Tuesday, March 2, 2010

green, mean & clean

Two years! It's been TWO YEARS since Jen on the Edge AKA Recycla and Enviro Girl started Ecowomen.net and it's amazing how the word has spread about environmental issues. We've borne witness to ordinary people becoming Eco Warriors, whether it's by biking to work or growing some of their own food or downsizing to consume less. Two years and they've taken on heavy issues like chemical additives in food, alternative energy, plastic shopping bags (boo! hiss!) and bottled water.

TWO YEARS and they've added THREE writers to the group: Amy AKA Captain Compost, Marni Graff AKA Eco Lassie, Kim Kasch AKA The Green Queen and Kirstin AKA The Green Mommy.

To celebrate TWO YEARS of Ecowomen.net, the fabulous Eco Women are running fabulous giveaways all week long. Quit stalling and follow the link to leave a comment.

And if you want to leave a comment here, share how you've become greaner and meaner in the last TWO YEARS!


  1. Congrats on 2 years! I read up on the food additives...Food Inc is next on my list! All the more reason to know where your food is coming from! (Can't wait for the Madison F.M. To get back in full swing!!!)

  2. It's been a great ride, that's for sure, and I am looking forward to the next two years.


  3. 2 years. I do so appreciate the periodic ideas and reminders that help me to practice better stewardship of this world. Keep it coming.

  4. Reusing and recycling for me. Growing our own veggies and using less disposables of all kinds.

  5. Just shows how much impact individuals can have - congrats!

    In the last two years ... I'm proud to have kicked plastic bags entirely. I will admit, cute reusable bags make it easy. (I'm visual ... what can I say?)

  6. Hey!
    It's one of your long lost students. Mary Banks. My oldest sister has started blogging about her life in Wisco raising kids and it is brilliant. So, to get my WI fix i started looking around for other wisco blogs...and HERE you are! After reading one blog entry I was pretty sure it was you. I'm diggin your eco-battles.
    bestest to the midwestest,


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