Monday, April 5, 2010

a little list-y for monday

Watching: How to Train Your Dragon--we gave it high marks
Reading: The Monsters of Templeton
Anticipating: Stieg Larsson's next book will be released SOON for U.S. audiences.
Enjoying: the sudden of burst of daffodils all over our yard
Surprising: all of the trees thriving in the Back Forty
Irritating: D's baseball schedule this week--four games between tonight and Friday. Plus a poker night tossed in for good measure.
Frustrating: cough and cold settled deep in my throat.
Drinking: coffee
Eating: too much chocolate
Wearing: short sleeves, no socks
Disappointing: the babysitter we tried on Friday night. And my final performance for the bowling season.
Exhausting: Team Testosterone's capacity for fighting
Dividing: hostas, daisies and irises
Disgusting: the upstairs bathroom
Frightening: hate spread in the name of politics and religion
Fixing: the vacuum
Making: split-pea soup and blueberry coffeecake
Overwhelming: Giant Pacific Ocean Patch
Hoping: the weather stays so nice
Loving: the smell of fresh air, flowers on our table, Mr. B's cooperative attitude, an open weekend ahead

Spill it, reader, what's making you list-y today?


  1. ~ woo hoo! ~ it must finally, really, for real be spring....your boots have thawed out!
    * : D
    Did you name yer new bowling ball yet? I'm still for Madge...

  2. Making - Thank yous for #42's baseball team sponsors.
    Drinking - Coffee with homemade baileys--hey I am on vacations today
    Waiting..patiently for summer vacation

  3. Love your list (minus the cold, which I have too!).
    How to train your dragon was cute! We appreciated all of the prosthetics...very cool for boys whose grandpa has a "robot" leg :)

    It was a rough week-Hoping today in the munchkin house we will remain quiet (a girl can dream!)

  4. Ache-y. Too much work in the gardens over theweekend!

  5. Envying - Parts of your list (daffodils and blueberry coffeecake!)
    Wishing - The rain would stop

  6. Watching: Brewer game
    Wearing: Brewer t-shirt
    Anticipating: Going to Brewer's game Sat.
    Frustrating: Brewer game
    Hoping: for a Brewers win

  7. Blueberry coffee cake...mmmmm.

    I got listy with my weekend highlights/ironies.

    Sounds like spring has settled in there.

  8. I'm very high on the the waiting list at the library for the third Stieg Larsson book. Did you know there is a movie out of the first one? It's a Swedish film, subtitled, but apparently quite good. A US director is planning to do a remake of it as well, to be released in 2012. Good stuff to look forward to :)

  9. Fascinating list!
    I hadn't been to a movie in ages, 'til last week when Sam and I saw the 3D Alice in Wonderland. Weird! But fun!

    I'd put SWEATING and SNEEZING on my list. It seems that Mother Nature threw us head first into summer, but with spring's blooming trees. So nice after a cold winter.

  10. I am loving this list! I am hoping spring sticks around too. I definitely have spring fever! :)

  11. Making a healthy dinner of black bean burgers, quinoa and veggies....shower and items in my online store......reading.....learning......positive thoughts.....a good nights tomorrow

  12. Oh and please tell me that the pea soup and coffee cake aren't being consumed at the same time. :)

  13. Mmm... split pea soup and blueberry coffeecake. Lunch and breakfast, respectively - or if I'm hungry, respectfully!

  14. I loved "The Monsters of Templeton"!

    Can't wait to see the Dragons movie on Friday!

  15. We also loved "How to train your dragon", in spite of more than one screaming child.

    Love the rest of the list.

  16. I like it. Will be back to copy this format for my next post. :)

  17. I am completely with you on the "Frightening:" one! So very sad...

  18. I share your FRUSTRATING. I hope yours passes soon.

  19. exhausting - computer screens and taxes

    irritating - clients who procrastinate. All this work could have been done a month ago!

    waiting - April 16th VACATION in sunny Florida.

    grateful - healthy family and kids and a fabulous generous husband.


Spill it, reader.