Wednesday, May 19, 2010

c'est magnifique!

It's pushing 80 in the Badger State and Mr. B and Mr. G started soccer last night. For the entire 8 week season their games are at the same time every Tuesday evening. Crazy. Still, it's less chaotic than Thursdays when they play baseball in any of 3 locations at 3 possible time slots, making a Logistical Nightmare for their mama. Like tomorrow night when Mr. D is coaching his high school game in another town and I have to step in to help coach Mr. B's machine pitch team on his behalf. Mr. B's team plays at 5:30 on Diamond #2, Mr. G's team plays at 6:30 at another park across town. Naturally, my staff is working on a plan to insure that Mr. G makes his game on time without leaving Mr. B's team in the lurch during the final innings.

Here it was, the first night of soccer and I wore short sleeves and jeans instead of 3 layers, long underwear, a parka, blanket, hat and mittens. So civilized and pleasant! The boys played on opposite fields, so I parked myself in the grass between and turned back and forth depending on who was rotated into their game. I left dizzy, but not frozen.

And I met with this summer's hired help to go over the contract--what shall we name him? We've had Lefty, then Slugger. I think we'll call this kid Ace, unless I see a better suggestion in the comment box.

And speaking of home-run hits....Sweet holy Moses, did you SEE Glee last night? I had goosebumps, chills, a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and a rash on my left foot. Well, the rash has been there for a while--another unfortunate result of Stinging Nettle in the strawberry patch. But I digress. I've always been a fan of Aerosmith's "Dream On" (saw them in concert with The Black Crows at Alpine Valley back in the day...) but when Neil and Matthew sang it--WOW. Just...WOW. If you missed it, watch it on Hulu and report back. For the record, even Mr. D was impressed in a totally heterosexual kind of way. Turns out he's always been a fan of "The Safety Dance" which was news to me. Glee--it's not just solid gold entertainment, it's a relationship-builder.

Spill it, reader. Did you SEE Glee?

Oh, and Mr. T's orthodontist told us yesterday that his teeth look better since a few baby teeth got pulled and the adult teeth came in. We get to wait at least a year until we have to shell out for heavy metal in his mouth!


  1. GG ---
    When the boys sang "Piano Man" - Tears of joy!

  2. Flash, Stretch, All Star... though Ace has a certain appeal since those others may not quite apply to this year's model.

  3. I have to rewatch glee online today....Kitty was NOT in the mood to leave Mumma alone...even though Mumma gave her chocolate milk and teddy grahams to keep her happy between commercials.

  4. It sounds like you need either a time machine to help you get the boys to all the places you need to be or a personal driver and nanny for each.

    Didn't see Glee, but will try to find the clips you mentioned.

  5. Glee rocks!!!

    Love all the song selects - including Safety Dance, always a favorite. I had to sing along with most of them.

    And NPH rules!

  6. Precious Youngest and I watched together - loved it!

  7. You know this house was all over the Glee episode last night! We start our baseball fun tonight. Enough said.

  8. After 8 years of braces and jaw surgery, my daughter is starting over with Invisilign (sp?) this time. I knew we should have insured her smile with Lloyd's of London. Better luck to you!

    I have missed all of Glee and all my friends love it! Damn!

  9. Glee is one of my favorite things.



  10. Haven't seen it yet--watching tonight! I'm excited!!

    What about The Barnacle for your summer help? :)

  11. Our rule is we can only watch Glee when we're all together--and that's not happening until tonight. Can't wait!

  12. I do remember when I had both of my boys playing soccer and baseball at the same time. Crazy days and lots of fast food.

    I haven't really become attached to Glee for some reason even though so many people love it. I DID have it on last night, but it was muted and I was listening to the Cubs game on the radio. :)

  13. GLEE makes me SO HAPPY! I watch it with hubby, we DVR the episodes, then when Sorority Girl is here we watch them again.

    I was a teenage Chorus Geek.

  14. I'm a Glee-on-Hulu kind of person. Now I shall look forward to it even more than usual.


Spill it, reader.