Friday, May 7, 2010

enjoy the little things: zombies

Well, whatever was in those muffins wore off and today I'm like a zombie--crabby, hungry and kind of head-achy. No smart cardigan sweater and earrings today, instead I'm sporting a t-shirt with a hole in the right armpit. Don't worry, I'll change into something presentable before I leave the house later.

I've told you before how we love zombies at Chez Green Girl.

Last weekend Mr. D and I rented Zombieland. I'm not going to lie to you, reader. It was AWESOME. Part road-trip movie (think Thelma and Louise), part great comedy (think Caddyshack) with ZOMBIES added in for extra fun. Zombies are funny because they don't emote like vampires or make you feel pity like werewolves or mutants. They're soulless, ravenous, flesh-eating machines. They have all the personality of a common housefly, so when they attack en masse and Woody Harrelson mows them down with semiautomatic weapons, it's pretty hilarious. Especially when he yells lines like, "It's time to nut up or shut up!" Yes, I will say that my entire life now.

The gore was campy and overdone so it wasn't gross like a lot of horror movies--the fake blood was fakey, the special effects were circa 1967. (I can't even watch movies like Scream, I'm that faint of heart.) The point wasn't to scare you or draw out suspense. Zombieland is a film about finding family and acceptance in a harsh and lonely world. Really.

Columbus, our hero, survives because he adheres to a strict system of rules. (#1 Cardio. #2 Double-tap. #3 Beware of bathrooms. #4 Wear seatbelts.) The real message of Zombieland is Rule #32 Enjoy the little things.

I've been thinking about that all week. Here's my list for today:
1. the smell of lilacs
2. a coupon for free sub sandwiches
3. hearing another mom tell me how sweet Mr. B is
4. Mr. G's hugs first thing in the morning
5. going out for beers with the Happyland PTA moms and talking about fun things, like summer vacations and favorite i-pod tunes
6. hearing a baseball game on the radio
7. the ping when the bat hits the baseball and sends it soaring into the outfield
8. crabapple trees in full bloom
9. a clean bathroom
10. sharp pencils

Spill it, reader. What little things are you enjoying today?


  1. I love the sound of metal cleats on asphalt as the HS teams takes the field

    I enjoy watching my daughter on the stage - she dances into another person

    I enjoy reading this blog each day

  2. Riding with the younger girl to school in the morning and talking about music with her.

    Getting hugs from my pre-teen older daughter and the smile on her face when she gets home from school.

    Biscuits with butter and jam for lunch.

  3. Oh my goodness, that might STILL be too scary for me. I'm the one who read Jaws at eleven, and was afraid to sit on the toilet afterwards because AAAAAH! WATER! SHARKS! It was a bad year.

    My kids are making me smile these days. They are amazing.

    The flowers I planted in the autumn are flowers-ing.

    My husband is home on leave, and that is a good thing!

  4. omg I am so adding ZOMBIELAND to my dvd collection. <3 woody harrelson...I thought I saw him here in town once, and I do not usually spot celebs that easily.
    "nut up or shut up" = classic!! *haha!*

    little things?

    Doing yardwork in ratty clothes
    When my cat (Hero) purrs and head-butts me
    Hearing Francis (my birdie) sing in the morning
    Being able to say "sure!" when a friend asks for a favor
    When a stranger compliments me on my clothes or my appearance
    Having a great dream and waking up in a good mood
    * : )

  5. They filmed that movie RIGHT IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! Seriously, I'm friends with the people who live in the house they used and they were set up at the church parking lot for two days. And I still haven't seen it.

    I'm planting flowers, etc. with lots of hired help. It will be so pretty when it's done.

  6. The pizza I'm going to order for supper tonight to celebrate my own mother's day, since the weekend is booked celebrating the grandma's.

  7. really? zombie movies? this is surprising. but i've heard zombieland was actually funny.

  8. I'm in the same mood, but I'm blaming it on the craptastic weather today!

    I've always wondered about Zombieland---we'll have to get it tonight!

    Today is a mixed bag--the town's anual garage sales totally stunk...the new (old) produce market and meat markets I tried were great and worth traveling to "downtown" the boys are enjoying The Wizard of Oz for the first time! (All in all, its been a good day!)

  9. Love Zombieland! It ROCKS! It was filmed in and around Hotlanta, so DH and I were looking at it and figuring out where eveything was really ("That's downtown McDonough!").

    Did you ever see Shawn of the Dead?

    I'm pretty fried. I'm thinking enjoying some hard liquor.

  10. Thoughts of my daughter pregnant with our little grandson and my head flooded with memories as boy's birthdays approach. One will turn 30 and the other boys. :)

  11. I hate it when the muffins wear off. Also, a hole in the armpit would mean I'd have to shave that armpit. Bleh.

    I am going to enjoy making my way around the 'sphere and reading some blogs I love.

  12. I miss the ping. It's not a sound you hear in water polo.

  13. We had quite the zombie-fest a couple of weeks ago. My 17 year old is crazy about those movies and had a bunch of guys over to watch and laugh and eat every single thing in my cupboards except for the can of kidney beans. I had a blast watching them have fun.

    What am I enjoying? The quiet--my youngest, who lately has taken up the hobby of attacking members of his family with nerf gun assaults, is at a sleepover tonight. Yep, I'm supermom.
    I'm also enjoying a nutty buddy at the moment. (My husband's present to me on our romantic date to the gas station.) Happy Weekend!

  14. Lunch out with a good friend. :)

    (I think Beware of Bathrooms just might be on my life list though...)

  15. the feel of warm towels just as they come out of the dryer

    finishing the floor in my office

    a glass of ice cold water

    the sound of my husband fixing the roof (i'm expecting that to happen this afternoon)

  16. Zombies and Motherhood - What would we do for fun without either in our lives.

    So with you on the smell of lilacs (my favorite bush).

    Humm, I'm going to have to think about the little things today.

    Ladybugs, cookie dough, and a newly mowed lawn. Almost Heaven.

  17. I've heard that movie is really good--but haven't been able to get myself to wade through the gore. You give me heart.

    The ping of the ball and bat takes me back to a place I no longer visit...mabye time to hit a ball game.

  18. I got up at 5:30 to go on a walk with a friend. I think it's the first time I've ever done that. And then I got Starbucks and hit Walgreens to use my coupons. Everyone is still asleep so I'm internetting. It's great!!

  19. Replanting 60 baby zinnias into larger pots and dreaming about how beautifull they will look when they bloom in july!

    Reading your blog and thinking that maybe I would dare watch a zombie movie.

    Baking a cake with my youngest daughter.

    Working together with my husband in the garden!


  20. Today I am enjoying a long family walk, sunshine, breakfast in bed, pizza and a movie later!

    I was in Night of the Living Dead on stage last year! I got blown up and then I got to be a zombie! Fun!

  21. Kids laughing outside. Picking up my daughter from school and hearing about her day. A nap with my cat on my hip. Digging in the dirt. The smell of peonies and basil. Grilling out.

    I could go on and on... : )

  22. A walk with my iPod. Calls from my college sons. Oh's all on the blog. :)

  23. "NUT up or SHUT up"
    This will now be my favorite phrase!


Spill it, reader.