Thursday, June 24, 2010

picture post

When I was in high school the local paper published a weekly summer newspaper called The Picture Post--a collection of advertisements and photos of people enjoying vacation time on the lakes in our area. I spent those formidable years in a tourist town, the summer population nearly tripled our winter population with cottage people from Chicago. Anyway, the cover shot was always of some local miss in a bikini. Which is why we all called that weekly newspaper the "Poor Man's Playboy."

Reader, I respect you enough not to pose in a bikini for this post.

I will share this swimsuit picture:

Mr. B is all mancake in the pool
Want more?

Mr. T

My boys are hot stuff in their swimsuits. But let's turn our attention to other summer pleasures. The garden colors in early summer! We'll do a garden walk next week. Today I'll give you a taste of what I've cut and brought inside:

Grilling on the back patio with a Fat Squirrel (not for Mr. G, for me!)

And the fruits of my labor at the strawberry patch:

Summer is good. Busy, but so good. I'm going to the Dells tomorrow with the Momvan packed tight with Team Testosterone and as many Boy Scouts as we can cram in between. We're spending the day at a water park and camping overnight. I won't be the only adult and I won't be wearing a bikini. Nonetheless, if you're a person of faith, pray for me.

Spill it, reader. What's your summer looking like?


  1. I have visions of enjoying the music at Summerfest; celebrating family birthdays; days spent on the shores of Lake Michigan; cook-outs; parades; fireworks; and enjoying the outdoors. I love summer.

  2. My summer looks like a sweaty little lady running around the yard in her crocs, yelling about swinging and going down the slide. Bubbles floating through the yard and snacks on the little picnic table. Kitty loves everything about being outside in the summer

    She's just charming.

    Have fun in the dells....go down a few waterslides for us!

  3. I am in awe of your jars and jars of jam.

    I will be sending good thoughts your way tomorrow -- it's going to be an exhausting day (and night) for you.

    It's only the second week of summer for us and I'm already worried that our break will be too short.

  4. Going by too fast ...

    Love your pictures, by the way!

  5. It's looking like hikes in the Dorset forest and countryside... and maybe, cross fingers, Issa visiting for a month.

    Dorset Summers... not traditionally sunny! But we've got rain gear!

  6. My summer is going too fast. I can't belive there is less than a week of June left. I am looking forward to seeing Eclipse on June 30 with my friends. It will be a nice break from baseball-baseball-baseball.

  7. I am spending way too much time inside at work when what I WANT to be doing is piddling in the garden!

  8. My summer will hopefully look like tomatoes and lettuce and spinach and more, as those goodies ripen and move into the kitchen. I have a goal: learn to make jam! I might be too late for strawberries, but I can still do this.

  9. I can't remember if you have cats -- but, if you do get rid of the lilies -- ASAP. They're really toxic to cats, The Queen was at the vet's office for several days after brushing up against them. They cause kidney failure within three days of exposure -- they don't even need to eat them...

    if you're catless - -then, the photo is really pretty!

  10. Oh, I'm totally praying for you with a van full of boys!! Have fun!

    Can't wait for the garden tour!

  11. Too much work, too little play! Love the cut flowers - I have some on my work desk just to remind me to get outside more.

  12. I am hoping to move into a new house... And looking forward to spending as much time outside as I can! Have a great time at The Dells.

  13. You must have had a fabulous day, the weather was perfect. We hope to hit that one day this summer too. At the speed summer is going it might just be a sprinkler in the yard.

  14. You are the bravest woman I've ever met for that trip to the Dells. Wow. I had no true concept of your fortitude before now.

    Plus, and I think you're gorgeous, it's a good idea for nearly everyone NOT to wear a bikini.

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I so want to taste those fruits

    I'm going to be canning this year too :)

  16. Ha ha. Praying!
    Love your summer pics. And your backyard-gorgeous!
    I'm looking forward to lots of homegrown tomatoes and movie time on the couch with my youngest.

  17. Those are fabulous summer shots! How fun!

    And yes, you'll be in my prayers. Oh dear! ;)

  18. Your jam makes my mouth water. Such a stash!

  19. Working almost full-time until my boss gets his thumbs out of his butt and hires another warm body. I'm supposed to be at 16-24 hrs a week but it has been more like 32-34.

    Your jam is gorgeous.

  20. Love the mancake!

    Good luck with the scouts. Camping and boys ... ugh. I am praying for you.

  21. Looking up!
    Cant remeber the last time i wore a bikini!!

  22. Your jam looks so good....I'm sad I didn't get a batch done this year...maybe another flavor later in the summer.

  23. This weekend it looked very water polo-y.

  24. My summer is running away. I can't believe it's going to be the 4th already.

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, though!

  25. Swiming
    U gotta love it!
    Most wonderful time of the year
    Magical skies
    Everblooming flowers
    Reason for living:)


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