Friday, April 9, 2010

so much depends on waiting

Yesterday I waited all morning for the guy to come and fix my vacuum. Mr. G and Mr. B sword sparred and watched a movie while waiting for me and Mr. T to get done with our karate class last night. Today I'm waiting for the mulch delivery. I can't run errands until it arrives because I need to tell the driver where to dump it. I can't spread the mulch until the darn snow melts, so I'll wait all day for that to happen. I can't spread the mulch until I finish dividing a few plants. Those science teachers were right, nature is a cycle.

Lady Violet is waiting for me to relent and open our bedroom door so she can return to her coveted hiding spot beneath our bed. I'm waiting for her to give in and start taking her laxative so she stops having poop "issues." (fat chance, sister.)

I'm waiting for Mr. D to return my phone call because Team Testosterone is waiting to see if they can go to Fang's Reading Club Family Night. And I'm waiting to schedule coach pitch practices because the league director isn't home until after 5:00.
Mr. D's waiting to see if his team plays ball tonight. If they don't, they'll play tomorrow. Which means I'll have to wait until later in the weekend for his help hauling and spreading the mulch.

The children cannot wait for their grandma to visit next weekend. She can't wait to attend parts of the Fox Cities Book Festival and listen to some of her favorite writers. I'm waiting to clean the upstairs bathroom until just before she arrives.

Mr. D and I are also waiting for this:

Spill it, reader. What are you waiting for?


  1. i'm waiting for the morning to be over so i can go to yoga.

    i'm waiting for my husband to install the central heat and air.

    i'm waiting for my husband to finish school and get a job so we have two incomes again.

    i'm waiting for my writer's block to disappear so i can start blogging again.

    i'm waiting to figure out how to wait better

  2. Isn't that life---hurry up and wait!

    I'm waiting for the hub to build me some boxes so I can get ready to do some square foot gardening.

    The boys have been up since 6 something..packed and ready to go to they're waiting because we're not dropping them off until after 5!

  3. I am waiting for the school year to be over and the tanning time to start

  4. I'm waiting for Cowboy to come home so we can concentrate on being together in our new home this weekend without too much to do.

    Every week, I wait for Friday evening.

  5. I am waiting for 9:30 p.m. when I will be free, free, FREE for 3 - yes, three - whole days!

    I am waiting for the air to warm up to match the sun.

    I am waiting until next Wednesday, payday, to buy groceries.

    I am waiting to hear when my parents decide they will visit.

    I am waiting for 4/28, when I will visit Himself.

    I am waiting to have enough money saved to move and really start the Change My Life plan.

  6. I'm waiting for my husband to give Tanner the Slobber Dog a haircut so that I won't have dog hair tumbleweeds blowing through my house for a while. And I'm waiting to hear back about some writing stuff. So much waiting.

  7. I'm waiting for the school year to be over and for the summer to commence.

    I'm waiting for it to be warm enough to plant tomatoes (four more weeks).

    I'm waiting for tomato sandwiches too.

  8. Waiting for my laundry to be done. Enjoying my wait by reading blogs and catching up on Facebook.

  9. I'm waiting for my first grandchild to arrive September! I'm waiting for a nice weekend so I can set up my craft show booth in my driveway and sell some things. I'm waiting for a little house cleaning fairy to come and take care of things for me.....she just never seems to get here.

    I think that's it right now.

  10. I was rushing more than waiting today: rushing to get on the road, then steadily driving to the UW to give daughter her new phone. Took her grocery shopping, played with her bunnies while I waited for her to pack a few boxes, then got back on the road and steadily drove home. No rushing allowed; I was going through Rosendale, after all.

  11. I am waiting for it to be late enough to go to sleep that I don't feel like a total loser. 8 p.m. is my goal!

  12. Waiting for nothing. But kicking myself to finish cleaning my desk so I can do our taxes. (I don't do waiting very well, so I try not to frame things as waiting.)

  13. I'm waiting for the semester to be over.

  14. I'm waiting for the lightning to strike and tell me to try and get preggo or not.

    You know, nothing major.

  15. I'm waiting for pro baseball season to be over... and it just started. (It's so boring to watch on tv but hubby loves it.)

    And I'm waiting for my sewing machine to be repaired-- hopefully it will be ready by tomorrow.

    Hope your wait is over soon....

  16. I'm waiting for my hair to grow. I think I cut it a little to short. :-D

  17. Waiting for the lake to be warm enough to get in to - it's finally full, and clear, after a four year's usually around 62 by this time of year, it's stubbornly hanging around 55. I KNOW that's not the same as snow - but still. We're used to being in the water by now.

  18. This reminds me of the Tom Petty song, The Waiting.

    Right now I'm waiting for my headache to subside. I guess it would help if I took something for it ...

  19. You are waiting on very different things than I, but the feeling is the same: suspended energy, ready to be applied and semi-frustrated at being ready to go but not having all the goods in place.

    I'm waiting for Italians to tell us when they might want to travel so I can get all my documents in place and drive to Chicago and face a snippy consulate officer and hope he'll give me a visa so that I can give a Power of Attorney to the Italian father who then has to go to a police station and get me a resident permit so that I can then invite my family to join me, at which point my husband can start the process of getting visas for him and the kids. And I'm waitint to start all this just as the end of the semester heats up and I contemplate grading 75 huge research papers in my spare time.

  20. I've been waiting for a spare moment to catch up on my favourite blogs, and here I am! I'm waiting for the holidays to be over, so I can do child-free stuff.

  21. Life is all in the timing!


  22. I'm waiting for Wednesday when I will get on a plane and fly to San Diego to go visit my sister and her family and hopefully the sunshine.

    I'm also waiting for my tax refund!! It should be here in the next 2-3 weeks!!! I don't need to buy anything right away, but I just want to have the fat check in my fat fingers. :)

  23. I haven't even seen Iron Man 1 yet!

    And I'm *still* waiting for my Zooey Deschanel movie and CD!!

  24. I'm waiting for the day I can eat chocolate and not gain any weight!! :)


Spill it, reader.