Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A sure sign of spring: it's snowing but not sticking because the temperature is just warm enough to melt it away. Nature's snow shovel is 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Fabulous!

In other fabulous news, I spoke to a town council member about recycling bins and it turns out they're slated for purchase, but they're waiting to order with another community to save on the expense. The recycling bins will be the same ginormous size as our garbage bins (squee!), but recycling pick up and garbage pick up will remain the same schedule. I was glad to hear this, but will write letters to prompt things along. The local paper doesn't want to publish all of my splendid editorials about environmental issues (like generating less trash, not throwing trash out of car windows onto the road, not flushing pharmaceuticals down the toilet and into our water supply), but I haven't tried taking the staff out for cocktails yet...alcohol can be a mighty convincing tactic.

I fear I'm gradually becoming that crotchety old zealot who kvetches about politics and environmental issues at every opportunity. People are starting to avoid making eye contact with me, suddenly whipping out cell phones or bending over to tie their shoes as I approach. "Where the hell were all the parents for that school board meeting? They pack out the gym 8 Saturdays in a row to watch their five-year-olds chuck up air-balls, but they can't be bothered to speak out for their kids' education?" "Recession my ass! Have you seen how this town fills its garbage dumpters? You can't be that poor if you're shopping every weekend!" "What this town needs is a giant community garden and compost collection sites! Ban the plastic shopping bags and make the school cafeteria serve locally grown parsnips!"

Thank goodness for fabulous bloggy friends who pat my hand and say, "There, there, Green Girl, it'll be OK. Keep fighting the good fight."

And speaking of fabulous...

it's the end of February and time for another fabulous giveaway! My writing partner and dear friend Nina Romano has a new poetry collection fresh off the presses: Coffeehouse Meditations (Kitsune Books) is finally available! The poems are as stimulating, rich and complex as a good cup of coffee--and to sweeten the deal, I'm including a $5 Starbucks card with a copy of Coffeehouse Meditations because this book begs to be read with your favorite coffee drink in hand (ideally at an outside table alone--but I can't give away good weather and babysitting). Nina writes lovely, accessible poetry and I am so excited this collection is at last for sale because I'm dying to share it with friends and family.

Here's how you can win February's Fabulous: leave a comment between now and Saturday. I'll pick one lucky winner and announce them on Monday. Spill it, reader, what would you spend your $5 Starbucks card on? I'm a Venti Latte, no shots, no skinny, no soy, nothing but fattening, creamy, delicious caffeinated bliss!


  1. I hear you about parents! Schools have become a giant daycare---theyre yours for 8 hrs, lean 'em good!

    Oh, to sit outside and read poetry! We can dream, right!?!

  2. no caffeine or coffee for me, so a nice big cup of herbal tea....with creamer :)

    we have the large recycling bins....just a tad smaller than the huge garbage cans and I am amazed at how fast we can fill both of them....

    the recycling only gets picked up every other week though.....so we break down everything in order to cram it all in there...

    and YES YES YES....this is the kind of winter I like....just warm enough to melt that overnite snow !

  3. Venti whatever I can get my hands on with a oatmeal cran-raisin cookie. Nummer!

  4. If I were being virtuous, I'd get a Venti non-fat Latte...but mostly I'd wanta mocha or a breve.

    You ARE doing good work, so keep scaring the people. You'll know you've gotten there when garbage containers are SMALLER than the recycling bins!

  5. Oh for crying out...it's warmer up THERE than down HERE!

  6. I might be too far away for a U.S. Starbucks card, but I just wanted to say KEEP RANTING! Someone has to! (Oh, and a book of poetry would go nicely with a cup of tea at my kitchen table, too, right?)

  7. Oh that sounds so awesome!!! I am a Chai Latte woman all the way. I'm on a strict budget so it's always a tall for me....but if I have a $5.00 Starbucks card......it would be the big baby!!

    I think your ideas sound wonderful and should be the norm everywhere.

  8. It's great that you do speak up and fight the good fight. Somebody's got to.

    I drink regular lattes. Boring boring me. ;)

  9. By the way, we have the "garbage police" out here. Yes, inspectors actually come by randomly and open the garbage and check what you're throwing out. To make sure you're not garbaging recycling, or recycling garbage, etc. It you don't pass, you have to pay to take it yourself to the dump, or just wait until the next garbage day 2 WEEKS later.... Needless to say, I've never failed the "garbage test". (Little pat on the back for myself there!) ;)

  10. We have those recycling cans that are as big as our HUMONGO trash cans.

    And we fill the recycling one far faster than the trash.

    Yay us! ;-)

    Now, I'll take a Skinny hazelnut latte, thank you very much.

  11. You go, Green Girl! Your efforts to rally your neighbors reminds me of Woody Allen's quote, "80% of success is showing up."

    Also love the shout out to your pal and her book. I'd take an outside table with that one - and I'd order a grande nonfat latte. (:

  12. I'm a black drip in my reusable cup brought along to be filled with deep, steaming, liquid caffeinated goodness.
    We DO have the full-size recycle bins, and they are just LOVELY. Hope your's arrives soon!

  13. Hot chocolate! I read all day and my eyes hurt so I will take mine in front of a mindless rom-com movie where I can forget about life for awhile.


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