Tuesday, December 1, 2009


(lifted from blackbird)

things I like:

being barefoot, invitations, free afternoons, the sound of Salvation Army bells ringing, Glee, donuts with sprinkles, artichoke dip

not so much:

Desperate Housewives, Spaghetti-o's, basketball, my last haircut

things I saw yesterday:

the school secretary grocery shopping, a white aluminum Christmas tree in someone's front window, a line at the post office, the Saints score a touchdown in under 2 minutes

things that are wearing out quickly:

Mr. T's winter coat, the brakes on the Momvan, my anticipation for Christmas

my radio stations on Pandora:
I don't have Pandora.

electronic gifts I might not refuse:

a flatscreen TV for our bedroom, an iphone because mobile blogging!

problems my car is having:

it's starting "hard," the brakes make an unhealthy noise

things to be happy about:

the plumbing all works, 3 clean bathrooms, my knee "clicking" back into place this morning, fun weekend plans, another mild day with sunshine


  1. I hope Santa and/or the minivan fairies read your blog :)

    Sadly, I do enjoy Spaghetti-O's. I don't know why.

  2. Ah, we are waiting on the plumber now. Because the tree roots are growing at a phenomenal pace to try to keep up with our efforts to keep them out of the water lines. That or one of the kids flushed another roll of paper towels.

    The iPhone? I've yet to use it for blogging, but I use it for almost everything else.

  3. I like Christmas Cards! Hanging on a ribbon! Gotta send some more out.

  4. Enlighten us - what the hell is Pandora?

  5. Great list! Don't eat Spaghetti'O's anymore...they really don't taste like anything recognizable...

    Pandora.com.....wonderful...check it out!

  6. Oh my goodness how I love artichoke dip. I really like your list--but I have to say that I do love spaghettios. The kind with meatballs, though franks will do in a pinch.

  7. I love being barefoot--though I'm better about putting flip-flops on when I go outside than I used to be. I got tired of spending so much time trying with the pumice stone!

  8. I love Glee and donuts with sprinkles.

    About once a year, I get a craving for Spaghetti-Os.

    NO ONE should have to endure car problems and plumbing problems in the same year.

  9. Why do I love these things so much? I guess lists tell so much about us in few words.

    So with you on:
    barefoot, free afternoons, Glee (!!!), artichoke dip, Desperate Housewives, Spaghetti-o's (I can't even stand the way they smell)

    My shiny new i-touch is pretty much an i-phone without the phone part. I decided that all we humans need is an i-phone and a credit card and we can go anywhere.

    I might have to filch this one for myself...

  10. You would be much happier with a Blackberry than with an Iphone, IMHO! Get one!
    * ; )


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