Monday, April 26, 2010

back in the saddle again

In typical hyper-sensitive OCD form, I'm scrubbing down every surface in our house to keep the rest of my family healthy. It feels good to pull things together again, wipe away the dust and cobwebs, cook a healthy meal, catch up with all the laundry. I tossed back the last antibiotic before bed and hope to regain my acute sense of smell by bedtime tonight.

I met with my Type A Anal-Retentive Should be a CPA, Not a Ecologist Federal CRP person Friday. She's a bean counter by nature and the federal rules and guidelines for CRP property make her even more By the Book. Sadly, nature gives a crap what the federal guidelines are. Trees and grasses will grow where they please, thankyouverymuch. I despise our meetings, but the financial incentive through this program is a great motivator. I may have come off a little harsh, however, when I sniped that "I'm NOT spraying Round-Up around 1,900 tree seedlings. I have a life. We'll keep mowing and do our best for weed control, but you knew the site conditions before we agreed to this and we're following your recommendations."

Then I passed my sword form module test for Mr. O Saturday morning.

And I finished reading May's Bumble Book Club pick.

I went grocery shopping--a very different crowd there on a Sunday afternoon. I'm a Monday evening shopper, mingling with shoppers coming straight from work. They put much healthier food in their carts than the Sunday shoppers--salads, broasted chicken, gallons of milk. Sunday I passed one other cart that didn't carry 2-3 cases of soda. The Sunday afternoon shoppers also collectively looked like hell, puffy, pale, flaccid people with dead eyes and unsmiling faces. I blame their diet, I really do.

I have no Reveal today, our Super Secret Project won't wrap up until May 1st because a critical part hasn't been shipped yet.

Instead I bring you April's FABULOUS! The Blue Virgin by M.K. Graff is the best type of murder mystery--it's a COZY. (I do love cozies, I'm not a blood-guts-gore kind of mystery reader.)

The mysterious death of Bryn Wallace draws American author Nora Tierney to Oxford to clear her close friend Val Rogan, who has been wrongfully accused of Bryn's murder. Or has she? Nora quickly becomes embroiled in the murder investigation, much, to the dismay of Detective Inspector Declan Barnes and the illustrator of Nora's children's book, Simon Ramsey. Simon's efforts to save Nora from herself become increasingly frantic as Nora is forced to use her wits and wiles to prove Val's innocence.
Doesn't that sound like a really good read? Marni (AKA "M.K. Graff") has a gift for creating engaging characters and vivid settings. The Blue Virgin takes place in Oxford, England, and as a self-proclaimed Anglophile, I adored it.

I'll draw a lucky Fabulous winner out of the comment box Sunday, so leave your comments all week to increase your chance at winning this book!

And speaking of virgins, blue and otherwise, spill it, reader. What have you never done? I'll go first: I've never ridden on a snowmobile, been to Las Vegas or drank any of those pre-bottled cocktail drinks like Mike's Hard Lemonade.


  1. I've never ridden a horse or smoked a controlled substance

  2. I've never been to LV either. I thought I was the only one. Don't want to go there either. I'll have to think awhile to come up with something else original. It used to be that I'd never bought anything on ebay....but then...I caved.

  3. "...They put much healthier food in their carts than the Sunday shoppers--salads, broasted chicken, gallons of milk. Sunday I passed one other cart that didn't carry 2-3 cases of soda. The Sunday afternoon shoppers also collectively looked like hell..
    *haha!* Chica Verde! Stop it! Stop caring what other people have in their carts! *hahaha!* tsk! Mind your own cart! You can't control what other people have in theirs...and what turns you into Anna Wintour on a Sunday Afternoon, getting all fashion-judgy on the other shoppers? That's not like you!
    * ; )

    I have never been to Las Vegas (the devil's town) and I have never eaten spaghetti.

  4. Agree totally with the grocery shopping!

    I hvae never flown on a plane..yes, I'm boring and we don't usually travel extremely far...yet...

  5. Congratulations on passing your sword form test. Great for you!

    The grocery shopping thing is funny. Sunday morning? They're probably all hung over! It's probably their Saturday night diet that's doing it to them! Ha ha ha. ;)

  6. By the way, what is "guidelines for CRP property"..?
    Not to be nosy, but thinking of my friend who is 'homesteading'...

