Wednesday, June 16, 2010

little bits

The rain barrels overflow.
The woods are flooded.
Soccer was canceled.
Mr. G was MAD.
We played board games last night and taught Mr. G how to play Chinese Checkers.
I want to weed but I'm tired of being muddy.
Then there's the question of what to do with Ace on rainy days. Not many indoor chores and I'm optimistic that the weather will clear.
It WILL clear up.


The birds enjoy a very noisy coffee klatch outside our bedroom window at 4:00 a.m. I wonder what has them all a-dither.
I imagine the gossip birds might share--"The worm he caught was this big." "Can you believe that couple? Building their house on a flood plain." "Sure, the view is nice, but can you imagine cleaning a nest that big?"
At 4:30 I give up and get up.
By 7:00 I've revised three chapters of my manuscript.
And made a pot of coffee.

Spill it, reader. In little bits. How's it going in your neck of the woods?


  1. a productive morning, at least!

    I'm just busy preparing for summer...and two boys rattling around the house, and gardens to weed and pies to bake and beaches to lay on and pools to swim in and dogs to walk and so on until school starts again and then I'll be busy preparing for fall...

  2. It's been a peaceful week so far. I'm still getting up at my usual school-year schedule (around 5:00 or 5:30), so I have time to write and go for a run before everyone else gets up.

  3. It's "hotter than all get out" as we like to say down here. So I've been trying to stay inside - which is good because there's lots of work to do. Most of it involving writing, which is nice, but it means that I'm too mentally tired to blog. Which isn't nice. Glad you are doing well though - don't float away!

  4. I am tired of baseball/softball games getting cancelled. All that means is a squeeze at the end of the season to get the games in..

    I did get some fresh strawberries that my mom picked and she even made my family a batch of freezer jam. Thanks Mom!

  5. Work, work, and more work. It's summer and supposed to be slow but I'm having to work 50 hours in 4 days lately. B is crying at summer school. We don't know why. It's only 3 hours in the a.m. just like her speech therapy school was for the past 2 years. Hopefully the reward of dilly bars if no crying today will stop this pattern. Hopefully our lawn will be seeded today and after 2 years we won't be the eyesoar of the neighborhood. I'm so excited!

  6. Hot. Hotter than Hades and humid, too.

  7. Oooh. That's early. I'm lucky lately, my boy lets me sleep in until 7ish. Yay! It's up, watching him get dressed while I very reluctantly crawl out of bed... to make breakfast (for him) and tea (for me). Now I'm watching him play with his cars, re-enacting the "Cars" movie while I catch up on (a bit) of blogging. Nice morning so far. I might change my mind later today... it's shaping up to be a long day....

  8. it's been super rainy here too. my husband just helped a family clean up a basement with knee high water. sick!

    and i saw in a previous post you said, "what the what!"

    i say that too. ha.

  9. It's a little wet here as well. Having spent several years in Washington State, it doesn't seem out of the ordinary for me. And we desperately need the rain so we're happy.

    The little bird's nest in front of the house ie sadly empty. Not one of them made it. But, we have a robin's nest to follow now, up by the garage.

    Other than that, not too much...

  10. My son has an ear infection. The sun finally came out after weeks of depressing skies. The weather is nice. I have a knee-high stack of files to process. Tonight, I'm helping set-up for a rummage sale. I have a caffeine buzz.

    Done and done! =)

  11. Wow! I want a sip of your coffee!

    My youngest is at church day camp this week, and I'm working solid every hour he's gone.
    It's too hot to breathe outside, so I'm getting used to the hum of the air conditioner again. I do miss the sound of the birds!

  12. I'm enjoying your Bird Gossip! I love open windows at night, but the chatty cathy types roosting outside my window make me regret it when the sun comes up.

    Do you suppose they're saying the same thing I am -- "Rain, rain, go away!"

  13. The sun or the birds have been waking me about 4 a.m. too. I usually just roll back over and go to sleep again though.

  14. I love what you wrote and I love the "little bits." You rock.

    Barreling towards an ending I have yet to discover.
    Finishing past due work.
    Bidding hours on new projects.
    Getting ready for the 40 hour work week slam.
    Tossing at night.
    Need to walk and brainstorm.
    Too many holes in the manuscript.
    Too many holes to fill.

  15. Busy preparing for work in the land of 'flat landers' next week. Mixed emotions about it so I've been tossing and turning in my sleep ~ if I get to sleep.
    I swear if I hear "I'm bored" one more time I'm going to poke some eyeballs out.
    Got three things off the summer to do list done yesterday (first day of summer vacation) yet they are still bored. {tapping foot on the floor} What gives.

  16. spent the day with my Mom. It was a needed break from the walls of our own house, since it's been too cold/rainy/cruddy to play outside much. Kitty was glad for the change of scenery too.

    Bought a new dress for all the weddings today and thought of you. :)

    Also bought a new swimsuit. Gah. I HATE new swimsuit day, but at least it's done now. :)

  17. Doing great in my neck of the woods....brought the kiddos to visit with my mom in Delray Beach for her birthday! SUPER hot and humid though.....

  18. Counting down the days until I can sleep past 5:30--at 4:30 I might be looking for a bb gun to shoot some birds. I am sooo not a morning person.

  19. Soggy, messy, muggy, floody.


Spill it, reader.