Wednesday, March 24, 2010

calling all super-writers!

If you're writing fiction or non-fiction, I've got an opportunity for you. On the Screw Iowa web site there's this feature called "Hooks."
Ever wonder if your readers will get it? Want feedback on something you’ve written? Send up to 500 words of your writing to greengirlinwisconsin(at)gmail(dot)com. We’ll post it here, and you can find out if you’ve hooked us!
Test the waters, my writing friends. I'll post your writing and you'll get some helpful and honest feedback on your work.

Speaking of writing, my muse has been AWOL, making the completion of my manuscript a grueling and lonesome task. It sure doesn't help that I'll use any excuse to put it aside. Volunteer to help at the boys' school. Rake the yard. Clean out a closet. Make lists of garden chores. Bake cookies. I'm in a flumpy-shlunk of a funk.

But I'm giving away this gorgeous necklace by Saucy and that makes me happy. (How can you win? Leave a comment--I'll pick a lucky winner this Sunday!)

Chin up, buttercup! Five other things that make me happy:

1. My Cubbies who are so darn cute--especially this one little guy with a white-blonde buzz cut who tells me every week, "I love you!" and last night said, "Can I come over to your house? If your son doesn't pick up toys, I'll pick them up." (Yes, I use Team Testosterone as a frequent teaching tool during the lesson.)
2. My Cubbie table leaders are awesome, stepping up and taking over and running our room like a well-oiled machine. We have almost NO discipline problems or logistical issues because of their faithfulness and consistency.
3. Hearing all the people marveling at the quiet and fresh air outside Happyland Elementary at the end of the school day. No one misses the bus exhaust.
4. Finding this bistro set in Gardener's Supply. I've been hunting for the perfect set for my front porch for years. This matches the paint on our front door and is exactly the style I've wanted to find!

5. Playing catch outside with Mr. G and pushing him on the swing every morning this week. This fair March weather is a real treat and we're both loving it.

Spill it, reader. What makes you happy?


  1. Thanks so much for praying for Emma...I can't even begin to imagine the heart wrenching going on in their house!

    Hmmm...Happy...yesterday made me happy--blue skies, warm temps, good so much--cloudy, cool, and little grumps! But the sun 'll come out tomorrow...right?

  2. Spring Break is next week--I may have to take you up on your challenge.

    I just love going outside after dinner and chatting in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors while the little kids play.

  3. Happy...

    I love baseball/softball season. Love to watch my kids play - though I do close my eyes when they bat. windows, budding lilacs,
    and a student told me I was a good dresser today..

  4. Love the garden set!
    Happy is: my book on its way from the printer, due to be in my hot little hands Monday!!!

  5. Happy! Happy!! It makes me happy to hear the kids out in the yard whooping it up now that spring is here!!!

  6. Love the table and chairs. Too cute! Hmmmm....what makes me happy. Waking up every morning, having a job, my family, the thought of being a grandma this fall, growing old with my guy, having awesome kids, my kids being happy, my dogs, my little house, my yard, flowers, trees, green grass, blue skies, sunshine, music, art, fabric.....oh my list is never ending....just call me Pollyanna! :)

  7. Having only one more day of work this week and then being home with my boys for 11 days for spring break makes me happy.

  8. GG, your blog makes me happy. :) And my boys' 3 week spring break makes me happy, too!

    - Julia

  9. I'm in a funk also but that is work related so I am trying to give it the shoulder. I've got a lot of housework type things to get done this week also but I'm taking my time with each task so I can find enjoyment in them.

  10. I just love going outside after dinner and chatting in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors while the little kids play.
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Spill it, reader.