  7. I've ever been outsided the U.S., never been to Las vegas either and have no desire to do so.

  8. i totally look in other people's carts too! that is hilarious.

  9. Those pre-bottled things are nothing but candy alcohol. Blech.

    My confession?

    I've never read anything by Kurt Vonnegut or George Orwell.

    (No, they never happened to cross my required reading in any school course.)

  10. There is not much I have not done. Hmmm. Never piloted a plane, never been to Paris (or Rome or Berlin or Moscow or Prague), never been on the Asian mainland, never scuba dived, never read anything by James Joyce.

    Okay, there are a lot of things I have not done.

  11. I have, literally, done EVERYTHING on everyone else’s “never” list. Not sure WHAT this says about me! (Ree – Vonnegut overrated IMO)

  12. I am a lunch time grocery shopper myself... older ladies shop then, and they are never in a hurry... they always laugh at me as I rush around the store.

  13. I've never done any of the same things you've never done.

    I love your description of Sunday shoppers. I'm a Monday morning person myself and have even arranged my work schedule around it.

    Please don't enter me in the drawing, since Marni already sent me my copy. :-)

  14. I want that book so much I'll buy it if I don't win it.

  15. I agree--that book sounds great!

    And I will tell you, I've never been drunk, and I never pulled an all-nighter in college. :)

  16. I done all three of those ~ don't judge! Anywho ~ I have a couple of things on my bucket list like getting a tatoo and firing a handgun.

  17. I've never gone on a cruise or skinny dipped.

  18. I go shopping on Monday mornings and everyone is always pissed off, cuz ya know, it's Monday morning. Weekend over. Blahhhh.
    Could it be that the Sunday shoppers are hung over??? ;)

    I've never been to Vegas either! Let's go!

  19. OH! And congrats on passing your sword test! WAAAHOO!!!!

  20. You passed your sword test on antibiotics? I hope you got extra points for that! The book sounds super, I am a cozy mystery fan myself.

    Hmm...nevers...I've never been to Las Vegas either. And I've never been to Australia. Only one of these are on my life list of goals to achieve ;-).

  21. " knew the site conditions before we agreed to this and we're following your recommendations."

    Then I passed my sword form module test...

    Did one lead to another? Hmmmm...

  22. That's funny about Sunday shoppers. I always grocery shop on Sundays. I never even pay any attention to what other people have in their carts. Maybe I'll have to try a Monday once and see the difference.

  23. Huh. I haven't done those things, either. Meet ya in Vegas with a case of Mike's!
    The snowmobiling is probably out, though...

  24. Monday evening shopper? Are you insane??? LOL

    I have never had a jello shot. I have never had a real hangover. (Chalk that up as the one and only benefit to a ridiculously slow metabolism...because I have certainly imbibed enough to deserve my share of hangovers!) I have never painted a wall. I have never read Jane Austin (don't hate me).

  25. I love mysteries, and am an anglophile myself. I especially love Oxford since my hero, C.S. Lewis, was a professor there.
    Please enter me in your contest.
    I go green too, and grew up in Wisconsin, and co-wrote a book on Christmas with Green Thumb Tips in it.

  26. Interesting. Now I want to go to the store on different days of the week and see who's there. I've never noticed that before.

    The book sounds great. I love the title, Blue Virgin.

    I've never scuba-dived.

  27. I'm not sure what a COZY is??? I've only read a few mysteries because don't like anything too gory. I hate scary movies. So maybe I'd like a COZY.

    I've never ridden a motorcycle.

    Carolyn from DeanandCaden

  28. This book looks terrific!!

    I've never been to Greece - It's been on my life list every since doing a report in the fourth grade. Funny how those things stay with you. Closer to home I've never been to a WI Badgers home football game.

  29. First, we are not all that bad...I'm working on changing the stereotype. I have done the snowmobile, LV (only in small doses can I handle), and of course love the prebottled fruity drinks. I have never been to a different continent or country and have no desire to go simply because I'm a big chicken to leave the good ole' USA.

    Sounds like you had a rough couple weeks. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


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