Wednesday, May 26, 2010

little bits

I love window seats.
Still undecided about wind chimes.
Do not like layers of curtains or wall-to-wall carpeting.
Mr. G got a goal in soccer last night.
I watched the petition get passed around the sidelines of the games. I'm the catalyst for some outrage against Happyland Elementary's flawed decision making and it makes me proud to see other people taking up the cause.
The oil spill story horrifies me.
Mr. D will miss coaching another of Mr. B's games this week.
Mr. B likes referring to me as "Hot Tamale" because he hears me call Mr. D that when I answer the phone.
I call him "Hot Stuff."
I need to spray the fruit trees. Today.
And find out what the carry-on requirements are since I last flew.

Spill it, reader. In little bits.


  1. -tired-happy-best friend has a wonderful little baby-my boys ar crabby-I need a calgon moment :)

  2. I love window seats too. Reading in the warm sunlight is heavenly.
    Windchimes creep me out.
    I don't like wall to wall carpet either.
    I love that you've caused a rising.
    The oil spill is absolutely horrifying. Scary also to think that each disaster seems worse than the last.

    I'm excited about my WIP.
    I can't wait for it to get hot.
    I'm thankful for new work.

  3. I can't even talk about the oil spill without ranting and raving.

    I love window seats and have always wanted one. No, I don't know why I didn't build one into the new house.

    I can't stand wall-to-wall carpeting.

    I love the availability of fresh fruit at the farmers' market.

  4. I love window seats as well, and the smell of old books. I love feeling the sun's warmth on my skin, but the humidity I could do without. I love the new 'Little Black Dress' I bought. I love the smell of lilacs, and my son has been saying my hair looks silly.

  5. I loved High School - still do

    I cry at a drop of hat

    I wish had a window seat
    C struck 4 batters out last night on her first night of pitching! I cried when she struck the first one out.

  6. Have a window seat planned in a future remodeling job as well as ridding our home of the scourge that is wall-to-wall carpeting.

    Love-Hate relationship with my job. Hate the job, love being able to do it from home.

    Bees in my holly tree - pollinate away, little buzzers.

    Too humid today to dry my clothes very well; bummer.

  7. ice water on a hot day.
    good friends on a hot day.
    splash park on a hot day.
    All make a hot day a great day.

  8. So bummed, my BFF just told me she is moving out of state in 10 days! 10 days!!

    Love window seats too and now I'm wishing my house had them.

    Loving the sound of thunder in the background, but wishing I was done with work so I could sit on my porch and enjoy the storm that I know is coming!

  9. Trying to get my boy to finish his homework and eat something before his ball game.

    4 more days of work

    I love windchimes. Reminds me of visiting my grandparents. They always had one.

  10. hot + humid = cranky + insanely frizzy hair - self medicating with chocolate.

  11. I have a friend my son calls "Toots." He started it when he was 3 and we have no idea where he heard it.

  12. We made the mistake of being a little over-effusive in our thanks one year when a relative sent us wind-chimes for Christmas.

    So they've sent them EVERY YEAR.

    We can't hang them outside because on the side of the mountain, wind gets pretty violent and not only would they be annoyingly noisy, but might fly off and injure somebody.

    So we have those suckers hung all around the house. Oy.

  13. My eyes are burning.

    I wish we could go up north just once without the in laws.

    Wind chimes either sound soothing or creepy depending on the tinkle.

    I need a massage.

    I want some chocolate.

    I have a sunburn.

    LOVE four day weekends.

    I should really feed my children now.

  14. I've always wanted a window seat. Instead I put in a glider on the patio. It's like a window seat with surround sound.

    Wall-to-wall carpeting was the first thing to go in New House.

    Oil spill. Oh, bad, bad, bad.

  15. I love the idea of window seats but find them generally uncomfortable.
    Love small, tinkly metal windchimes but not the bamboo ones. That deep, hollow sound makes me melancholy.
    Do NOT love any sort of windchime/spinner thingy that is meant to be "decorative."
    Like wall-to-wall carpeting. Hardwood floors are cold and slippery.
    Like very much your community spirit and rabble-rousing. ;)

    The oil spill sickens and worries me. And the fact that everyone knows what "the oil spill" is without any other explanation brings tears to my eyes.
    LOVE the hot weather.
    Don't love the 33-hours-in-8-days schedule at the grocery store. On top of my "real" job, which is crazy busy right now.
    This is getting so long I might have to do my own post.
    Which reminds me, I still haven't posted about the orange chair. :D

  16. tubby went well.
    baby sleeps awesomely.
    kitty is home and adjusting well.
    I'm feeling great, yet engorged. :)

    Life is good.

  17. I'm glad my bedframe re-finishing project is done.
    I'd like to have a glass of wine early today but don't think it's in the cards.
    I need to weed the boysenberry bushes.
    I want to get rid of a whole lot of carpeting but can't find the funds.
    I need to plant a money tree.
    It's the holy grail of garage/rummage sale weekends here.
    I hope I find some great inspirations pieces at the sales this weekend.
    I hope you have a great holiday!


Spill it, reader.