Friday, March 5, 2010

a three ring circus!

No, I'm not referring to politics today... (ba-dum-dum-ching!)
Nor am I referring to life here with Team Testosterone. Although I do feel like a ringmaster and they act like clowns a lot of the time. I jump through a lot of hoops and getting past the Legoland/Brio train/battle castle/Spy Gear set up upstairs is an acrobatic feat.
No, I'm talking about a real circus!

We're going to the circus Saturday!

Our weekend is jam-packed like a clown car with fun, starting with play dates after school and bowling tonight. Sunday winds up with the Academy Awards and this year I'm going to a party which will be much better than watching the awards at home where no one else appreciates them like I do. I've tried, you know. It never works out like I plan. But this year will be much better. I'll be with girlfriends. And then Monday morning I get to read Saucy's Oscar re-hash which has become my other favorite part about the weekend ahead.

But I digress. The circus! My favorite part is always the trapeze artists. Awesome names, spangly costumes and high-flying tricks on swings!

Acrobats are nothing to sneer at either...

The boys are excited to eat cotton candy and see the animals. Mr. B and Mr. G have asked me to protect them from the clowns. They're afraid clowns will be there to take our tickets at the door--I've assured them that circus clowns are friendly and don't want to scare anyone--if they're nearby and they think kids are scared, they back off. The boys are still wary, but willing to risk clowns for Big Top Fun.

I haven't been to the circus since I was a kid and I'm excited to bring Team Testosterone to see the show--the greatest show on earth.
Spill it, reader. What's your favorite part about the circus? Cotton candy? Clowns? Lion tamers? Elephants? Cracker Jacks? Acrobats?

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  1. the circus kind of freaks me out. is that weird? probably. i hope you guys have a great time!

  2. POPCORN!!!!!

    I love popcorn at these type of're thirsty for a week afterward.

    I also like the monkeys and the trick dogs. and the elephants, even though they stink. and if I were going along, I'd probably be cowering behind your legs with B and G, afraid of the clowns. creepy. :)

  3. Oh, the circus. The last time I went, I was 10 years old. Have fun!

    As for the Oscars, might I suggest a site or two to help you celebrate: for well written and hilarious fashion critiques and
    for some Oscar Bingo cards.


  4. Sounds like fun times ahead!

  5. Oh fun! I hope you have a great time.

  6. I have never been to the circus--never ever. But I like Cracker Jacks. A lot. Although I wish there were more peanuts...

    Have an awesome weekend!

  7. Acrobats!

    I don't like the wild animals, though, I feel sad for them :(

  8. So NOT a cicus person - I'm afraid of clowns!!!!

  9. You have a GREAT weekend planned! How fun for you. I went to the circus last year and had the very best time! I felt like a kid again.

    I'll be watching the Oscars too. It should be an interesting year to see who lands the trophies!

    Have fun,

  10. Definitely the trapeze. Oh, yes. Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead!

  11. FUN! You know what? I don't think I have ever been to a circus (other than my own house and some crazy work places).

    Hmmm...guess I'll have to pay attention the next time one comes to town.

  12. Egad. I really can't stand the circus. My fear of clowns is a big part of that. Ick.

    But hey! You go and have fun! ;)

    Sounds like a pretty exciting weekend you'll be having! :)

  13. Loved the picture you put up. When I was little, one of my friends had some original framed B&B posters on her walls. I loved looking at them. Have fun!

  14. I hate to say this because it really is just my opinion.....I don't like the circus. I hate that the animals are caged and trained to do tricks. We went once when our first born was little and haven't been back since.

    I know most people love it....I do like the acrobats. :)

  15. I have to agree with Kathy. The animals are often abused. :( I'm so happy more circuses are going animal free. :) I do love cotton candy but I get mine from

    SO FREAKING GOOD!!! hehe

  16. I like when they shoot the guy out of the canyon at the end. I went many years as a kid but haven't brought my boys to one yet either. One thing I remember not liking was the smell in that little old arena. Have fun!

  17. I like when they shoot the guy out of the canyon at the end. I went many years as a kid but haven't brought my boys to one yet either. One thing I remember not liking was the smell in that little old arena. Have fun!

  18. I hope you have fun.

    I just can't do the circus--at least not one with animals.

    The Academy Awards party sounds just awesome.

  19. I haven't watched any news since the Today show this morning. So now I'm a little nervous about what happened today....

    The circus sounds fun!

    We're going to see the Wizard of Oz play tomorrow.

  20. I'm not a huge circus fan, but I LOVE love LOVE cirque du'soleil. It's like a grown-up circus. And if you love the trapeze artists the best, it's TOTALLY for you!!

  21. I like the high wire...

    If you guys ever go to St. Louis, they have THE BEST circus there--small, traditional, thematic. We went last summer, and it felt intimate and historical (it was modeled after an 1890's Parisian circus). WOW.

  22. Have fun, protect all of us from the clowns.

  23. The circus!! What fun!! I always remember balloon vendors yelling "Get your Mickey Mouse In a glass house!" (a Mickey balloon inside a clear balloon) Nostalgia!!

    We've always gone to an Academy party but the hostess's husband is having surgery this year.


    PS It would be fun to meet for lunch in Appleton some day. Interested?

  24. I always wished to go to the circus as a kid. It was usually in town near my birthday. It wasn't until I turned 32 that I finally got to go. And then again when I was 42. I loved taking my kids this time.

    My favorite part? I can't decide between the $8 snow cone or the $10 cotton candy.

  25. such fun! if you ever, ever, ever get the chance to see cirque eloize, you MUST go. acrobats galore.

    it's a montreal circus, a less-showy and less-vegassy cousin of cirque de soleil. and less expensive.

  26. My daughter is asking to go. B&B is coming to town this month. I'm not a big circus fan (the elephants stink and pee gallons and gallons at a time), but daughter has never been. I think every kid should get to go at least once!

  27. Popcorn! But the clowns freak me out-I like the trapeze artists and the animals. Have a great time!

    I'll be watching the Oscars with Doc, in bed with the heating pad on my back and a huge bowl of popcorn between us. I'd love to go to an Oscar party, though....

  28. Oh Man, I haven't been to the circus in forever!!!! I wonder if its still the same, or if they have cheesed it up too much? The boys would love the high mind...we won't be going to the circus anytime soon! (by the way, I got my mail today with a surprise!!! Thanks so much!)

  29. I thought Sarah (your BFF) would tell about the time I took her to the circus and told her and her sisters that it was over when the intermission came!! I guess it wasn't what I wanted to do that day..havn't gone back ever.

  30. I'm right there with the boys.....I love the cotton candy and the animals too!!!

  31. I haven't been to a circus in AGES! I think I've been to the Ringling Bros circus - but maybe I'm imagining it. I'm pretty sure someone took me as a very young child though. I honestly don't remember much about it.

    But, my grandpa did take me to Cirque du Soleil when I was about 12 in Las Vegas. THAT was awesome! Most of the acts were acrobatic in one way or another, and I really like the acrobats!

    I haven't taken the girls to a circus...I guess I'm not a huge fan of crowds, which is probably why we haven't gone. Hope you and fam have a lot of fun!


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