Friday, January 22, 2010

UNforgivable--she's listing again

* the photo album project (which, in a frenzy of redundancy, I almost took a picture of to post for you--it's overflowing in the corner of my bedroom)
* a new pair of fingerless mitts
* a book
* a manuscript
* a web site gig

* cleaning out the fridge
* taking Mr. B and Mr. G shoe shopping
* the parade of pedantic self-righteous idiots on Morning Edition today
* my feet
* schlepping kids to basketball tomorrow morning
* most of what's on TV

* baking a chocolate cake for Team Testosterone when I wasn't home for dessert last night
* justice (when you get it, when you don't, you totally appreciate its merits)
* mercy
* public libraries
* silence

* anything with a cream base today
* meat
* carrots
* white rice

* a cat who wants to go outside only to want to come back in--12 times a day
* a son who cannot be happy unless he's eating a sleeve of Pringles and parked in front of the Disney Channel--whose kid is this?
* a "democratic" political system entrenched in money, not in serving the people it claims to represent
* a phone call asking me (Green Girl in Wisconsin) for money to fund a senatorial race in Massachusetts
* when there is horrible human suffering

* reading
* watching Jane Austen movies
* yoga
* hiking in the woods
* watching birds

Spill it reader--what's "UN" for you today?


  1. Ugh! I've got an Unfinished list a mile long that's making me very UNmotivated! I wonder if I can bribe the boys into a nap...doubt it!

  2. UNeasy--
    --Too much rain in So. California
    --Driving in above mentioned rain

    I know we need the rain so bad but enough already. Time for things to dry out a bit.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Unforgivable- My attitude today

    Unfinished- Grace's baby blanket that was supposed to be completed over 5 months ago.

    Underappreciated- Silence

  4. Un-deterred. I finagled a job interview on Monday (to get on the sub list) with the school district through my various contacts. The wait list is generally 4 months long for an interview.

    I know it's not fair that it is who you know and not what you know, but hey, I worked hard to get to know all these people!

  5. UNbelievable -- 24 hours ago, my girl was suffering and unable to eat. Now, she's in the kitchen chowing down on pizza.

  6. Unappreciated: teaching. Fighting burnout, but less than a year ago.

  7. ....she's come da ba da ba da ba da
    I got an excellent massage today so I am unwound

  8. Unfinished....tote bag
    Unappealing...the dog hair on my couch
    Unappetizing....MEAT the dog hair gets in the bathtub when the shower curtain and the bathroom door are closed all day
    Unwinding....Silence and purposeful relaxation

  9. Unattainable...evidently my weight goal. :)

  10. Uninspiring: getting ten rejections to my inquiries about home exchanges.

    Untired: but ready to crawl under the covers and read.

  11. Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read blogs like that. Just add some pics :)

  12. I am totally underwhelmed by the moans of my underfed menfolk.

    Today, they can make their own damn dinner. LOL

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  14. - I have a stack that is literally leaning and ready to fall. Books always sound so appealing - I buy 'em and then they sit and wait . . . for me to read 'em.

    So many books, so little time.

  15. Oh, honey! If I wrote down all the things that are yet undone around here, I'd start crying for sure!

  16. Looooove your list!!!! I am a "lister" too.....never thought of putting one together like this!!

  17. I feel terrible. My UN for today? Unhinged. I became unhinged at the librarian who didn't seem to care that the library lost my held materials for the second time in three days. I got mad at a librarian. I did not hold the library in a place of love in my heart. I feel like a terrible person who doesn't deserve to live in a society with free libraries.

    But really? If you e-mail me to tell me that my materials are on hold and ready to be picked up? THEY SHOULD BE ON HOLD AND READY TO BE PICKED UP.

    Is that so hard?

  18. Getting in on this a little late today...but my "un" would be "unborn" - as in, the baby in my tummy - yep, still in there. 7 days and counting. :)

  19. I hear you on the Mass senate race funding crap.

    I was approached 3 different ways (does that sound dirty?) asking me to make phone calls to Mass voters.

    Hello? MIDWEST mom?!??


Spill it, reader.