Monday, May 10, 2010

ever wonder

why baseball coaches wear a uniform during a game? Me too. All the other coaches wear street clothes--khakis, jeans, a suit (basketball is so good about this)

sometimes shorts, but not the spandex kind.

Sometimes work out gear with the team logo. But never a full uniform. Coaches don't dress like their players in any other sport. Swimming, golf, lacrosse, volleyball,

soccer, football, tennis, hockey,

track, wrestling, water polo, rugby--all the coaches wear normal clothes. Well, except for gymnastics coaches ...

But what's up with baseball coaches? Why must they wear baseball pants? Pants that are unflattering on almost every single body type...

God bless him, even Dennis Quaid looks goofy in those pants in The Rookie.

It's an unusual sport in that it isn't played against a clock,

the rules haven't evolved over time like they have in sports like football or basketball,

it's a gentleman's game. But gentlemen, take a tip from GQ and upgrade your wardrobe. Wear the team jersey with wind pants or khakis or jeans. Leave the nylon stretch double-knit baseball pants for the team to wear.
Spill it, reader. What do you wonder about?


  1. There's a lot about baseball that's incomprehensible to me. Then again, you could say that about most sports.

    I'm pretty sure most sports were invited by guys. I'm guessing that beer is usually involved.

    Have you ever notice how, if you get a bunch of guys together, they invariably make up some sort of elaborate game?

    For example, I once watched my husband, brother-in-law, and another guy develop a really elaborate game involving one guy on the deck of the pool, one guy in the pool in the deep end, and another guy on the diving board. There was a ball involved (natch), and a variety of obstacles in the water, including hula hoops, various swim noodles, and other stuff. I cannot tell you what the purpose of their game was, only that it entertained them for about two hours and got increasingly competitive.

  2. When DOTR first coached all stars, both Pony and Dizzy Dean baseball required coaches to wear full uniforms. The first year he had a travel team, when J3 was 8, they ordered uniforms for the coaches and didn't think twice about it. Finally, we noticed that travel team coaches just wore polo shirts and shorts....and we were very thankful. DOTR does not look good in full uniform anymore!

    I dislike the decline of people dressing decently. If you notice, now many college coaches wear slobby sweatshirts a la Bill Belicheck. My Nebraska Huskers coach included. I don't like.

  3. I just asked our HS coach about this- In WI, it is a WIAA rule that people on the field need to be in uniform. We wonder about the same stuff-

    I wonder when people will start to have cell phone manners. Last night I was minding myself on the HS bleachers watching a baseball clinic my son was participating in. When another mom sits besides me, she receives a phone call from her daughter and proceeds to talk - clearly and loudly - about how it wasn't her daughter's fault soandso did what they did..And when on and on about how soandso and lots of problems - I don't want to hear that and I don't need to hear that

  4. I agree. Enough with coaches in pants. Unless they do the same physical training as the athletes. Because... yuck. Double yuck. Good call, Green Girl!

  5. I wonder why good decent people are dying in their 50's and 60's while pedophiles and criminals and all around mean people get to live rather healthy, long lives? Kind of deep for a Monday but it was a rough weekend for bad news and diagnosis.

  6. I wonder more why basketball coaches where suits. They seem a little overdressed to me on the basketball court.

  7. i've always wondered about the baseball coaches too....

  8. Hmmm... that is a good questions. I've never thought about it. My eternal question is: why do sports players (and, well, a lot of men in general) spit in public? I mean, really, if you can't get to a sink, then just swallow your spit like the rest of us. Is it that hard?

  9. I wonder if it started because being on the baseball field is kind of dirty... whereas most of the other sports aren't?

  10. The baseball thing has always driven me crazy and I LIKE baseball. Oh, and as far as the pants go you need to go to some pro games; whoa nelly - nice A%&es!

  11. I'm going to disagree here. If the team has to wear a dorky outfit, the coach should too. Regardless of sport. I can't wait to see those gymnastics coaches in leotards as they wait in the stands. :) :)

  12. That's a good question.

    I've always wondered what the lure of golf is. To me it seems about as interesting as watching erosion, although I am intrigued by the little motorized cart.

  13. I love that about baseball, that it hasn't changed. It's a leisurely game.

    As for the uniforms, I have to agree with you, but then I wonder, what else has Green Girl got in her head?

    Love that you wondered about this...


  14. I wonder about way too many things to list here but I just gotta say...

    sorry, but no - Dennis Quaid does not look goofy. Dennis Quaid never looks goofy. Dennis Quaid always looks unbearably sexy and gorgeous.

    Just had to clear that up.

  15. I agree with you 100%....old men in tight pants and shirts....Ewwwww!

    I'm wondering why I'm sitting here on the computer when I have work to do! :)

  16. I've wondered quite a bit about baseball coaches and the uniforms. It never did make sense. I think kahki shorts and a school windbreaker would be just fine.

    I wonder about a lot of things daily, but of course, I can't come up with one right now. :) One thing that is always in the back of my head is the idea of space. Like outer space. For can we have a middle of space, but there are no edges to space? A middle with no edges? how does one then measure where the middle is? How come there are no edges? Seriously....who needs drugs when one can ponder space? it makes my head spin.....

    And that, my friends, is why I teach history. It's concrete. It already happened. I just have to tell the story. :)

  17. Quite true. And why is the coach called the manager, not coach? Those pants - my daughter insists that the only way to properly wear baseball pants is as knickers. As long as they look weird, they might as well make them look - well, weird.
    Spoken like a young woman, definitely.

  18. I don't wonder about that - as long as the guy is in fairly good shape and has a nice bottom. ;-)

    I do, however, thank goodness that football coaches haven't seen fit to copy.


  19. Sometimes I wonder how people decide whether something's a game or a sport. I say if you can chew gum while you're doing it, it's a game.

  20. I just asked my husband who is right next to me and he says it probably evolved because back in the day a lot of the coaches were also players. Lots of teams had player/managers.

    But I agree that that rule should change.

    Carolyn at Dean and Caden

  21. Yeah, I do not get baseball coaches. They seem to be not the most in-shape type, so you would think they would want something more flattering and perhaps more confortable...

  22. noooooo it's one thing i love about baseball: everyone plays it in their pajamas, including the manager.

    what i don't get about baseball uniforms is the wide buckled belts. they look so damn uncomfortable. and, frankly, weird, on pajamas.

  23. Stirup pants are never right in any fashion.


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