Monday, January 18, 2010

muttonchop monday

* Mr. B's EEG went fantastically well. He was a trooper throughout and the technician (who bore more than a passing resemblance to Jake Gyllenhaal and had a nice laugh) made him very comfortable. It lasted almost an hour and we're waiting for results. I really hope the doctor calls us today.

* Meanwhile Mr. B is making "Fake Tick Faces" which crack us up.

* Hearing the news in Haiti is bad enough. I cannot imagine watching it.

* Mr. T earned 2 Webelo pins Saturday morning while I knitted fingerless mitts.

* I nearly finished the mitts whilst watching the Golden Globe Awards last night--only about 12 rows to go! Adding to my pleasure, Glee, Up, and Meryl Streep won awards.

* Confession: I adore Quentin Tarantino movies. I thought Inglorious Basterds was sheer genius. Yes, he's sooooo violent, but utterly brilliant. His passion for films and film history, the way he weaves his adoration of old movies--it's like he's paying homage to those who made films before him. Sure, he's all jutted out chin and scary soul-boring eyes--but I'd love to sit and talk to him. I'm glad Christoph Waltz won last night.

* The giant zit and the bruise on my chin from where Mr. G jumped up and cracked me with the top of his head are almost gone. I felt self-conscious all weekend.

* The mild weather has melted the roads enough that I ran Sunday. It felt good.

* We had a kid over for a play date every afternoon Friday-Sunday. Time to replenish the pantry.

* Mr. D is counting down the days until he leaves for a 5-day golf trip in Arizona.

* I finally watched Kate & Leopold (yes, a decade after the rest of you watched it). To that end I offer you this on a Monday morning:

To be fair, he isn't wearing muttonchops as Leopold, but he does look hot in knee breeches. Here's a more muttonchoppy look on Hugh, sans kneebreeches:

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm figure I'm about 13 years behind in movies so I haven't seen it yet either. I'm so behind I don't remember what I wanted to see.

    I can't watch the footage on Haiti, the children break my heart.

    Hopefully you receive some good news today.

  2. I'm glad the EEG went well and hope you receive some good news today.

    I've never seen "Kate and Leopold" either.

  3. Love Wolverine!

    And, I'm glad the test went well. Got my fingers X'd for good news.

  4. I can always count on you for a bit of eye candy. :D

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your good news.

  5. Doug and I are FINALLY going to watch Inglorious Basterds this weekend. Sorta like a date night at home. Way cheaper.

  6. Good luck, Mr. B! I really hope the results are perfect.

    Sean got an email this morning: can he come to Haiti IMMEDIATELY to fly med-evacs? Hopefully we'll get full details tonight, and know what's going to happen? I'm on TENTERHOOKS!!! We were watching a news clip this morning in tears.

  7. I haven't seen Kate and Leopold, so to me, you're way hip and up-to-the-minute. However, I gotta say I prefer the muttonchopless Hugh.

    So glad the EEG went well - that tech was such a blessing!

  8. Happy to hear the EEG is behing you....and how 'bout when your kids have friends over they eat EVERYTHING!!!!!!??? And you need to feature your fingerless I need to be knitting these ones too??? :)

  9. Since I prefer the non-muttonchoppy Hugh, that was perfect for me.

  10. I watched Inglorious Basterds on Saturday night. I liked it but didn't love it, although I completely agree with you about Tarantino's genius. I clapped VERY loudly when Christoph Waltz won..."that's a bingo!"

    Kate & Leopold = Meg & Hugh = Violet swoons

  11. So glad the EEG went well! I did enjoy the Hugh photo, but also wouldn't mind a pic of that Jake Gyllenhaal look-alike. Or the real one. Muttonchops or no muttonchops. I'm not picky :)

  12. So glad the EEG went well....having a cutie for a tech always helps a mom get through, right! ;)

    We tried to watch Inglorious Basterds on Sat night...rented it from a Red Box. Got home (its a 50 min drive) only to discover that we rented Inglorious BastArds, an old war movie with Monty Python music that's seriously older than my hubby and I!!! DOH! Next time, maybe...

  13. I rarely watch any I've never even heard of it! :)

    Glad the test went well. Hope the results came in. I hate waiting.

    I watched a clip on Haiti on 60 Minutes last was beyond difficult to watch. Will those survivors and the people there to help them ever be the same after experiencing what they are experiencing right now? I don't think so.


  14. very glad the EEG went well, though the gyllenhaals do nothing for me. (jake's uncle used to be my boss. nuff said.)

    re haiti: i have seen all i can watch. i have sent as much money as i can afford, and as friends think of creative ways to send money i help out. (one bought a bunch of wonderful spices and packaged them in tiny packs and is selling the packs with all $$$ going to haiti)

    the various news sites have links: "to see more picture of the destruction, click here...." and i do not click.

  15. I nearly had to pull the car over the other day because I was crying at a news story about Haiti.

    I'm glad Mr B's EEG went well!

  16. Holy Wolverine, that man has some arms.

    Here's hoping for great news - and soon!


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