Friday, March 19, 2010

why i may look bleary-eyed in the morning

I'm not a channel flipper by nature. In fact, I don't often watch TV. My kids are older and busier and when D's not around and they're asleep, I crave the stillness of a quiet house. But occasionally I'll get the remote in my hand and cruise through the 60+ channels that we haven't blocked out because they're offensive (talking to you, MTV, SpikeTV, VH1) or stupid (QVC, QVCII, the myriad of extra news channels). Incredibly enough, paying over $100 a month for cable with no premium channels and RoadRunner does NOT insure there's anything to watch. Some nights even Food Network lets me down.

But sometimes I'll run across a movie and stay up waaaaay too late watching it. Certain films suck me in like a field of mud--there's no resisting their power and I get stuck watching until the end. Most John Hughes movies have this effect. Classic Brit flicks like Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral rend me powerless to change channels, even though I own those titles on DVD and could watch them commercial-free and unedited. Music & Lyrics. (I'm apparently revealing my secret crush on Hugh Grant in this post, too. Oh, come on! Blue eyes, fantastic head of hair, sense of self-depreciating humor. Admit it, you love him too, reader.)

Decent teeth, too.

I even found myself in the vortex of a made-for-Lifetime movie about a special wedding dress starring a very young and mulletted Neil Patrick Harris.

OF COURSE I'm posting a gratuitious photo of him!

But my latest Late-Night-TV-Vortex-of-Viewing-Pleasure?

Hitch. BIG pink puffy heart-heart-heart it. It's sweet, funny, surprisingly intelligent, and Will Smith? Can I get an AMEN, sisters? (This clip is for you, HistoryGirl! I laugh out loud every time I watch it.)

Spill it, reader. What movie do you find holding your attention all night long, despite having seen it over and over again?


  1. I love The Breakfast Club - that is classic high school...and I just watch Ferris Buller's Day Off--still funny.

    And then there is the Goonies..

  2. I've never seen "Hitch" but that clip was great, so maybe I will.

    I love "Ferris Bueller" and "The Princess Bride." Can't help but watch those.

  3. Love me some Hugh Grant. About a Boy is my personal fave.


    Hooo-Ha. he makes my blood run hot. Even the Fresh Prince is good looking, even though he's wearing more than his fair share of neon. :)

    thank you for the morning shot of Will Smith. I adore him. :)

  5. I enjoyed 'Hitch' when I saw it in the theater as well.

    There are many movies that could keep me up late. I suppose the one movie I may have watched the most is 'Groundhog Day'. I like combination's of humor and insight.

  6. AMEN!!! I've got it bad for smart, funny men. Throw in good looks like Will's and Kevin's and I may not acknowledge your presence until the closing credits.

    Keeping with the Hugh Grant theme, I adore Two Weeks Notice. Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant - how can you go wrong?

    Which brings me to my Sandra B. girl crush...Hope Floats, Miss Congeniality, 28 Days, Practical Magic, While You Were Sleeping...

    No wonder I don't get enough sleep.

  7. Boy, I dunno. We don't have cable, so we don't often encounter random showings of movies.

    I know that if I turned through the stations and hit the BBC version of THE OFFICE, I wouldn't be able to switch away!

  8. I loved the movie "Hitch". :) I love me some Will Smith too..."I Am Legend" was great!

    So...let's see, I went through a J-Lo phase, where my fave movie was "The Wedding Planner". Then it was Kate Hudson "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." In my teens I loved Drew Barrymore and "Mad Love" was my favorite.

    I will still watch for about 30 minutes when "Forrest Gump" is well as "The Notebook".

  9. hmmmm......I've always wanted to see Hitch too! gotta put it on the list.

  10. All of those, plus Dirty Dancing, Grease, Cutting Edge (the original).

    And many more.....

  11. That is my Favorite scene! Thanks for the laugh!

  12. Love Hugh Grant....I could listen to him talk forever! I love Pretty Richard Gere...and will watch it each and every time it's one!

    Hitch was great.

  13. Hitch was cute; I loved the Ellis Island scene...
    I get suckered in to Sleepless in Seattle every time~
    And Hugh Grant is right up there with Colin Firth~

  14. LOVE Kevin James! And my watch-it-again-and-again movies are The Holiday, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and Serendipity.

    (I laughed out loud too.)

  15. I hardly ever watch TV anymore. When I do, my husband gets mad and sends me away. Says all I do is complain about everything.

  16. love hugh grant. and will smith. and neil patrick harris. i rarely rewatch movies though. i'm just realizing. not sure why that is.

  17. I forgot RETURN TO ME! Minnie Driver and David Duchovny, a great cast supporting them including Bonnie Hunt and a crew at the bar her grandfather owns. She's a heart transplant survivor; his first wife died tragically. Great soundtrack, too. If you haven't seen this one, you MUST rent it. Often overlooked but a darn fine movie.

  18. I love all of the ones you mentioned, I'm a sucker for 80's movies, and have a strange attachment to Ocean's Eleven. I've see it a billion times, but I always seem to be up for time number one billion and one.

    Oh! Add Fried Green Tomatoes, and anything whatsoever involving John Cusack.

  19. Um. Animal House. ;-) {running to hide now.}

  20. That video has just MADE MY DAY!
    I've never seen Hitch and for the longest time, my eldest has been begging me to watch it. It's decided. I must do it soon.

    I always turn to my recorded Jane Austen films. I think Emma is my favorite, but I'd take any of them. And the old Hepburn movies I love. And Singing in the Rain. Love it too.

  21. Oh, how I love Will Smith. Jada is not nice enough for him.

    As for movies, I'm stuck in front of Grease every time I flip by it on TV. Nevermind that I own it on DVD.

  22. Notting Hill, always and forever - the scene at the end on the bench and she's pregnant and Elvis Costello is singing and I need more reasons to tear up.

    And that scene from Hitch - our 5 year old can make the pizza and throw away the q-tips like a pro....

    War Games - it was just on this weekend. I was supposed to be reorganzing bookshelves, but sat on the couch and watched instead.

    Bleary eyed, early and often, here.


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