Wednesday, May 12, 2010


irritating (also see flaming, swelling, stinging and hurting)--my hands after I cleaned up the strawberry patch without wearing gloves. STINGING NETTLE! Zoinks!

maddening--the blame game in Washington D.C. regarding the oil spill. Suck it up and clean it up, buttercup.

heartbreaking--my beloved Mr. O (sensei at my dojo) wants to move to California. I hope this is just one of those California pipe dreams.

intoxicating--all the smells of springtime. Lilacs! Freshly mowed grass! Tulips! Apple blossoms! Rain! Oh my!

pounding--Mr. G's fists on the piano keyboard, and, subsequently, my head.

smiling--at Mr. T's efforts in the kitchen.

wincing--when I look at our overcrowded calendar.

reading--the start of a new Nora Tierney mystery by MK Graff and an advance copy of News to Me by Laurie Hertzel.

exhilarating--running again and finding I haven't lost my stride as much as I'd feared.

deliberating--what to get Mr. T for his birthday--he wants a DS. Any suggestions?

remaining--16 school days until summer vacation (Mr. B is keeping count).

Spill it, reader. Tell me your list of gerunds today!


  1. "Suck it up and clean it up, buttercup." Ha!

    Lucky you to get a sneak peek at the next Nora Tierney!!!

    Get the DS! My girls love theirs and they've been worth the money spent. And, no, they're not on them all the time; to the contrary, the girls don't normally play them at home, even on the weekends. Where they come in handy is when we're on car trips -- even if it's just an hour, it's great entertainment since neither girl can read in the car without getting queasy.

  2. waiting: is this baby ever going to come? I don't think so.

    grinning: Kitty's latest adventures. Everything she does is followed by a grin and the proclimation "Kitty CUTE!"

    waiting: for nice dry weather to come back.

    rumbling: as in tummy...looking forward to El Azteca tonight!

    (I don't know if these are actual gerunds...I stink at the more advanced ideas of Grammar)

  3. You've got a lot on the go! Slow down, busy woman! ;) Hope you have a great day.

  4. Giggling - "California pipe dreams." California pipes are definitely known to cause, um, dreams...

  5. "...Suck it up and clean it up, buttercup." don't forget:
    Nut up or shut up. AHHH haha!!!
    our new favorite!
    * : )

    Is he old enough for a subscription to a skateboard magazine? I take it a DS is a nintendo machine? I have mixed feelings about them.

  6. Dozing--not a good sleep night. Sigh.

  7. Get the DSI--you won't regret- they are the best in the car.

    Hoping - for a great ball game tonight for J.

    Thankful - for my mother who took C&J to the dentist today

    Loving - this blog

  8. we have 12 school days left -- including the party day and the last day which is just a 30 minute awards ceremony and we are out for the summer.
    can't wait.

  9. "Suck it up Buttercup"...what better way to describe those 3 burly db's trying to pass the buck!

    Today, its cloudy-I'm sleepy and can't seem to tear myself away from M Perry's Truck :)

  10. Sneezing. Coughing. Dripping. Bleh.

  11. waiting: for my iPod Touch, bought on eBay last night after becoming absolutely intrigued by #2 Son's gadget on Mother's Day. I had to have one, and I seldom have that strong a reaction to anything.

  12. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I'm sick of waiting. But there are worse things in life, so I'll swat myself with a wet noodle and move on.

    I'll add sweating. The heat and Carolina mugginess has already set in. But at least the sun is shining!

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. I like this!

    I am cleaning the bathroom, enjoying the breeze outside, catching up on blogs, and reading another Southern Sisters mystery. Oh, and writing a little. :)

  14. i do the same thing when i look at my calendar. gag me.

  15. Wishing- I had some chocolate in the house.

    Thankful- for another anniversary with the hubby.

    Grateful- that it finally stopped raining for a bit

  16. Hating - my job

    Grateful - to have a job

    wishing - for a different job

    looking - for a better job

    sighing - I'll probably have to stay at this job.

    Do we see a theme here???

  17. Hurting: My head from all of the trees budding.
    Dripping: My nose from all of the trees budding.

    Thinking: Which class shall I take in Fall?

    Deciding: Russian History!!

    Dreaming: A trip to Prague late Summer!?!

    Doing: Looking up K Graff on Amazon.

  18. Both of my boys have DSs and love them.

    Just had one b-day party now I need to figure out where my older son wants to have his.

  19. Love your list.....working, playing, thinking, dreaming, enjoying,

  20. i am so with you on the blame game and that incredible, horrendous oil spill.

    hope you like the book!!

  21. Being without my laptop for THREE WEEKS now and not being able to BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I'll get it back this weekend!!!

    And get him the DSi.......he will looooove it!!

  22. I just went to Amazon and Barnes & Noble looking for Nora Tierney Mysteries. I couldn't find a thing!! What is your source??

  23. The DS is a winner around here. It's not for use on school days, but it is very handy for road trips and waiting rooms. Someimes, I just try to tell myself there's therapeutic value in working on their hand-eye coordination because there is definitely a different sort of therapy avoided by occasionally silencing the, "Mom..." chorus for brief periods.

  24. excitement - daughter was just selected as part of the gifted & talented in her class. Looking forward to seeing how she does on the upcoming test and if the district can accomidate her talents. Whoo hoo!

  25. resting - yawning - wondering how much more can happen in a room of 10yo kids
    packing - for a graduation weekend!

  26. Advising - wait till after the summer hols to get those DS games. Otherwise you will have to police them. Get a few for Christmas, maybe? Then the boys can play together. How about a more summery prezzie, like a new bike? A trampoline? Trampolines are awesome.

    Yawning - I am tired. TGIF.


Spill it, reader.