Monday, May 17, 2010

2 things

First, if you are a fellow Gleek, you already know my Secret Gay Boyfriend Neil Patrick Harris will be on Glee tomorrow night. If you aren't, rest assured that you will be by the end of that episode.

Second, if you didn't read Friday's post, the comment box was hil-AR-ious. It made me feel better knowing I'm not the only scammable person out there. Here are a couple that had me rolling:

Saucy: I was suckered by someone offering a deal where they would clean one room's worth of carpet in my home. I knew of course they would want to charge for the rest, but I needed it done so I agreed.

I didn't know, however, it was a Kirby vacuum salesperson. No actual carpet cleaning but a demonstration of Kirby's "deep cleaning"... I was polite and friendly up to the point where the saleswoman asked if she could see my current vacuum. My stupid ex-husband showed it to her. Why, OH WHY are you getting into this? I see where this is going?
But not completely... she picked up the hose and beater bar from my brand new central vac and HEAVED IT out my front door and into the snowbank, announcing that she'd rid me of the oppression of such a monstrosity of equipment and if I purchased her Kirby vacuum, I'd be much better off.

She was, as it turns out, much better off with the Kirby rammed up her butt and wiping her tears on the way to her car. I was about four months pregnant at the time and more than a little hormonal. You get my drift.

Attila the Mom: Uh, I'm really embarrassed about this, but hey, I was like 13.

I saw an ad for a fat burner---a pair of rubber panties you wear and hook up to your vacuum cleaner. The theory behind it was that the vacuum would suck out all the air so that the pants would be skin-tight and you'd sweat off more fat around your hips and tummy while you exercise.

So I sent in my 29.95 of babysitting money. Easy peasy. Having to explain to my mother what I was doing with rubber panties and the vacuum behind a closed bedroom door was a little more difficult. She thought I was some kind of precocious pervert. LOL


  1. It makes my brush with Mary Kay look positively tame.

    I live in a houseful of Gleeks--we can't wait!

  2. I don't squee very often, I'm just not a squee kind of girl, but Glee can do it to me. And double squee on the previews of NPH's appearance!

    I heart Glee.

  3. Oh man! I love Glee and Neil Patrick Harris!!! Can't wait! Oh my gosh--the rubber underware is hilarious!!! (And why in the heck would you want a kirby when you have a central vac...that sales lady got what she deserved!)

  4. I have never seen Glee, but everyone I know is watching it. Maybe I should tune in...

  5. I let a Kirby saleswoman in too. She just kept cleaning things until my husband kicked her out about two hours later. No sale. :)
    (I'd never even heard of Kirby before).

    Can't wait for Neil Patrick Harris!

  6. Those stories really are hilarious.
    Can't wait for Glee!

  7. Hahaha!!! I just read your last post and the comments too. Too funny. I have gotten a lot better at saying "no" to people and yet the hubby and I were still suckered into teaching premarital counseling at our church. Egad!

    LOVE NPH!!!

  8. These are sooooo funny. They've warmed me up to see MY fine gay boyfriend, NPH, on GLEE when I stream it off the Web!

  9. Between Neil Patrick Harris and Anderson Cooper, I sometimes wish I was a gay man.
    NPH is hilarious with everything he does. It's really hard to connect him to Doogie Howser, M.D.

  10. Think I'll have to go back and read the rest of those comments.


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