Monday, February 15, 2010

shaken, not stirred

* I get motion sickness playing Wii games like Batman Lego.

* My sons think James Bond is the most awesome, cool guy in the world! He has surpassed Bruce Wayne, Captain Jack Sparrow, Harry Potter and Anakin Skywalker.

* I find it delightful that my sons' new hero wears a suit and tie--like one of my favorite characters...

* At first only Mr. T was convinced of the awesomeness of watching James Bond, but the sheer number of guns in the first couple scenes brought Mr. B and Mr. G around. They crave onscreen violence like they crave snow days.

* GoldenEye is rated PG--just like Up, Finding Nemo and Cars. It is the most recent James Bond movie with a PG rating--everything since GoldenEye is rated PG-13.

* James Bond is the most fabulous man ever, except when he's mackin' on the ladies. Then the boys roll their eyes and groan "Oh brother" while covering their eyes.

* They want our next family vacation to be in Cuba--on a warm beach, by the ocean, with no pretty ladies. (Did you hear that, Mr. D? Tropical vacation.)

* Except for me. I'm allowed to come seeing as I'm family.

* Minnie Driver had a bit part as a nightclub singer in GoldenEye. A funny little surprise tucked in for me to discover.

* Every time I heard a classic line uttered, I laughed. Out loud. "Is this Standard Operating Procedure, Mr. Bond?" "
Walther PPK, 7.65 millimeter. Only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them. " "The name is Bond. James Bond." "What an unpleasant surprise, Mr. Bond."

* Now I am charged with finding another James Bond movie for them to watch next weekend. Team Testosterone cannot believe their good luck--there are over a dozen James Bond movies that I will allow them to watch.

* Who wants a vodka martini?


  1. I'll take a chocolate martini, if Pierce Brosnan is serving it in his Bond tuxedo.

    Both are yummy. ;)

  2. I'll take my martini shaken and not stirred with olives please

  3. That's one of our favorite Bond movies.

    We tried introducing our girls to a classic Sean Connery last year and they were so bored that they didn't last 30 minutes.

  4. MOONRAKER! That's my vote. Remember the character "jaws" with the steel teeth? They oughtta love that one...

    I <3 James Bond too....

  5. I remember when my son discovered James Bond. Fun for the whole family!

  6. Haha! Such boys. I'm sure my boys will love that one too. ;)

  7. Live & Let Die! I think...maybe it's You Only Live Twice. It's the voodoo one with the 7up guy (you've reached a certain age if you know who I mean)and Jane Seymour as Solitaire - it's my very favorite Bond.

    Fabulous that most of the Bonds are mostly-family-friendly. It's such nice, clean violence. Hee!

  8. Ooh ... gotta go with Goldfinger. Team Testosterone will loooove the guy whose hat brim is a knife.

    And also? I believe there's lots of Sean Connery in a swimsuit. Mmm.

  9. Those were darn good movies with darn good looking stars!

  10. Great movies! Thanks for the recommendation...I'm really getting tired of the super old John Wayne movies that the boy have been obsessed with! I love Pierce Brosnan!!! We went to Percy Jackson and the Olympians this past weekend...P.B. has long curly hair that reminds me of Sean Connery in Medicine Man...made my day!

  11. We're still stuck on Prince Caspian - my son is fascinated with sword play (should I be frightened?) and after he asks "why's that lady screaming?" in the childbirth scene opener, he's all about the clanging metal. Same with P of C of course. Maybe Bond in a couple of years. For now, he's mine (Bond, I mean). Be well!

  12. I love martinis but they have to be chocolate.

  13. Heh. Hubby and I were watching the Olympics the other day, and when they had an event that combined cross-country skiing and sharpshooting, we immediately thought, "it's a James Bond contest!" LOL

  14. You must see Octopussy, despite the awful title. I stayed in the hotel that's the former rajah palace where the movie was filmed. Way cool!


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