Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day fun

Apparently asthma combined with pneumonia can get a little Complicated. An x-ray, oxygen test and puff test in the doctor's office yesterday resulted in all new drug prescriptions. The potential side effects from the combination is staggering. I chucked one of the new antibiotic pills down the hatch while driving Mr. T to his module test. When we arrived at the karate school I read through the drug sheet. "You might have to drive us home," I told him.

Mr. T (with a huge grin on his face) "Why?"

Me (sounding like Malcolm's wheelchair-bound asthmatic buddy Stevie on Malcolm in the Middle): "According to this. (breath) I'm not supposed to drive. (breath) Or operate heavy machinery. (breath) Until I know. (breath) How the drug reacts. (breath) In my system. (breath) And I already took one."

The possibility of getting to drive the Momvan took the edge off his nerves and he passed the sword test. His joy at passing the sword test took the edge off of his disappointment that I felt well enough to drive us home. Win-win, really.

I, on the other hand. (breath) Still have to take. (breath) The sword test. (breath) After I win. (breath) The battle with my. (breath) Fluid-filled lungs.

Now, dear reader, click here and leave a comment so you have a chance to win this canvas shopping tote from the Eco Women:

Wouldn't it be awesome to carry this bag emblazoned with all of your favorite Eco Warriors? Recycla, Captain Compost, The Green Mommy, and of course, Enviro Girl can help you carry groceries, library books, all the various items from a Target run--the possibilities are endless!

Happy Earth Day! Spill it, what environmentally friendly thing will you do for our planet today? This week? Forever?


  1. You poor thing, I really hope you feel better soon!

  2. I try to use cloth grocery bags at all stores and I recycle. Not quite enough I know, but it is a start

  3. I'm glad you went back to the doc. Not being able to speak a full sentence in one breath is a horrible thing. Take it easy, girlie, and let the cornucopia of pharmaceuticals work their magic.

  4. we've really stepped up the recycling and i use the cloth bags at the grocery store (80 percent of the time I remember them).

    hope you feel better soon!

  5. Oh Man! Green Girl can't be down on Earth Day!!! I hope this new med kicks some pneumonia butt:)

    We are trying to be more aware of what we consume...and its effect on us and our planet...deep thoughts!

  6. Happy Earth Day! I hope this pill is the magic one to make the pneumonia go away. :(

  7. You got DRUGS man DRUGS. I hope they do the trick.

    And I want that bag - I use those things at the grocery constantly. And we re-use any plastic ones a lot.

    Stand in the hot shower and let the steam clear your lungs and sinuses. I hope you don't have (gasp) stairs!

  8. forever: taught my cat to use the toilet! zero cat litter in the landfill from MY cat! * : )

    this week: fixed my plumbing (more efficient) also no flushing for 1 whole day *haha!* bonus: recycled/reused plastic containers for water in the interum

    today: using the company's electricity to run the laptop instead of my own! stick it to The Man! yeah. frankly, I'm not sure that counts. anyway, BAM! there it is.
    & jeez! careful with those lungs, Greenie!! Not being able to breathe is so scary!!!

  9. Oh boy, I really hope you feel better soon.

    As for Earth Day and what I'm doing, I think you know that already. The biggest thing for me these days is reducing our plastic use.

  10. With my son home from school ill, today we are taking a nice, easy walk around the area. And while we're at it we are going to bring a plastic bag to pick up any litter along the way.

    In terms of forever... we'll be bringing a plastic bag with on all of our walks to collect litter... not just on EARTH DAY!

  11. You poor thing. I hope the drugs do the trick.
    I'm trying my best to do more recycling. And to remember the cloth bags.

  12. I hope you feel better soon. I am going to actually put the canvas shopping bags in the car so I use them. I bought them months ago and haven't used them at all because they are stored in my pantry. Not a good place to keep them. :-)

  13. I teleworked today and skipped the commute.

  14. Oh you poor dear. I'm glad you went back to the doctor, though. I hope this medicine works much better.

    Today we are finishing off our landscaping so we are planting a ton of bushes, trees and grass. Hooray!!!!
    Also, I am looking into getting a compost bin and this morning I was pricing reusable bags online. :)

  15. Oh, these asthmatic lungs just don't heal quickly. I remember my summer with pertussis... but that's another story. For the earth today? I composted my rabbit's litter box contentsand rinsed the box with rainbarrel water.

  16. Actually, I am going to join my son and his third grade class. We will all be picking up 3 pieces of litter every day from now until there is no more litter anywhere. I'll be posting about their project tomorrow. :) I love kids and their enthusiasm!

  17. I'm glad you got more stuff and the germs know who's the boss! Did you get an inhaler for the wheeze? A cough syrup with codeine to quiet the cough at night so you can sleep??
    Do the drugs, Green Girl, just do the drugs.
    Feel better SOON~you have to get to UTAH!

  18. I hope you've got the right combo to knock this out finally.

  19. So sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. Hope the new antibiotics help and you're feeling better soon.

  20. I love cloth grocery bags! I can never get enough! :)

    I hope you are feeling better today!!

  21. While I'm so sorry you're having such trouble breathing (yikes!), I loved that story! ;)

    And that bag is great!

    On Earth DAy I packed one son a trash-free lunch. The other one only got a 75% trash-free lunch. His lunchbox wasn't big enough for any more tupperware.


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