Thursday, January 28, 2010

not spooky...unless it's dark

Being alone generally doesn't spook me. Nor does being in the dark--dark basements, dark woods, dark attics--they're not spooky. Hollywood has done it's darndest to make me fear these places and FAILED.

Except on one point.

Years ago, before we had children, Mr. D and I traveled to Cozumel for vacation. It was nearly sunset and we were happily snorkeling at Chankannab. I followed a colorful parrot fish along the reef, relishing the warmth of this place, so wonderful when one lives in Wisconsin in February. Suddenly I noticed that deep below me--at least 20 feet below--some scuba divers were busy exploring. I realized at that moment how deep the sea really was and my perspective shifted. I emerged and saw the sun setting and a chill settled into my bones.

Oceans are the ultimate in spooky--crap can sneak up on you from any direction--in total silence. Every killer shark/squid/sea monster flick I'd ever watched rose to the surface of my consciousness, flooding over the calm beauty of the coral reef. Slightly panicky, I watched the sun set over the ocean (yes, yes, very lovely. can we go now, D?) and headed for the safety of land.

This didn't stop me from going out again on the ocean--even kayaking and seeing a barracuda didn't scare me, but oceans at night? Extreme spookiness. Because that's when all the attacks happen, right?

Anyone else get freaked out by Hollywood?
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  1. Do you not sleep? 4:38 a.m.? Ditto on the oceans at night. And due to my fish phobia, everything in the ocean makes me hyperventilate.

  2. Did you see that movie about the couple left behind when the scuba boat left them? I think that was the scariest movie I've ever seen because it was SO VERY possible.

  3. Oceans and the teeming life within fascinate me. The idea of all that marine life possibly touching me? Um, not so much. My mister and I find muddy lakes creepy, too. Having a fish (even a harmless one) brushing unseen against one's skin is NOT OKAY.
    Maybe it's rooted in fear of the unknown? The expanse of any body of water is full of the unknown. And some of the unknown swims really fast.

  4. I am so with you on the oceans thing! The vastness, the depth, the creatures - it all gives me anxiety. Couldn't go out on the balcony of my room on a cruise ship the days you couldn't see the shoreline. Couldn't watch the episode of Planet Earth about deep sea life. Opening scene of Jaws is still one of the scariest things ever!

  5. Greens, Gertrude...ME FREEKIN' TOO.
    I respect the Ocean, but I don't like being in it...wwwwaaayyy too big and...just...yeah. Anything could happen! Not in a good way! brrrrr!

    I wonder if we all (ocean-freaker-outers) died at sea in past lives.

  6. Nope, Hollywood doesn't do it for me. I'm to busy analyzing how they're trying to MAKE me feel scared with camera angles and music to really immerse myself and be frightened. But oceans? Freaky as all get out. Ditto on shadowy forest paths.

  7. I was going to mention the movie that Jenn @ Juggling Life did. Open Water. Seriously freaked my sh*t. It's based on a true story. I will never go scuba diving in the ocean since watching this movie. (not such a threat, living in the frozen landlocked state of Wisconsin, but still...)

  8. I've blogged before about how freaked out I get in water -- oceans, lakes, pools. All are equally spooky in my mind, whether it's day or night.

  9. I'm not a fan either, because if you fall off a jetski, there's NOTHING TO HOLD ON TO. nothing to grab. It's just YOU.

    Not that that's happened before. Not with Farmer driving the jetski like a bathing suit clad mad man who likes to hear his beloved wife scream crazily.

    But I'm more afraid of seaweed. or lakeweed. I hate HATE the feeling of it creepily wrapping around your ankle. gah. makes me shiver and think that some lake or sea creature is reaching out to get me. I also hate the mucky feeling at the bottom of the lake. It's a bad enough fear that will keep me out of the lake at the cottage at the summer.

    Ok, your whole week of blogging is giving me the perma-shivers. Dark. Shower Curtains. Seaweed. Time for you to post some funny pictures of Team Testosterone. :)

  10. You hit on my husband's one fear. He's terrified of what lies in the ocean. It's not that he avoids going in, but if anything brushes up against him while swimming, he tends to squeal like a little girl and head for the shore. And we definitely don't go in at or after dusk. That's shark feeding time and I'd rather not be dinner.


  11. Just thinking about the ocean creeps me out. I won't go in it because I could get eaten. I'm not sure I could ever go on a cruise. It is so deep and so huge that it just scares me....but I could sit on the shore and watch the waves for hours and hours and hours. I love dolphins and whales. I love the colorful fish. I know I'm a strange one.

    I don't like the dark. I hate leaving for work in the morning in the dark. We have a detached garage and Irv always opens it for me when he leaves. I don't like to leave the outside light on all day so it's darn dark out there. I always open the car door and then wait for the light to come on to be sure no one is hiding in the back seat. Really...I do. :)

  12. You clearly haven't been in my basement or attic

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  14. I must admit to being a little bit of a chicken of the sea (heh) (I was about to type "ocean" and then "sea" just seemed better somehow) (heh) even in the daytime. It's so big, deep, filled with strange creatures, and has tides and waves that pull and toss me about. I wonder if I drown in the ocean in a prior life. ;-)

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  16. Yeah, I don't anymore skinny dip at night... which is a shame, because the sea in Trinidad is soooo warm and inviting and filled with sparkly creatures. I go in about 6 inches and watch everyone else shout "WHOOOO! Come on in!" Duuuude, I know what's down there in the dark! Big things with TEETH!

    In the day, I'm perfectly fine. I love the ocean.


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