Wednesday, December 30, 2009


First, I should clarify that yes, yes indeed that photo of my family was the actual Christmas greeting card we mailed to people we know. We used a slightly different pose--the boys and I all had kicking legs and kung fu arms, but Mr. D was standing behind us with checkbook in hand. Rather sums us up pretty well in a weird way.

Second, those of you who read Cha Cha's blog over at Noodleroux already know that I am a winner! Yes, I won the Grand Prize of her Christmas Sequel Contest and hoo boy does her Grand Prize rock!

The mail came the other day and I opened the box clearly addressed to me with an unknown return name and address. I sat stymied for a moment. Was this a forgotten Etsy order? A bloggy friend whose real-life name I couldn't recall? I opened the box and spread out its contents.

The card was funny because inside Cha Cha wrote "nice rack." That's really funny if you know me in real life!

Here's her clever note inside--I have to tell you that Cha Cha beats Oprah in gift-giving. Plus Cha Cha is cooler and less annoying and know-it-all than Oprah.

Well look at that gorgeous PINK water bottle! Because it's PINK, Team Testosterone won't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Which means it's safe from ending up in the sand box or forgotten at basketball practice or being used by anyone but ME! MINE! MINE! MINE! Thank you, Cha Cha!

But there's more! A Zum Bar! I haven't even put it in my bathroom--I love the smell of it. I adore Zum. Yum.

An Anywhere Cloth! I've read of these, but now I own a real-life one!

A book of prose and poetry with nekkid ladies on the cover. I had to hide this right sons would steal the cover because, well, you know. But I kept the book out because they're just interested in what ladies look like under their clothes, not in what they think and feel and stuff that really matters--the stuff inside the book. I paged through it and can't wait to start reading it when I finish my current poetry collection.

Cha Cha, these prizes are fantastic. I'm so glad I won. And I was so pleased to get a surprise in the mail. Opening all of these things, unexpected and delightful, really brightened my whole week.

Spill it, reader, what fun thing surprised you lately?


  1. Congrats on winning! My boys wouldn't be able to handle that cover either. They get excited over clevage on a book cover.

    I'm surprised today that I offered to take the boys to Badger Sports Park but they both agreed they'd rather have friends over to play. Saves me almost $30.

  2. NIIICE LOOT! I haven't had a nice surprise today, but Sean's (old, smelly) pilot headset was fedexed to him this morning, and when he opened the package he kissed it, smelled it and just looked so deliriously happy!

  3. What wonderful surprises!! Mu current surprise was finding money in the washing maching.

  4. I"m surprised today that Kitty ate FOUR bowls of cereal for breakfast this morning. Two bowls of frosted flakes, two bowls of cheerios. AND 1/2 an orange, and a glass of milk. This girl normally can't finish 1 toaster waffle, so this was very fun to watch.

    I'm also surprised that Kitty loves the live version of Charlotte's Web, with Dakota Fanning. We watched it yesterday and she wants to watch it again today. IT's my favorite childhood book, and so Im glad she likes it. I KNEW I should have named her A. Fern, like I wanted to, but Farmer said no. Maybe this next baby, if it's a girl, can be Charlotte Fern!

    Too much, perhaps? :)

  5. ...I got some home-made birdseed in the mail from Wisconsin... my dreams.
    * ; p
    And I'm surprised it hasn't snowed lately here in the 505 despite being cold-to-the-bone FREEEZING and cloudy overcast skies. What a tease.

  6. Wow congrats on the great prize! No nice surprises recently that I can think of.

  7. Green Girlie~ if you come over to my blog I have something for you to carry all your loot from Cha Cha.
    You're a winner of a girlie Eco-tote, which I promise Team testosterone won't touch with a 10 foot pool...maybe even 20!!

    Sweet wishes,

  8. I looooove it for you Green Girl!! It surprised me today that I resisted the cookie tray!! Yep! My first day without a cookie in FOR.EVER!

  9. I wouldn't necessarily say it surprised me, but I really enjoyed my two-hour lunch in a real Italian restaurant (Italian waiters and everything) this afternoon.

    Truffle risotto--need I say more?

  10. Oh, lolly! I'm so, so delighted that you enjoyed your loot! I didn't even think about the book jacket - sorry about that. But the book's great, I promise!

    This post delights me. Love you, Greenie!


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