Wednesday, February 17, 2010


* finding pistachios for sale in bulk at the grocery store
* reading Michael Perry's "Off Main Street"
* baking brownies in the morning and carrying their chocolaty smell in my hair all day
* a Pepto-Bismo pink Snuggie (which my sons have grown to love, hence the new catchphrase in our house: "Respect the Snuggie!")
* snow boots that feel like slippers when I wear them over bare feet to cross the field
* children in bed and a cup of hot tea
* catalogs to browse through at night after a long day
* and finding nothing I want or need except a $548 necklace in Sundance:

* knowing it's enough just to see something so pretty without wanting it for myself.


  1. What's Off Main Street about? I really enjoyed Population 486...I'll have to look that one up! Everytime I go to try and check out that other book you recommended, its checked out and a hold's on it!!! Oh well, someday :)

  2. Ohhh, children in bed and a cup of hot tea is JUST what this tired woman needs at the end of this long (but happy) day!!

  3. I loved all things that Michael Perry wrote...I laughed so hard I shook the bed with every one of his books.

  4. ...and documentaries about oil spills. Call me a kook!

  5. you had me at 'children in bed and a hot cup of tea'.

    comforting, indeed.

  6. Wonderful list!

    YES to the pistachios, the tea when children are in bed, and the boots! :)

  7. i love the sundance catalog. but i always fall for the most expensive stuff....

  8. Yes but were the pistachios SHELLED? ;)

  9. I love the Sundance catalog too, despite all of its expensiveness. I'm currently drooling over a light fixture in it, of all things!

  10. That necklace is gorgeous. Don't you just love their stuff. The brownie one is perfect and I love the Snuggie one too! Too cute!

  11. Sundance can bite me! *haha!* I received the catalog recently and just scoffed at it. You can make that necklace for like, $12.50. Robert Redford has enough dough without me giving him any of mine, thankyouverymuch.
    * ; )

    Did you know that we grow pistachios here in the 505? Yep.
    it is a luxury to get the 'nutmeats', which are pre-shelled pistachios, so you don't have to work for them...

    * : )

  12. Love the necklace - now I want to make it. Hum...

    could I do it?...


  13. what kind of boots are they that they feel like slippers? I wants me some!

  14. I like Michael Perry! I keep meaning to get a few of his books on CD; I know Amigo will enjoy them.


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