Wednesday, April 14, 2010

midweek update

I just went to the doctor to discover I have pneumonia AND an ear infection. Guess that explains why I feel like crap. Now I have drugs. Their effectiveness will determine how the rest of my plans this week will play out.

Mr. D's team is on a losing streak and he is in a funk. To cheer himself up, he bought a new lawnmower which is the reddish-neck equivalent of a sports car or tricked-out SUV. He calls it "the last lawnmower he'll buy in his entire life." I call it "retail therapy."

it's like the Air Force One of lawnmowers, I tell you.

Mr. T wanted to spend his chore money on an El Cheapo Plastic Made in China Imitation Nintendo DS (thoughtfully made available by the folks who put out the Scholastic Books catalog--distributed to children nationwide). I talked him down off the ledge, pointing out that if he'd save his chore money instead of blowing it on crap like this $20 gizmo, and combine it with his upcoming birthday money he could buy an actual Nintendo DS. Then I remembered that we're opposed to video game systems at our house. Damn.

Mr. B is spitting out teeth like a Pez dispenser. One fell out while he was talking to me the other day--I nearly stepped on it. Another fell out at lunch Monday. He hasn't had such a toothless grin since he was an infant.

stand back. he spits when he talks now.

Mr. G still eats a hot dog and a PB&J sandwich for lunch almost every day and prefers to walk to school alone now, thankyouverymuch. He's good company in the morning, we read some books, play a game, do some work, and talk a little. I'm going to miss him next fall when he's in school all day.

And today the dentist told me that Team Testosterone has no cavities.

In summary, all is well.


  1. Spits out teeth like a Pez dispenser--I love it!

    It reminds me of when Danger Boy was missing 10 teeth at one time.

    Feel better soon.

  2. I collect Pez dispensers.

    Sounds like the Team is well - just not the Team Mom. May the Force(rather, drugs) be with you!

  3. Tell Mr. D - that Mr. C will be DROOLING over the new wheels- Which pool boy will be mowing this summer

  4. I'm not letting my husband see this post, because I don't want him salivating over Mr. D's new toy.

    Love Mr. Pez Dispenser's smile!

    As for the Nintendo DS, I was resistant at first, but have to admit that they're great for car/plane trips. My girls don't play theirs at all during the week and are good about sticking to time limits on the weekends.

  5. The new pool boy is pretty skinny--I think you'll be disappointed, Sarah.

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!!! Love the air force one...too bad the hub couldn't justify anything more than a push mower for our speck of a lawn ;). Gaming is a loosing battle...good luck with that one!

  7. The Saint would KILL for that mower. Sadly it would not fit in our shed. ;)

  8. How cute is he? Hope you feel better girl!

  9. I hope you feel better soon! That's a lot going on to be sick.

    That is a very impressive (if red-neckish) purchase. :)

  10. Hope you are feeling better!

    Otherwise, glad all is well...nothing much cuter than a toothless kid smile :)

  11. I hope you feel better SOON! And you certainly deserve some retail therapy!

  12. All is well except YOU, you darling thing.

    Take care and rest up!

  13. So, the Manny is super skinny? or is he muscular skinny? Somewhere like Farmer and Basketball Playing Neighbor Boy? or skinny like Team Testosterone running through the sprinkler last summer? Need details. :)

    Let me know if you need anything while you're down and out...I'll waddle back as fast as I can if you need anything.

  14. Get well soon...hope those drugs work!

    When you live in a house full of boys, you sure do have some interesting toys, huh!

  15. Gee, I live in an apartment, but I want that Air Force One of lawnmowers!

    I had double pneumonia when I was very young. It nearly killed me. You be careful.

    I'm the Green Guy from Louisiana but only when I eat my own cooking.

    Come check out my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS. Out of courtesy only, I'm providing a link :

    Spitting out teeth like a Pez dispenser -- wow, what a mental image. Hang in there, take your meds, Roland

  16. Sheesh, take care of yourself!

    I know about the video game thing - my son saved up for a used PS2...he was so excited about it I totally caved.

    Glad your crew is well.

  17. This buying a lawnmower as a cheering up mechanism makes no sense at all.

  18. Your team sounds a lot like mine.
    My 5 yr old could live on hot dogs. My 7 year old has been begging for MLB 2010 (video game). He has MLB 2009 which is probably 85% the same players, and he has a b-day in less than 2 months.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  19. LOL @ Pez dispensers. I collect them too. Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. I hope the meds help. My neighbors would flip for that mower. When one starts up, the others follow. It's like that scene out of She's Having A Baby.

  20. Can't believe you didn't KNOW you had an ear infection - I guess you have one heck of a pain threshold.

  21. Pneumonia! Yikes! Get some rest, woman. Hope you feel better soon.

  22. Wow, that is some lawn mower! I think that you could start a business with one like that! Soon those boys will be old enough to mow everyones yard in the area.

  23. yeah! green spring boots header!

    it's so funny how I have been waiting to see those :)

  24. Hold off on the Nintendo for as long as you can... advice from a woman who's there!

    Once it becomes part of the family, it STAYS! Be sure to have stringent usage rules: No school day use, time limited for other times.

    And you may as well get three. With one, they all sit around gazing at the one boy who's playing, and then when you say "Right! Enough DS already!" two boys say "But I haven't had a turn!" so the DS goes to boy number 2, and they all sit there watching him.... Now that we have two DSs, they play TOGETHER (wireless!) and then they all go out and play. Better.

    Get well soon!!

  25. Sorry you are so sick :( :(

    We hired some one to mow our lawn, edge, and weed yesterday. It was wonderful. I may stop looking at houses with no yards now. ;)

    My 6.5 year old still hasn't lost any teeth. He's quite disappointed.


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