Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend I finished the darn mitts and photo album project. And did you see the new BBC version of Emma on PBS last night? Incredible. Sublime. Perfection. I also clipped myself on the head with my own bo staff Saturday, leaving a nice lump on my right eyebrow--it's a weapon to be feared and respected, people. Flush with victory over a pile of clutter and mortification from being a total klutz, I offer you ....

The First Fabulous Giveaway of 2010!!!

That's right, readers, every month this year I'm giving away something
Fabulous written or crafted by my bloggy friends. This month's Fabulous is my bloggy friend Barrie Summy's latest book I So Don't Do Spooky. A great read for girls in the tradition of Nancy Drew (oh did I love Nancy Drew--still do!), my lucky winner will totally want to share this book with a favorite daughter, niece, granddaughter or neighbor gal. Check it out:

Sherry's baaack!! Sherry and her ghost mother team up in a new mystery. Can they keep The Ruler (Sherry's stepmother) safe? There's robotics, ghost hunting and some serious toilet papering. It's scary. It's spooky. It's fun. Oooooo. (p.s. Of course, Josh is back too!)

Barrie raises 4 gorgeous, funny kids and dozens of veiled chameleons, reads voraciously, peer edits with her writing group at Denny's and collects PEZ dispensers in her spare time--easy to see why I think she is cool, isn't it? She's got the mom/author juggling act down pat--I admire her for that.

And it gets even better!
Barrie has agreed to sign and send along a bookplate to my lucky winner, too! How do you win? Leave a comment, of course! And tell me, what spooky thing don't you do?

I'll pick the first Fabulous winner Friday!


  1. I so don't do spooky movies. Spooky stories I love but movies give me spooky dreams.

    I saw that Emma was coming on PBS yesterday and wished tremendous wishes that I was in the States to watch! How does it compare to other versions?

  2. Okey, why were you writing this at 2 am in the morning!! I suppose you have so much "stuff" in that pretty head and it does have to get to this great blog...we are lucky. that I'm in my late 60"s, I do see some spooky people my age.

  3. "...ghost mother" ? Okay, you got my attention!
    And my late mom's name is Nancy - Hi up there, Nancy!
    * : )

    The genres of contemporary music called 'death metal' or 'grindcore' I do not do. Too spooky for this girlie.

  4. I don't go in my spooky basement. It's a 1930's dirt basement with a village of cave crickets and spiders. I dislike it so much that I recently had the inside stairwell to the basement turned into a closet. Now the only way to access the basement is from the outside.

  5. I don't do spooky movies. They make me afraid of the basement and what's behind the shower curtain for weeks.

    Don't you think the perfect place for a murderer/stalker to hide, laying in wait, is behind the shower curtain? There you are, sitting, doing your business, and BAM! from behind the curtain comes Freddy Krueger...and there you are...pantsless, totally attackable.

    Anyway, I loved Ms. Drew and her stories. I'd love to share this book with my neice F, Mr. T's classmate.

  6. Don't count me in the giveaway. My son's reading is confined to events that take place on the Death Star.

    Hey, thank you for your incredible Haiti donation. You're a sweetheart!

  7. You know me and books! Put my name in the hat!

  8. Me too Me too! I'm sure me and SAM (12 yr old) would get a kick out of this book - maybe even Cita (7 yr old who loves to read!).

    I don't do spooky movies either - I almost had a very heated discussion with hubby about this the other night because he was trying to tell me we were going to watch another horror movie soon - and after he made me watch "Hostel" I have never watched another horror movie...again...ever. I'm too visual, so the images stay stuck in my head for days, weeks, sucks.

    I also don't do killing spiders that are bigger than say, umm...a nickel - I might kill a quarter sized spider, but it would have to be because hubby wasn't home. anything bigger than a quarter and I'm running in the opposite direction.

  9. HA...I don't really do spooky anything. I'm kind of boring. Although unreal and unbelievable spooky isn't too bad for me.

  10. I so love spooky, scary and suspense :)

    Way-to-go finishing your projects. I keep meaning to get through my closet and I can't even do that.

  11. I whacked myself in the head with the handle of a spade. I'm still seeing stars!

  12. I DON'T do cleaning my father's basement. My BIL is a house cleaner and has declared that our Dad's basement is way more creepy than the dirt floor basements he's cleaned out in his time. Seriously, you have to use a broom to wipe away the cobwebs when ever you decide to do laundry. It is DISgustING! I'm going to have a hard time just feeling clean for the rest of today now that I've had to talk about it. yuck! {{{sudder}}}

  13. hi! oh a giveaway.. ! ha. not why i stopped by. my little one loves to read..sounds like fun! i need to do a giveaway!
    good idea!
    thanks for being so loyal to me:) really makes me feel good!

  14. What a great idea for a series of giveaways! And what a perfect way to start it off!!

    Oh...but I missed Emma. I'll have to look out for it. Hope the bump gets smaller quickly. :)

  15. Hey! I don't havea tv.....I'll have to see if someone posted it on youtube, or maybe on PBS?

    thanks for the encouraing words btw, about the cooking thing, it's so important to me for people to realize it's not as hard to cook that way, and the pluses FAR outweigh the negatives.....

  16. I used to love Nancy Drew and still hoping my daughter will too.

  17. Same author as "I so don't do mysteries"? I just ordered a copy for my classroom! I'd love to win this; my students would love it. That is, I'd let them read it after I finished. :)

  18. Okay, I didn't add the "don't" detail. It's still on a teacher line: I don't do weekends in my classroom after dark. Ever since I was working in my room one dark evening late August and a storm blew up and the tornado sirens were wailing...

  19. I'm one of those people who doesn't mind things designed to be scary... like scary movies (as long as they don't involve something happening to someone's children.) In my mind, movies or books are easy to divorce from my reality.

    What I do have a problem with, though, is my husband. He gets a thrill from scaring the life out of me. And trust me, there's nothing worse than screaming and having your heart feel like it's about to burst from your chest and then hearing your hubs howling with laughter.

    How does he do it? What is his super-secret way to spook me out?

    He waits until the house is quiet, until I'm really concentrating on something.

    And then he jumps out at me.

    ... it gets me every time.

  20. Oh, I will have to read this with Scarlett. Looks just right for an eleven year old girl!! What spooky thing don't I do? Wear t-shirts from any organization AND I have never and will not ever dress to match any of my children. Spooky!

  21. I've enjoyed reading the "I so don't do spooky" comments! What a great question. I'll post tomorrow (finally!) and link to you. Thank you so much for running this contest. You are such a sweetheart!

  22. and the link to you is up! ;) Thanks again!!


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