Thursday, January 7, 2010

i stayed out too late last night

* Last night we had our annual neighborhood Christmas gathering. It was such fun and reminded me again how darn lucky we are to live by good people. It's a rare thing how 4 couples from every decade of life from 20's through 60's (or is it 70's?) can get together and enjoy one another to the extent we do. No one is obnoxious. No one drinks too much. No one gets volatile about politics or religion. And the laughter makes my cheeks hurt. Thus endeth the holiday season for us.

* A sign that your kid watches Sid the Science Kid on PBS with regularity: At breakfast Mr. G says, "Mom, I have a hypopothesis (sic). If I go like this with the markers, they'll make this noise."

* Mr. B brought home a hard boiled egg yesterday. They're studying penguins and each child was charged to watch over their egg and keep it safe. It traveled back to 1st grade this morning uncracked and smelling faintly of lemon because Mr. B used scented markers to color it bright yellow.

* Our last Happyland PTA meeting was fabulous--it's terrific to watch new parents speak up, suggest new ideas, and volunteer. It's even better to immediately implement their ideas--I hope they feel empowered. I want them to. I remember my first PTA meeting 7 years ago and feeling they'd done things a certain way for so long, there was no point in suggesting anything new. How things have shaken up in 7 years since then!

* I enjoyed yesterday's comments--I've shied away from "controversial subjects" (like dietary supplements!) but I don't know why--the discourse in the blogosphere on these matters is so civil, with everyone respecting other viewpoints while freely stating their own. AM talk radio and Congress should totally take a page from our book, don't you think?

* I heard on NPR the other morning that Greek democracy included citizen government. People were randomly selected to serve 1 year terms as government leaders, kind of like how we do jury duty today. Granted, this "democracy" didn't involve everyone living in Greece, but the idea bears consideration...if our legislature was randomly appointed, all people would share an equal stake in how things are run AND we'd get rid of career politicians and the lobby money that buys votes. If I knew I might be in office next year, I'd be more patient with my neighbor currently holding the representative spot, but I'd also be more invested as a citizen in the decision-making process. This whole model of citizen democracy fascinates me.

* Because anyone reading to the end of such drivel today deserves some reward, I offer you this:


  1. Ohhhh, that face! Holy cats, that man is appealing!

    I like the 'citizen government' idea. It would be very interesting to see how different our legislatures would operate under such conditions. Sure couldn't be any worse than the current sitch here in Illinois.

  2. The egg item made me snort coffee up my nose. I am totally looking into that citizen government thing - fascinating! And, as I'm sure you know, my favorite item of this post was the last one. Sigh. Glad you had a fun time with your neighbors!

  3. Thank you for your offering. I accept! ;)

    I agree: citizen government sounds appealing (in a different way than Colin Firth is appealing), but I imagine there are its own pitfalls.

  4. As always, you've given me much to think about this morning and one thing to fantasize over. :-)

  5. The end was so worth your drivel (which I always love, by the way.)

  6. Haha! I love your love of Colin. :)

    What a fun and positive post! Glad your new year is off to such a positive start. :)

  7. Those Greeks were pretty amazing, for a looong time.

  8. Thank God for the end because it was getting way to deep for me -despite my background! I think I have to go read the People magazine now in the lobby.

  9. Love the different age groups!

  10. That last one made me smile! Great job.

    It's very impressive the egg made it back to school "crackless"--and yellow! nice job.

    You are lucky to have a good group of friends to enjoy. unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. But when it does, it's grand.

    Love the header photo!!!


  11. Love that you party with your neighbors! We "know" ours, but ehhh...not so much on the hanging out!

    Drivel or not the picture made my day ;)

  12. The citizen government idea is genius. I was going to say more on the subject but now I'm distracted and thinking about Colin Firth.

  13. The egg. Oh, that so sounds like life around here. Where people take play-dough in the bath tub, "to see what will happen".

    Citizen Government sounds like representation of the people by the people. Wish that was happening in Washington, D.C. right about now.

  14. Hypopothesis: I love him already.

  15. We have lived in our house for 37 years...neighbors come and go on a regular basis, but we never hang out with any of them. I think that's awesome!

    I enjoyed all of the supplement chat by the way.

    and I had no idea who the guy was at the end of the post....that's how out of the loop I am....way, way out!!

  16. Yeah!! It's always fun to party with don't have to travel far at the end of the night!!!

  17. I wish our neighborhood was like that. Fun.

    My friend says that I have to show my kids Sid. But it's on before school. And I don't like the kids watching tv. And the library doesn't have it on DVD. Ugh.

  18. My oldest was like that. I remember having lobster with him one day and him saying, "I really enjoy this - except for the exoskeleton."

    Kids say the strangest things :)


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