Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snow day report

Totally out of batteries and camera WILL NOT WORK so alas, no photographic proof exists of the Great Blizzard of '09 aka Winter Storm Allison.
Snow has drifted freakishly high in places.
All my windows are caked with snow & frost.
I battened down the hatches, but 40 mph winds took a rain barrel clear to the front yard anyway.
Sugar cookie cut outs are decorated & baked.
Christmas letter is written & approved.
Mr. D stayed home as well.
He is sick and loving his leather recliner, book, cider and gas fireplace.
Roads and driveway both impassable.
Neighbor called at 6:00 a.m. for help in driveway.
On way home from church last night we saw NO other cars at ALL for over 5 miles. Eerie. We were traveling at 30 mph on a road I usually take at 60. The roads were THAT bad.
I got some very sweet Christmas gifts from some of my church kids.
Three of my room leaders did not show and the crafts involved glue, glitter and sequins.
I'm glad to be done with church children for a few weeks.
I shall finish the Mad Housewife wine tonight while signing Christmas cards.
The woods looks beautiful all flocked with snow.
I will try to get batteries tomorrow.


  1. We were supposed to have the same storm you did, but it seems to have missed us for the most part. Still, we had a snow day (mostly because of the snow that was supposed to come today) and we got to hunker down in the house. So, I'm happy. ;)

  2. We only got about 5 inches, but the winds started this afternoon so what snow we got is definitely blowing around. It still sound like you had a fun day!

  3. Your plan for a snow day had me wishing I could hang out at your place for the day. You had it perfectly planned and it sounds like you're surviving.

    Stay warm.


  4. Wow! I have never experienced snow like that. I hope I can one day, just to have the experience!

  5. We're in the middle of a storm right now! Love your summary. Sounds like a cozy good time. Happy card-signing and wine-drinking. :)

  6. What??!! No helpers for glue, glitter and sequins?! Yikes! I'm glad you made it through that one.

    I am also glad it is not snowing - although it has been very "cold" for us Phoenicians - down into the 40's!

    Oh Christmas cards - you are the bane of my existence. I wanted to do a photo card - but I think I'm going to get the cute caricature ones from vistaprint instead - but then I have to gruel over picture just the right caricature for each of us. dammit.

    Mmmm...Sugar fave.

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. Just when you really needed the camera to work ...

    Isn't that the way life goes?

  8. I guess that's what they call "battening down the hatches."

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  10. No snow here, but we did get some crazy wind and the temperature dropped from the 50's into the 30's in the middle of the day yesterday. When it did I thought "here comes Green Girl's snowstorm." Well, the Tennessee version anyway :)

    Can't wait to see pictures of your place in the snow - I bet it's beautiful!

  11. We got 15.5" here and if you walk outside the inside of your nostrels freeze in less than a second ... all hail WI weather!
    Funny how church kids can make everyone feel like they need a break. I mean seriously, what's up with that?
    I now get to go out and shop for two households and pick up adopt a family gifts for my kids gift giving. We planned on sneaking out yesterday with the snow day and all ... silly me.
    I may even pick up the fixin's for Irish Coffee ... shhhh!

  12. I LOVE SNOW DAYS, especially when I can't get in to work either! Let's have another. Although I think I may send my 2 kids to the neighbors next time. We had 8 kids over so it wasn't as peaceful as I had imagined the night before....Christmas music, decorating cookies, a nap, organizing a closet or two. Oh well, maybe the next blizzard? When they left and mine went to bed I retreated downstairs to watch TV BY MYSELF. It was 90 minutes of heaven.

  13. AND your sewer issue is resolved. Can you imagine having your basement mess and no water in that storm????

    We want snow here so bad! It is in the teens for the last 4 days, but no snow. So we're freezing to death (usually in the 40s at this time of year) and school isn't even canceled. :(


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