Thursday, April 1, 2010

no fooling

* I got paid for this poem posted here at Strong Verse. Guess that makes me a poet.

* I ran some errands this morning with Mr. G who sat in the back seat saying things like, "Mom! You have a building on your head! April Fool's Day!" and "Mom! You have a bug on your head! April Fool's Day!"

* Mr. D and I have embarked on a Major Home Improvement Project. Stay tuned.

* We're wearing shorts today! Shorts!

* Staying in the running for Mom of the Year, I just found out 2 days ago that my children have a longer spring break than I'd originally thought. Hm. Guess we'll have to change our plans a little.

* I learned all of the sword form last night. I tell you, I may look fierce after I practice all weekend.

* Mr. D's baseball team has their first game tonight.

* Now I'm off to take the storm doors down and put in the screens. I don't care if Mother Nature is fooling with us, we left windows open last night and by golly, I'm sweating a little right now! Who's ready for that sweet slap of a screen door and a tall glass of iced tea?


  1. I was wondering when the Spring green boot picture would be posted. It is hard to believe that the flowers are blooming in Wis. Enjoyed the paid for poem....

  2. Awesome news about the poem!!!
    We've had our fair share of April Fools this morning...ugh! At least the weather is beautiful for one more day!!!

  3. Yay for published poet you! And, oh my YES to Spring readiness!

  4. I'm sorry, Green Girl, but the Matron is running neck and neck for Mom of the Year. I actually FORGOT about the beginning of spring break.

    Mary to John: "Who's driving the kids to school tomorrow?"

    John: "There is no school."

    It was 10:30 pm. How did I overlook the evening of happy anticipation?

  5. Definetly a poet!!
    Shorts!! Wow I still have the heating on!
    Good luck with mum of the year!

  6. Well that is one awesome poem! It is warm here today my book, it is actually HOT!

    Enjoy the first game of spring and an ice tea sounds darn good right now.

  7. Hooray for poem and spring in Wisconsin. All windows are open and the first laundry is on the line. It never has to get cold AGAIN. or at least until next Thanksgiving.

  8. Oh, I am ready for tea and sunshine! I am very jealous of your new header. I still haven't found the perfect picture for mine, but I thought: "Well, if GGiW is still in snow mode, I can be too." Guess I have to step it up now...

    Congratulations on your poem!

  9. Windows open overnight here too! Halleluliah!

  10. My 5 yr old thinks he is real funny today too saying all kinds of things and then saying 'April fools'. He almost got me when he told me he ate all the cookies.

  11. We have had our bedroom window open for a couple nights -- and it didn't cool the room down! Bah, humbug, bring back winter! Well, not really, but bring back cold nights. (I live a couple hundred miles north of you.)

  12. I have the french door open to the deck right now - I'd better close it soon or I'll go to bed and forget it!

  13. Absolutely LOVE the new banner - the harbinger of spring are those green boots standing upright :)

    And, I LOVE-LOVE your poem - never thought much about 7-11 but now I will think of it as 7-!!

  14. Love the poem.

    Ahhhh, iced tea! Sat in the warm sun during my lunch hour yesterday and a cool glass of iced tea would have been the icing on that glorious, long-awaited cake.

  15. Love the new banner!

    Congrats on the poem, and surviving that car trip...good luck with the home improvements and the warmer weather. :)

  16. Hey, sounds like Spring has hit you guys full on. We're in the midst of a thunderstorm today. Much needed. The tulips have bloomed. Daffodils are waning. And the leaves on the trees have decided to come out and play again. Love love love this time of year!

  17. Melissa~ I can see why you were paid for your poem. It strikes a familiar cord with all of us. It's been years since I've ventured into a 7-11 but, my recollection of frequent visits for snacks and the obligatory Slurpee feels like yesterday.
    The funny thing is...since menopause has hit (hard), it has brought back those old cravings for a tall, frosty, cold Slurpee to fan the flames of my hot flashes.

    Contrary to my last paragraph and my internal summer...I do look forward to summer with all it's delights.
    Our PNW summer days are more mild than most and very fleeting, so I wait with bated breath.

    Sweet wishes,

  18. yep, it's official over here. You're a poet.


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