Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the sunny side

Remember that song? Stay on the sunny side, always on the sunny side... I'm trying, in between weak puffy breaths and blowing my nose. Things keeping me on the sunny side lately:

* my BFF Sarah who was so generous with her hospitality Saturday
* the huge super-secret home-improvement project began today in my back yard
* hearing bird songs in the morning and evening
* four loads of wash--all line-dried yesterday and smelling fresh
* this view out my front door

* Turn Off TV week
* which helpfully coincided with the death of our DVD player
* the friendly reception at the local parochial school where Mr. T is visiting today
* and the principal who treated him to hot lunch and told me after the secretary escorted him down the hall, "He'll know whether this is a fit or not. You'll do what's best for him and that's all that matters." I do adore that Ms. P very much.
* anticipating a weekend trip to visit my friend Kara & her men
* learning (at last!) the entire sword form
* news bits like this
* video clips like this:


  1. I think you should go back to the doctor - readers don't you agree - she has been on antibotics for almost a week, and they should have "kicked" in.

    I can't wait to see the home improvement when it is done

  2. I just love the men of News Radio.

    Also I am impressed that you are hanging laundry out while you have pneumonia.

    p.s. i spelled pneumonia on my first try.

  3. Why can I never remember to plant tulips? So pretty!

  4. Spring, finally. I think you've had a long winter. And if you're not feeling a lot better by now, you definitely need to see the dr. again.

  5. I love your pretty tulips and daffodils! So cherry when you feel wretched. Gives you hope for good things to come.

    Hanging laundry? wow.

  6. If the home improvement project is huge, something tells me it won't stay a secret for long!

    Sarah, if our fair Greenie is feeling well enough to hang laundry, I'd say the antibiotics are doing their job. I have way too much experience with pneumonia and/or bronchitis and can report that the shallow breathing and "junk" can last for an annoyingly long time.

  7. I MISS news radio!!!

    The principal was absolutely right---you'll all know for sure if it's a right fit for him :)

    Take it easy, go read outside and soak up that sun!

  8. Feel better soon! There's nothing worse than being stuck in the house sick when the flowers are blooming and spring is finally here.

  9. Lovely view out the front.....get well girl!!

  10. Line dried laundry is the most wonderful thing in the world. At least the first couple of times after a long winter. And your tulips are lovely, I am waiting for mine to open up. My mother-in-law told me they're red.

    I do hope you feel better soon!

  11. Well, misery loves company...I've just had (minor, but excruciating) tootsie surgery popping Motrin like Pez, so I feel your discomfort.

    I miss those old TV shows too. My new favorites (that I'd HIGHLY recommend) are Modern Family and the Old New Christine. They bring my weekly dose of endorphins.
    Now, I'm off to wipe the coffee off my screen, lol.

    Sweet wishes,

  12. P.S. It's actually called...The New Adventures of Old Christine


  13. I like the attitude of the principal. If the school is a good fit for the child, all will be well. If a square peg is forced into a round hole, then all may be ill.
    Oops. Poor choice of words. I hope your anti-pneumonia drugs are working.

  14. Line-dried laundry sounds divine! And I'll be excited to hear about the backyard improvement project!

  15. I can't wait to hear about this super secret project you have going on.

  16. I LOVE that show. You made me so happy.
    And so did all the sunshiny bits you shared. How I love the scent of sun dried laundry. I hate my subdivision for outlawing clotheslines. Hate it.

    Go back to the doctor's. Refuse to leave until you get some help. Then blog about it, pretty please. I'd love to hear about a sit in at a doctor's office. They're on my last nerve lately.
    Okay, I must go back and watch that video again and stop thinking about dr.'s offices. :)

  17. Those tulips are gorgeous!

    Hanging laundry is NOT resting, young lady!

  18. Your flowers brought a smile to my face this morning. Beautiful.

    I wish our principal was of that variety. Reading of such educators gives me hope.

  19. wow...life sounds good !
    especially the line dried laundry.....but wait, no tv...like no tv at all.....oh you are brave....or maybe i'm just terribly weak :)

  20. Oooh, I'm dying to know what the super-secret home improvement project is.

    Hope you're feeling better...

  21. News Radio was such a fun show!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  22. I hope you are feeling much better soon. Sorry, I've been busy and caught up with stuff, and haven't been commenting much. I HAVE been reading, however. There just never seems to be enough minutes in a moment to actually leave a comment. (Something about a little boy yelling every 3 seconds: "Mommy, I need you!") No excuse, though. Take care. Sending good thoughts and positive vibes your way.

  23. man, turning off the tv for a week while you are sick? that is no good. that's the best part about being sick...watching every show on tv.

  24. You tulips are beautiful. Actually your list sounds pretty awesome. Enjoy the sunshine.

  25. Oh those flowers! I adore them! :)

    I agree with Sarah. Go back to the doctor!

  26. Go to the doctor, please. This doesn't sound good!

  27. Super secret ~ HA!
    I think I'm planting more tulips this fall along our walkway. Thanks for the pic!

  28. I'm so jealous of your tulips. Mine were mowed down last year right before they budded. This year, the few that fought on and peeked out were again chopped down. I don't think they're coming back. Oh well. I'll admire yours b/c they are so very beautiful.

    Feel better soon, friend.



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