Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mom of the year...or not

I thought I had it wrapped. Yesterday Team Testosterone had no school, so after reading time and play time and chore time, I took them on a field trip to BSP. To play laser tag. The most glorious, awesomest entertainment known to mankind. Playing laser tag is, I confess, the holy grail of fun for me. (Although I've never played paintball.) If I had a million dollars, I might not give it away charitably. I might just build a laser tag arena in my back yard. It's that much fun.

And as an added bonus, we ran into 2 of Mr. G's buddies and their dads at BSP so we could play FOUR games of PARENTS VS. KIDS. Outstanding!

Greatest mom ever?

Until we entered the black-lit room to gear up with our vests and guns and I saw that two of my three boys had teeth that glowed a ghoulish yellow under the lights. Not bright white like the other children's. Yellow. With plaque. Because I don't make them brush well enough.

Oh the shame of it.

But laser tag was a BLAST. The parents whupped up on the kids, even after the referees joined the kids' team to try and even things out. Flushed with perspiration and exhilaration, we rounded out the afternoon playing video games and jumping on inflatables until it was time to go home.

Greatest mom ever.

Until this morning when I was supposed to wake up and get my kids ready for school because that's one of my Mom Jobs. Mr. D strolled in at 7:40 and found us all sound asleep. School starts at 8:00.

I'm totally out of the running for Mom of the Year.

Spill it, reader, how have you trumped me as Mom of the Year? And do you love laser tag?

Don't forget to leave a comment and qualify for the Fabulous I So Don't Do Spooky by my bloggy pal Barrie Summy! I'm off to try to find people who don't work day jobs so they can meet me at BSP to play laser tag ... maybe get a league going.


  1. I try to lose the mom of the year race about Jan 1 - way too much pressure.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm always saying "well, there goes mother of the year!". I'm a total slacker mom! (You're never late for school when you home school!)

    I have friends who get into air soft gun wars with their boys! (One came to church with a huge gash above the bridge of her nose from getting it in the face and another had a welt the size of a softball from getting shot in the butt by her youngest (teen) son! Its like a passive aggressive way to get out all your angst!

    I'm glad I don't know any mother of the years...I'd probably have to tp her house ;)

  3. I laughed out loud at the dental hygienist giving me a lecture about flossing my kids teeth (4 under the age of 10). I told her point-blank, "It's not going to happen."

  4. now I'm thinking about my children's teeth and the plaque that is certainly covering them.

    Laser tag sounds like a great way to spend the day off!

  5. My kids would say I trump you every day I leave for work. Food, clothes, and toys don't grow on trees! Some day they will appreciate their college fund...or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

    You may yearn for adult conversation each day, but your kids would probably say you win Mother of the Year every day - they didn't want to be at school that long today anyway. Mom plays laser tag WITH them? - how awesome is that and how many other moms were actually playing?!

    The thing I find interesting is that Dad doesn't get the same credit for staying home as I would and he is probably better at it.

  6. My sons have their own pb guns. We used to have bday parties where they could bring their entire soccer team to play. Everyone had to pitch in $10.00 because it was $20 per person plus paint back then.

    They wanted me to play, but when everyone started eyeing me like the sacrificial doe I backed down.

    It's like when me and another Mom went out to play soccer with our boys and looked around the field - everyone was 6 foot or more - I looked at my gfriend and said, "Are we out of our minds?" As we slowly backed off the field.

    My kids even asked me to do dance-dance revolution with them when their friends came over. I thought, "Oh, they really love me." But then as I started competing against my son, I realized I was their entertainment and they were all laughing hysterically at me.

    PB - No thanks - I would have come home with welts all over my body - if I made it home.

  7. I'm not mom of the year either. Kitty's teeth are not sparkling either, her hair rarely gets combed on school days (not worth the fight) and she's supposed to be potty training in real undies according to day care's potty training policy, but I insisted on pull ups.....just because I don't want to have to do pee soaked laundry every night.

    Yup, send that Mumma of the year award to someone else. :)

  8. I couldn't even begin to recount how many times I've lost the title before January is even half gone.

  9. Slacker mom indeed! Do your kids have power toothbrushes? That's what saved me with Amigo. Really. Imagine nagging a teenager to brush his teeth - better to buy the better brush.

  10. I, myself have never done laser tag. My youngest is only 5 so he really isn't supposed to play laser tag at BSP, but he got to for a b-day party once. I need to remember to call ahead for a laser tag reservation because whenever we go its like a 2-hr wait and then my boys would bleed me dry in the arcade.

  11. I have tried to forget my motherly failures now that my kids are all grown. I try to just remember what an awesome mom I was. Never played laser either.

    If those are the worst things you ever do as a mom....you will win mom of the year!

  12. Does accusing my son of stealing my best, most favorite pen via email count?

    Well, I guess having him out of the house limits my chances.

    And I've never played laser tag, but given the opportunity, there are a few co-workers I'd gladly take out. ;-)

  13. I am horrible at laser tag. You'd probably want to put me on the opposing team! Thank you for running this contest. xo

  14. I find brushing teeth and other bodily care requirements to be such mind numbing chores. Really, it's the weakest part of my mothering. I even hate doing it myself--but I want to be acceptable to other human beings so I make myself do it. Don't you think your kids will have such great memories of you playing laser tag with them? So much better than tons of memories of you as warden, standing over them with toothpaste.
    And I'm sure their teeth look perfectly fine.

  15. I'll still you give the award !!

    and laser tag....I only did it once with my son and his friends, but I'll never forget it.....

  16. I think "Mom of the Year" gets a lifetime revocation once the following requirement is met: The 2 year old momentarily believes the 4 year old's name is "Dammit Evan". Oh, yeah. Proud moments in poor parenting.


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