Monday, March 22, 2010

fortune or fate, either way, life can be fabulous

Friday night I bowled with my yet-to-be-named ball (my average is climbing) and afterwards someone passed me the dice cup for the Shake of the Day. Back in my bartending days I was unbeatable at craps. But one's luck at dice can turn cold in the blink of an eye. I shrugged, shook and tipped the dice onto the bar, presuming my dollar would sweeten the pot for the bar's next lucky winner. All snake eyes looked back at me. (That's "ones" to those of you unschooled in bar dice.) Ha! I laughed. What are the odds of that happening in just one shake. What's the number anyway?


And just like that, with a single roll of the dice, I walked out a winner.

Depending on which side of the bed you lay on last night, you went to sleep a winner or a loser, too. I stifled my glee beneath my pillow while Mr. D kept his annoyance to himself. We're moderate as a general rule, but my husband's a capitalist in favor of small government. The report interrupting Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution resulted in mild comments back and forth. On a Sunday night, neither of us has the stomach for political debate.

Today is Monday, opening day for the baseball season. To celebrate this official first day of spring at our house, I always take down this painting above our fireplace

and replace it with this

Robins, crocuses, the first day of baseball practice. Spring is here.

And it's time for me to give away something FABULOUS to one lucky blogger. So far I've been promoting my bloggy friends' books--I'd say bloggy friends who write, but that's woefully redundant. I'm mixing it up by including some Craftacular Bloggy Friends and this month it's Saucy who writes at Bloggedy Blog Blog. If you haven't checked her out yet, you're missing out in a big way. Saucy keeps Mad Money in her bra (just in case!), takes amazing photographs, bakes cupcakes (I followed her Red Velvet Elvis recipe to great acclaim) and has boundless creativity when it comes to making beautiful things. Whether she's flipping a house or outfitting the Cheerios, her life is full of hustle, bustle and love. Her skills in decorating, fashion, and party-throwing are legendary. Seriously. And she writes a wicked Oscar dress recap every year.

Two years ago Saucy sent me the cutest pair of ipod earrings--I always get complements when I wear them. Saucy is generously including a pair of these clever little earrings with the gift I'm giving away to my lucky bloggy winner this month.

(that's Saucy's hand, my nails never look that lovely)

Are you ready to see this month's Grand Gesture?


This necklace handmade by Saucy is actually called "Grand Gesture." Isn't it gorgeous? I want to enter my own contest so I can win it! Let's take a closer look...

Leave a comment between now and Saturday for a chance to win this month's Fabulous. Spill it, reader, what Grand Gesture welcomes spring in your house?


  1. Wow.

    Here in my house, spring is heralded by the appearance of my muddy gardening shoes by the back door.

  2. What a beautiful necklace and fun earrings too.

    Spring at my house means the bunny banner - I love flowers and spring. I'll have to do a post about it on my own blog - thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Too funny...we were watching Jamie Oliver too...poor guy having to deal with crotchety old lunchladies!

    Spring at our house means dirty paw prints everywhere!!! I'm tempted to mop, but what's the use ;)

  4. I just love to have the windows open!

    And I want the necklace:)

  5. No Doubt about it, spring doesn't come at the FarmHouse until Farmer put-puts the lawn tractor out of the shed for the first time and starts his summer love of lawn work.

    It happened this Saturday, if you didn't notice (and how could you not, with the entire neighborhood smelling slightly of weed when he was burning the grass clippings), when he thatched, swept and raked the yard, making everything look much healthier and cleaner.

    For me? The first saturday I can put laundry out on the line and bring the smell of spring into the house. It would have happened this saturday, but I didn't want my fresh sheets smelling faintly like Pot. :)

  6. Springs grand gesture would be our ever present liquid sunshine giving way to the sun sneaking peaks around cotton puff clouds. And daffodils, loads and loads of blooming daffadils.

    Congrats on the snake eyes.

  7. furnace turned off.
    windows opened.
    winter coats washed and put away in favor of (quickly muddied) rain boots and coats.
    bikes out of the storage shed.
    3 tired children.
    1 happy mama.

  8. Spring is not officially here at our house until April 16th. I want another snowstorm NOW. This nice weather drives me crazy in March. April 16th, accountant's national holiday, is when all things winter get put away and I switch the closets over to everything summer. I love opening the windows and airing out the house. Spring is also ushered in when the insurance goes back on the hubby's Mustang (which he tried to talk me into last week when it was warmer)!

  9. I'll jump in on this one....

    and hmmm.....grand spring gesture, huh ?

    honestly, I think it's attitude...we all have a better one now that winter is behind us.....

  10. Daffodils. My ultimate spring flower. I love daffodils. Back in the day when I still lived in Holland I would buy 10 bunches at a time and would have this massive display of yellow on my table.

    I am going to etch glass tonight when I come home. Five little bottles will each be decorated with a letter to spell "Spring" in Dutch. And then I will put one daffodil, maybe two, in each little vase.

    The thought alone makes me happy!

  11. Ooh, I love that necklace! We welcome spring with a deep cleaning inside and out. Part of that means storing our down comforters in favor of light weight quilts. I also put fresh flowers in the dining room (cut from my own camelia and azalea bushes). And I have a feeling that now that we have a dog, spring might be accompanied by a mauled bunny or two in our yard. Sigh.

  12. Early spring I put out my Belleek collection on the mantle, after St. Pat’s it is replaced with bunnies and chicks - among other things. NOW HAND OVER MY DAMN NECKLACE!

  13. Friday we hung the plastic eggs on the bushes. It adds some color to the yard even when it is still looking drab from winter.

    I also look forward to a shopping trip with my friends each spring and fall. I got a shirt this past weekend that would look great with that necklace!

  14. When the windows start staying open 24/7. I love it!

  15. That's a beautiful necklace. It would almost make me wear one! (I'm usually not a necklace girl.)

  16. This year? The grand gesture at the house will be a For Sale sign in the front yard. ;-)


Spill it, reader.