Tuesday, June 15, 2010

because sharing is caring

Sounds like this groovy new countertop paper towel dispenser is a guaranteed FAIL based on everyone's comments. I'm sure if I shopped more, I'd find other horrifying products out there. As if I need another reason to avoid stores!

It's another cloudy, chilly day. The Debacle of Greed in the Gulf (I will NOT coyly refer to it as an "oil spill"--spills are what happen to glasses of milk and your comments. "Spill" does not accurately describe people drilling into the Earth's core below thousands of cubic tons of pressure to siphon out capitalism's 2nd favorite currency without an adequate understanding of the Laws of Physics) still commandeers the headlines. The Women's Colony is folding. Happyland Elementary politics depress me and I'm certain I'm not getting enough fiber.

What's a girl to do? Focus on the positive and share with you a short list of things that made me smile:

This story in Sunday's paper (click the link and your hope in teenagers will be restored).

Our cat, who is not inclined to do cute things, is curled up in Mr. B's guitar case on the floor beside me.

Oh dear, she's taken to posting pictures of her CAT!

Singing "Little Bunny Foo-Foo" with Team Testosterone in the Momvan on the way home from karate last night. They do the "bopping them on the head" gestures with particular enthusiasm.

Playing Around the World in light rain with Team Testosterone. A lot of laughing, a lot of bad shots, it morphed into a pick-up game and no one got hurt or mad.

Learning that my advice to someone was taken and applied with good results. While in Utah, I advised Nina's son to buy his wife something special. They're expecting their first baby. "Everyone is focusing on her, when the baby comes, she's suddenly playing second fiddle. Flowers won't cut it. Get her some fabulous surprise." He did and his wife was SO pleased. Isn't that lovely?

Reading Myla Goldberg's Bee Season. It is SO good, people.

Lavender in bloom. Inhale. Savor. Exhale. Repeat.

Spill it, reader. (Your comments, not your coffee!) What's made you smile in the past few days?


  1. Last night, the 2 little brothers and the golden retriever all crammed into Jamie's bed (his first night gone at camp). On one hand it was the sweetest thing-brothers missing their ring leader. But on the other hand, it was- "Jamie's gone, lets go in his room!"

  2. Winning a book in your giveaway made me smile yesterday.

    Seeing a cat follow its owner while the owner was walking the dog was something I found amusing this morning.

    Hearing my older girl's enthusiasm for camp made me happy too.

  3. Riding my bike/walking and NOT HAVING A CAR is making me smile-ish because I wish EVERYONE would use less fossil fuel.

    Seeing your cat made me smile-ish because I miss having a cat.

    Thinking about life makes me smile, broadly, because life is so good! Sigh! :) Must be the sunshine and the sound of a neighbourhood lawnmower.

  4. Farmer also got me something special when Birdie came along...Diamond earrings...one for each of our children!

    He did really really well on that one. I was quite proud of him. Go Farmer.

  5. Great advice! I always tell my guy friends with new babies to remember to kiss wives first, new babies second.

    Listening to my daughter read Fancy Nancy outloud, with my 2 year old stretched out next to me made me smile last night. I'd just gotten home from a several day business trip and it was a delicious delight to be back.

  6. little bunny foo foo! Love that song. I used to sing it with my children when they were little xoxo

  7. My kids were just singing little bunny foo foo this morning!

    Here are some things that make me happy: Holding my sleeping children, Thunder storms, A good book, Love notes left by my husband, and Afternoon naps :)

  8. My son's cuddles and declarations of love (even after he and I are both dead, he states enthusiastically). Also, when he says, "I'm so pleased you're my mommy. I appreciate it."

    Catching the perfect shot.

    Finding a couple of jewels in the library recently... when finished reading them I was still enthralled and didn't want the books to end. I usually don't respond like that to books.

  9. Finding out Precious Youngest was just pulling my chain when she started talking about taking pole dancing classes for "exercise".

  10. Wow-you are so dead on!!! "Spill" is not the right word!!! I love it!! Please alert the media of this error.

    I love cat photos now and again. Post away!

    That story about the teen is amazing!!! Good for him!!!!

  11. It's been hard to smile lately; I'm even blogging about being cranky! But here's one: Farm Market will start soon! Even though they won't have a lot in June, there's always good food and good camaraderie. Coffee, maybe? :)

  12. LOTS of things! I just watched a YouTube clip of a little girl reading a book about kittens. Loved the pic of yours, btw.

  13. Aliens in the Attic :)

    and the kids at Vacation Bible School.

  14. I don't know, Green Girl, but I think you and I are on the same track. It's quite dull and rainy here... I can't shake the image of that greasy pelican from my brain and the whole WC thing feels like an oil spill itself.

    Now what?

    I guess I should make some cookies and eat the dough.

  15. Reading about your lavender made me smile...

  16. Watching my youngest son play catcher for the first time in a game. He was picking up all of the missed balls but still trying to catch the next ball with a ball in his glove still. (They don't have to throw them back its only coach pitch.)

  17. The thought of your boys bopping Little Bunny Foo Foo on the head!

  18. my lavender makes me smile every day.

    my new dog -- and how all three dogs are getting along

    a new book on mindfulness i'm reading -- it's just what i need.

  19. Ahh...Little Bunny Foo Foo. My own Testosterone Trio loves those head bonks as well - a little too much sometimes.

    I had a facebook message this morning from a long-time friend who was missing our time together. We were a group of six best friends, but I moved away the summer before our senior year of high school. We still keep in touch and get together as a group when we can, but it's not often enough. She was thinking about the fun times we shared and it brought back a lot of good memories. I miss them so much! They are my forever friends.


Spill it, reader.