Wednesday, January 13, 2010

how robert jordan saved bedtime

There's one thing I love to do at night after tucking the boys in bed. Sometimes in the summertime I do it out on the porch. Sunday night Mr. D and I did it in the armchairs in front of the fireplace, me beneath my Pepto-Bismo pink Snuggie, Mr. D in his sweatpants--read. Nothing winds me down for sleeping more than reading a good book.

There wouldn't seem to be a conflict with this, would there? Yet Mr. D thinks nothing is more relaxing than watching TV. And he watches TV man-style, which really means flipping through channels and switching between as many as 6 channels at once. Distracting? Yes. Irritating? Absolutely. Relaxing? Not at all. And every night there he sits in bed flipping through channels next to where I want to lie in bed with a good book and read in silence. So I either have to stop reading because of the damn TV or move to another room which isn't nearly as pleasant as reading in bed at night.

What's a girl to do?

Find her hubby a good book.

But I did better than that, friends! I found Mr. D a series by Robert Jordan. Fourteen books. By my calculations I should enjoy TV-free evenings in bed for the next 17 months, exceptions occur during NFL playoff games and when MLB starts in spring.

The only down side to this miracle is that Robert Jordan is dead, so after Mr. D finishes book 14 in this series I'm going to have to come up with a new author. Wherever you are, Robert Jordan, you've made bedtime a happier place for this girl and she thanks you.


  1. Whew, Bossy was worried there for a minute, waiting to see what it is you do after kids are tucked in for the night, what you do in beds and on chairs.

    This reminds Bossy of her nightly routine, which she describes as "going to bed with a bunch of New Yorkers."

    (the magazine, of course.)

  2. Thank heavens we don't have a TV in the bedroom. It's bad enough that Hubby has one in HIS bathroom so he doesn't miss a football play while dropping a load. LOL

  3. That's my favorite after-hours activity too. We read on the sofa, however, and not in bed. Luckily, the husband enjoys it almost as much as I do, so there's no marital discord.

  4. Yeah - we have kind of an agreement about that. He has to watch TV in the 'man room' (aka den) until 10pm - while I read in peace in quiet in our bed. He can come into the bedroom at 10pm when the news starts, and I will then put my book(s) away while we watch the news together. AND, we would watch the opening of Conan on the Tonight Show - but now with all the hullabaloo of them switching all the times around, it's not looking like Conan will be doing the Tonight Show - which is a total bummer because I like him way better than Jay. And I actually like Jay quite a bit, so that's saying something. hehe

    OH...but yes, hooray for finding 14 books for Mr. D to read. The only time my hubby reads is when he's "dropping a load" as Attila so eloquently stated. tee hee ;)

  5. I thought you were going x-rated there for a moment. Kind of's been a rough day and I needed a good laugh.

  6. Sounds like us every night. Hubs is flipping channels and I'm on the computer or reading. At least our TV in the bedroom only gets about 4 channels, so this isn't going on in the bedroom.

  7. Green Girl, I'm linking over from Little Miss Sunshine State!

    Did our husband's get separated at birth? I studiously study Amazon to find a book that might pique his fancy and get his eye off that other woman, Mrs. Remote Control. That tramp.

  8. I can relate to that. Now I'll walk out into the living room and he will have something on TV. I asked what are you guessed it...he has no idea. He just puts shows and movies on in the middle and starts watching!!

    He also flips the channel. I ask why he doesn't try the preview channel and he insists he can find something better this way.


  9. My husband loves to read too - guess I'm lucky.

    Never have even thought of putting a t.v. in the bedroom.

  10. I'm okay with a nice, mellow episode of Law and Order on the TV, but I can't stand when he puts on the MMA.

    Luckily, he falls asleep within about 5 minutes, so I just turn off the TV and read for an hour.

  11. My husband loves Robert Jordan, too. I think he's read everything of his. I'll ask him for any other suggestions...once your stash is beginning to dwindle.

  12. Wish DOTR would read a book. Actually he did. Once. Michael Silva. So I went to the bookstore and picked up several of his books off the bargain table (you know, right before the paperback comes out they knock the hardback down to 5.99....those).

    He has yet to read one. But he is a total tv hog and cannot believe I could happily read WITHOUT the tv on, surfing through several channels.

    We like Jay Leno...actually switched to David Letterman since Conan got the tonight show. Never thought that would happen, but I just don't find him funny. But I'm old, so there you go.

  13. Sean likes Terry Pratchett (funny) and Louis L'Amore (westerns), both prolific writers. I'm sure there are others, now that you're getting him into the habit.

    How about earplugs for you?

  14. Hm: time to go to the part of Amazon that says "If you liked this book, you might like..."


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