lack of winter so far as it's kept my husband, who is in construction, working but it's time now. A white Christmas is one of the few perks of living this far North in the winter.

  9. My daughter texted from Chicago this morning--her first snow ever!

  10. We might get snow this weekend too :)

  11. No snow in Oklahoma, only pining and wishing. If we're lucky, we'll get one drop this winter. We've moved over to ice storms. Ugh. What I wouldn't give for a white Christmas. Guess I'll have to get the movie instead :-)

  12. We have a 7 foot tree. It takes me 3.5 hours to put the lights on (7 strands of 300+ lights) the kids put up the ornaments. My hands are still recovering from the sratches. I'm a little (ok a lot) OCD about lights on a Chrsitmas tree. I made two of those orament wreaths also for my french doors. If I ever get a moment to actually write a blog I'll post em.
    Not looking forward to this weeks dump. Sigh.

  13. Maybe I will start calling you in Stuart! You sew, you bake, now you make your own wreaths. Honestly you are making the rest of us look bad. With everything you have going on, how do you remember or make note of how much time it takes you to do things??!! I am impressed with the time though. It took us almost an entire afternoon to decorate a 12' tree and the tree had already been standing for a day with the lights on!


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